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Caseybruv ☺️

Just your average ex-animeaddict who  watches kdramas now and occasionally jdramas and cdramas all day long. I enjoy a variety of genres from comedies to horror. I usually avoid dramas with heavy romance or a romance-based plot. (have no idea how it's my second-highest-watched genre tho) 

 My Favorite Tags:

Bromance, Psychopath, Hidden Identity, Amnesia, Serial Killer

Tags I Dislike: 

Love Triangle, Male Chases Female First, Star Crossed Lovers, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Older Man/Younger Woman

I've started watching kdramas since December 2020,  where Strangers from Hell was my first. I also recommend watching the list below.



Mouse: 10/10

A mystery/thriller kdrama about psychopaths and serial killers. Full of twists and turns, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. My  #1 drama of all time, kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat every second!

Flower of Evil: 9.5/10

Another mystery kdrama about serial killers! Ik I really enjoy watching these types of shows. The first scene just grasped my attention. Like holy smokes, I did not see what was coming! 

18 Again: 9.5/10

A life kdrama with a sprinkle of fantasy to it. I laughed and cried throughout the 16 episodes. It was entertaining to watch and not a single second bored me!


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