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  • Lieu: Villers sous saint leu
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Villers sous saint leu


Villers sous saint leu
Lovely Us chinese drama review
Lovely Us
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by achuland
août 14, 2020
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Globalement 9.5
Histoire 10.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 10.0
Musique 10.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 10.0

One the best youth drama ever, don't miss it.

This drama is the best one I have even seen. I watch drama since over 10 years now, and I used to love Kdrama, but since Ever Night, I watch more and more Cdrama. And this one is really one of the best drama ever, so beautiful, so poetic, so magic! We laugh and right after we cry so much, not because we are sad but because this show is so magic and so beautiful that we can only cry because we are feel so happy and touched....And the romance is one of the best one. The romance is so freaking cute, we always wait for them to have interaction. They fight all the time but they care so much for each other, their feelings are so deep and every words they have for each other are truly sincere and so real.
I have never cry before so much for a drama, a movie or a book, but with this one, I cry pretty much at every episode...The OST is wonderful, I love all the songs and each time we hear on of the songs in the drama, it is really powerful...
Well, in one word : amazing. Don't hesitate to watch this drama, I can't find words enough strength to describe how we feel after watching this, but I can say one thing : watching this makes you happy.
I am not done with it, I am still watching it, But, I just cried so much that I just feel that I need to write it.

We finished this amazing drama just yesterday. I feel so happy and blesses while watching it. It felts like I was connected with the gang and now it is done, I feel like I am loosing friends. For some episodes, I cried so much and for another ones, I laugh and smiled all the time. It was the kind of drama to make you believe in friendship, love and relation between parents and kids.
The OST is really magic, I love it and keep listening all day long.
It is gonna be really hard to watch another one after this one. I will keep in my souvenir for a very long time Tang Son and "Orange" and their best buddies.
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