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Head in the clouds, dreaming...


Head in the clouds, dreaming...

Hello everyone, my pseudo is Ellea, and no, it's not my real name, but I don't give the true one on the internet. I have 25 years this year (2017) and usually, I speak French. So if you see some mistakes when I write, you're going to know why. 

As you (I guess), I love dramas. My first one was Skip Beat, but my passion began with You're Beautiful and Heartstrings. I just fallen in love with dramas after them. Oh, and I'm a big fan of Running Man ! ♥

It's make a couple years, not really sure how many, and a lot of dramas and movies. This is the reason why I'm here. I wished to find a place where I can list the drama than I already see, and the one than I am currently watching. I was, and still am, on another website who do that, but it's make a few times now than I have problems on this site with my list who completely erase herself. A friend talked to me about MyDramaList, and here I am ! 

You can see every drama than I watched in my list, and with time, I'm going to list my favorites, etc... 

Have a nice day ! ❤

Ps: You can find me, in French, on my blog :



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