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Islands chinese drama review
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by yoko Goh
mars 1, 2024
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Histoire 8.5
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A good family drama, Slow Pacing, Rather Relatable scenarios, In it for the Romance

The pacing of the drama is good but at the same time slow. The problems that go round and round which is quite realistic in real life. if you expect the family to solve their issues and move on. Well.... it will probably not happen. I may be here for Sun Qian and her romance with Jing Ke is pretty cute. A good she fell first, he fell harder trope. A family drama with good problems which you may find frustrating but ultimately you will enjoy especially when the matter settles.

But I will be honest with you, even tho it is definitely a good ending, the addition of the new character was a little out of nowhere and unnecessary but it is still worth watching. Their family bond is also what I am here for, even though they are different and with everyone busy with their lives, the way they care for each other is worth watching.

Ming Wei's and YiJin's characters dynamics aka Si Chun and Xu Fan are what I relate to a certain extent of cuz with less breaking of ties and slapping situations. I definitely hated this character dynamics the most, after watching the drama understand why, which is cuz it relates to me, and totally understand from Yijin's point of view a lot even tho, I still find her disrespectful. But ultimately, the healing process on their bond is pretty nice and would say the best point of their drama. The mother's point of view is pretty understandable why she acted the way she did but at the same time, she is too extreme.

Ultimately, it is worth watching them heal after the countless of hatred I have for this dynamics. It is not that the mother is a bad person but she cares too much for her daughter on a microscopic level.

The Yijin's and the guy's romance, honestly at the start until they finally make up was a little boring because of the first ep. Like... you only know they have been there for a long time and the family is just... The guy just kept appearing and I was like... what is the point of his character. However, as they managed to progress in their story, that was the turning point. Their romance did it for me, they are pretty cute and their development is worth watching.

The Family dynamics between Wan Qian and ShuNa aka Liang Jing and SunQian character are the best but I still hated the fact she hid that thing from her. I think I love them the most cuz that's what I yearn for. I would say even if you hated the mother-daughter relationship between Ming Wei and Yijin, WQ and SN's dynamics are worth watching for.

As for the Aunt and Husband. I don't remember their name well as it doesn't stick to me a lot, not that is bad but at the same time, it is good but pretty forgettable. I would say the aunt is the MVP in her family and very logical as well. The reason for their marriage is pretty reasonable and she is just a mother who would be trying. Ultimately, I am glad for their ending and she is a good person. Worth watching for them too.

THERE IS ONE THING U NEED TO EXPECT FROM THIS DRAMA, YOU WILL HATE THE MING WEI AND WAN QIAN HUSBANDS! USELESS PIECE OF CRAP! hahaha, but the Ming Wei one is the worst father and husband u will ever see but.. you will ultimately understand why he became like that. But it doesn't justify his actions as well.

Now, the one I know well the most since I have been here for them from the start which is SunQian character, quite a good girl with a wild attitude but is cute and the MVP of the drama for me. There are some points where she is insensitive and talks flat facts, that is the only down point of her. But understanding that she does what she wants but has fixed moral values, I would find myself relating to her as well in personality. She is there for you, and her romance with Jing Ke is the best from the start until the end. Even tho I am sad about their break up it is understandable and you will see her development in the way she approaches him at the end. The break up caused by the guy is understandable considering the pressure placed on him and the short communication phase with them. I am glad they talked it out and developed their romance perfectly.

Ultimately, this drama definitely isn't for everyone and you will need patience to watch it because the issues doesnt take 1 ep to solve by itself. However, it is definitely a drama worth watching for their development, their bond and ultimately how it plays out.

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