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The Tale of Nokdu korean drama review
The Tale of Nokdu
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by anissadj
nov. 6, 2019
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Another Level of Romantic Comedy Drama

At first I watched this drama, I actually think it would be a cross-dressing drama when the male lead would hard to convince the female lead about his real gender HAHAHA. But silly me, I am expected this drama way too low than the actual story. I must say that the drama is EPIC, the plot, the acting, the soundtrack, especially the unexpected villain are all ON POINT. Never expect this much for romantic comedy drama (who turns out to be melo in the second half of the drama).

I love how this drama put the right song in the right scene, and make you remember that scene a lot because it was totally beautiful (especially the rain scene, the swing, and the fight scene).

I feel like a butterfly fulling my stomach after I finished watching this drama, and I know I would miss Dong Joo - Nok Du couple much. The parents-children relationship also getting me in tears much, applause to Jang Dong Yoon who brings the sad scene greatly, because when he's in tears, I feel my tears suddenly flows too. Such a great actor! Kim So Hyun acting is unquestionable, because she's veteran anyway.

For me, I am positively would re-watch this drama, because the story is so interesting (and probably would be hard to move on like I did in 100 days my prince), and Jang Dong Yoon is so handsome and pretty at the same time, it's like one package of cinnamon roll he is.

They have great chemistry on or off screen (you should watch behind the scene by the way). You know, the drama is successful if we want them together in real life, it's just exactly what we want for JDY and KSH HAHAHAH

If you haven't watched the drama yet, I think you should give it a try. If you expect the light rom-com which we could expect where the story would leads us, then you won't have it in Tale of Nokdu. Because, as I said before, this drama is another level of romantic comedy drama (in general) and would make you goose-bumped in every episode.

P.S : you will love our beloved and sassy Lady Kim
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