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Our Dating Sim (Movie) korean drama review
Our Dating Sim (Movie)
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by LightHouse74
sept. 26, 2023
Globalement 9.5
Histoire 9.5
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 10.0
Musique 5.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 10.0

Office Romance Done Right!!

The movie/series: This was a really charming series with an awesome script. I will admit there are some weak aspects, but they were only minor. The cast was great and did a wonderful job with their characters. My only complaint about the series is how some episodes start off completely different from the previous episode which was slightly bizarre. However, it made more sense in the movie format.

The movie: They did an excellent job editing the series into a movie version. The only downside is it eliminated one of my favorite things about the series which was the gaming scenes at the end of each episode. However, I understand why they had to edit them out.

Random Notes:
So far, this is the only BL office romance in 2023 that was enjoyable to watch.

(Added on 9/29/2023): After thoughtfully considering which one to watch, I strongly recommend watching the series version. This is because I really love the gaming scenes at the end of each episode and missed them in the movie version. Although the editing between the episodes were bizarre, It’s not that bad.

Once again, the synopsis on Viki does not accurately describe the movie. It gives information that does not happen.
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