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En of Love: TOSSARA thai drama review
En of Love: TOSSARA
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by adrien
avril 4, 2020
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Someone made this at gunpoint.

Putting production aside, which you have to if you're determined to watch this, I have to begin with the cast. All but the two leads are unmemorable and oft squealing. Folk as Bar is adequate and a committed actor. I think under better circumstances, his Bar could have been quite charming.

I didn't expect when I looked up Win (Gun) that he might be any older than eighteen. This, possibly because of his struggle to fill Gun's bold shoes. There's nothing wrong with a romantic lead whose soft or less-than-stunning as long as they're written that way. There's no equivocating, Gun was written for someone charming, muscular, and fawn-worthy attractive. Win's Gun (I'm sorry Win) is none of these things and we're meant to believe it because the other characters say so.

The plot of this show is negligible. Undoubtedly the short run of this show is in part to blame for the jumbled mess of the plot. There were seeds of events, such as competing love interests and a half-assed faculty competition, that suggested to me a once-complete story. The micro inclusion of these elements was more confusing and unmoving than it might have been had they cut them entirely or chosen to focus on decidedly less and written them to their full potential.

In all honesty, I sped through the last episode as I had had enough by the start of the third. I was never able to latch onto any characters and the conclusion of their relationship was unconvincing.

If all you ask for in a show is a happy ending, go for it I guess.
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