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I Have Depression and I am fighting this one!

“There’s only one thing that makes dream impossible to achieve: It is the fear of failure” 

You Can Only See My Feed Posts On My Profile Once You Are My Friend.

Do expect that once you are friends with me all of my Feed Posts on my profile are all about updates about Chinese or Korean Actors/Actresses with their Weibo, Instagram or Facebook groups (that I am in), updates regarding their work, dramas or selfies only. I only contribute to the pages once there are verified sources of information to add in their Biography.

I spam post pictures of dramas, so don't be rude if you want me to put it into spoilers, ask nicely!

My Favorite Chinese Actors

Xu Kai

Luo Yunxi 
Song Wei Long

Lin YuShen

Zhang Zhehan
Wang Talu

Baron Chen

Hu YunHao

Gao Wei Guang
Aarif Rahman

Ji Xiao Bing

Bai Jing Ting

Leo Wu

Lin Yi

Cheng Yi

Liu XueYi

Yang Yang

Yan Xi

William Chan

Joseph Zeng

Huang Johnny
Jackie Chan
Joe Cheng
Mike He
Dai Gao Zheng
Dylan Wang

Simon Gong

Vin Zhang

Fan Zhi Xin

Bao Jian Feng

Luo Zheng
Tan Jianci

Peng Guan Ying
Liu Yu Ning

"Life is so Unpredictable, don't know whose breath is gone the next minute. So treasure every minute of your life." by: Sunitha Garapati. 


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