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Island in Da Pacific


Island in Da Pacific

Just a guy stuck on an island in the Pacific looking for love in all the wrong places, so naturally living vicariously through BL dramas.  My non-believer friends think I live in a fantasy world....little do they know hehehe!

My journey of BL started about 13 years ago with the movie The Love of Siam and I’ve never looked back!  However, I didn’t start heavily watching BL until about  8 years ago.  Nothing and no one can ever make me give this lifestyle up.

As my profile pic suggests, I am married to P’Toni!  He is my favorite actor/person  in the whole world!!

Lover of anything and everything BL!  Thailand undoubtedly outdoes all other countries in this genre!  I also love Chinese and Taiwanese BL .  Unfortunately, the ban in China is putting a damper on all of this :*( - still trying to remain optimistic that things will change though!

Recently, I’ve been branching out to Korean dramas...not my favorite, but I’ve watched some amazing ones that weren’t even BL (shocker).  BL is not the only thing I watch, but it is definitely what I prefer.

Concerning my rating system:  I NEVER give 10s!!  Nothing is perfect! Although I have come close a couple times, I just cannot bring  myself to do it.  I take everything into account when rating and don’t give a high score just because there is an actor I like - the drama MUST be good on all angles.

For a more in-depth view of my tastes, feel free to checkout my watchlist.  If you would like to debate or discuss specific dramas let me know!  Always searching for new dramas to watch, so hit me up and recommend some good ones! :)


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