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20-something French person living in Sweden, I mainly watch historical, fantasy, and queer drama (a lot of BL, a lot of GL, but also well crafted non-queer stories). I am not limited to one country and am open to everything as long as it is entertaining. I like to write reviews and to make recommendations.

I have been writing reviews for more than 10 years, but mostly in French, and mostly for books, on my personal blog, before coming here a few years back.

As for my grading system, this is mainly for my personal rating system where I tend to be nicer than in my reviews (i.e. especially on the "objective" quality side so production and everything I am way more forgiving in my personal ratings than in my reviews where there can be up to 1-1.5 difference between both ratings):

Would definitely recommend

  • 10 is for my all-time favourites
  • 9.5 is for those that fall just below quality wise or which is are not as good in terms of productions but which brought me a lot of joy and have and will rewatch
  • 9 is for the same as 9.5 except I might not rewatch without someone

Would recommend

  • 8.5 is for those I have enjoyed and that were good qualitatively speaking but still weak on other fronts

Would potentially recommend with caveats depending on the show and the person

  • 8 is for those that were good, but had too many issues on a technical/writing/other side or who were really good on the production side, but had something missing or that I disliked
  • 7.5 is for those that I enjoyed but had quite a lot of issues quality wise

Would not recommend, but wouldn't discourage you from watching

  • 7 & 6.5 is for those that are not very good, but that I didn't regret watching either

If I didn't particularly like something, but didn't hate it, it scores 6. Anything below I didn't. I will rarely give really low grade, except if I truly disliked something/didn't finish something/it was actively harmful.


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