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I began watching Korean dramas in 1999, my first being Kuk Hee. While that drama caught my attention my obsession didn't quite begin there. But since then that obsession  has only gotten worse, and eventually branched out to watch some Japanese dramas. I focus mainly on Korean movies and dramas, though occasionally I watch Japanese movies and dramas if I see one that really looks interesting or if its recommended to me.


  • >I only watch one drama at a time, unless its really boring and I need a break from it.
  • >My ultimate bias is Son Ye Jin.
  • >I usually only listen to Korean music, mostly from dramas and movies but I do love Big Bang and Girls' Generation.
  • >I have been to South Korea 6 times, and Japan twice. 
  • >Celebrities that I have seen in real life: Girls' Generation, Han Ji-Min, Utada Hikaru, One Ok Rock, Epik High, Super Junior, Son Ye Jin, Kim Nam Gil, Yoon So-Yi, Tiffany, Park Jin-Hee, Bae Jong-Ok, Kim Yoon-Jin, Hello Venus, the cast of 2 Days 1 Night which include: Cha Tae Hyun, and the late Kim Ju Hyuk.
  • >I try my hardest not to drop anything. Even if its boring I try to finish it, which is why my dropped dramas/movies are almost nonexistent. 


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