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Lost in the Cloud....


Lost in the Cloud....
Watashi ga Himo wo Kau Nante japanese drama review
Watashi ga Himo wo Kau Nante
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by Giuca
oct. 7, 2023
8 épisodes vus sur 8
Complété 1
Globalement 8.0
Histoire 7.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 8.5
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 3.5
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Love, escort & revenge

I keep seeing a pattern in these japanese romance dramas: a woman down on her luck, loses job, gets dumped, falls and hurts herself and of course it rains, so she meets someone by accident who changes her life and she finds true love. This is mainly what happens here.

Sumire, the FL, has always been a doormat. One evening, looking like a drowned cat, completely drenched, she meets Yuri, the owner of a lingerie store whose words inspire her to change. The next day, after being rejected at a job interview, she meets Soichi in the rain. Sumire who finally gets a job with Yuri, starts dating Soichi without realizing that he is Yuri's live in escort. All hell breaks loose when a journalist humiliates Yuri during her fashion presentation.

The main characters are all greyish, unpredictable but ultimately they admit to their faults. And all is forgiven.

The drama deals with infidelity which is a topic highly hated on MDL. Even the fansubber hates this drama because of it! Go figure! People are human, we are not perfect or infallible, we make mistakes, we hurt others, we are sometimes unfaithful. I really do not like this puritan mindset: chaste and virtuous but really, are you all such saints? I am digressing! But I agree, adultery is wrong. Still it does not mean we cannot use this plot device in a drama.

In this drama a women had an relationship with a man without realizing he had a family. Why is she getting all the hate and the man (you need two people to tango!) nothing? Was she supposed to hire a detective to investigate the man who says nothing about himself in order to find out if he was married? The FL is also a victim of infidelity: her father abandoned her for another family which caused her a lifelong trauma!
Another character, a childhood friend who's had a crush on the FL for 20 years finally makes a move on her when she's on her lowest. The character was fun and funny but as far as his love life is concerned, I have zero respect for someone who is not brave enough and confess his feelings. For 20 years! I really hoped they would not end up together.
Soichi is the grayest of them all: a charming, handsome pianist, a kept man toying with the women's feelings until he finds the truth out. It is never too late to make amends!

The music is really good and the opening credits with the four main characters lost in a cobweb of relationships is quite eye catching. What is not eye catching is the main actress playing Sumire. She's a good actress and excels in this role of a mouse but because she's a mouse I cannot comprehend the escort's feelings for her. On the other hand, the actress playing Yuri impressed me with her voice: the way she speaks is alluring!

This is not a perfect drama: the episodes are short and the depth and the development of characters are somehow lacking. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it more than I expected and I guess the low ratings are the result of the unpopular MDL topic. But if you are openminded and like dramas who have drama, go for it!

NB This is my 200th review! Pat on my back!!!LOL
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