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Infinite Challenge
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par Alicia
avril 2, 2018
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Ahh.....I don't know where to start. T-T
This Show will forever be a precious memory of mine. No matter how really bad I felt on some days, this show was able to create at least a litte smile on my face every sunday. I'm someone who gets bored easily but never with Mudo. They had a creativity, no other Variety Show can compare to. The members Friendship was so strong and their challenges let me felt so many emotions. I was excited for all the big projects that were still open, so it is a little bit a shame that we can't see them anymore but I'm still so thankfull for the journey I had with Mudo and thankfull for all the hard work, the staff and the members had put into this show. And even though I'm really sad right now and had hoped it will still continue, I wish the best for all of them and hope they can get a healthy break and more time for their families.

And for the last time ... "Muhan.. Dojeon!!"

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The Beauty Inside
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par Alicia
oct. 29, 2015
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Histoire 9.5
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Musique 8.5
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This movie was so beautiful, with such a good cast. Every face matched the right emotion end delivered it well to the viewers. Even though the movie is two hours long, I didn't get bored once and really liked the overall feeling the movie gives. I guess this movie is perfectly made for the cold autumn/winter season.
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