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Welcome to my profile <3

Hope it illuminates <3


-My Asian drama experience began with a simple search for recommendations, after having watched 'Free'. Thus, a

 perfect drama in which to bridge the gap between anime and live action was 'Take Your Mark', a series also centring 

on friendship, teamwork and perseverance.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (2013)

Haruka Nanase
Rin Matsuoka
七瀬 遙  
Haru x Rin
松岡 凛  

-Having stemmed from the connection that I saw in Haru and Rin, and reinforced by Ruochen and Zhehai, I 

stumbled across the BL genre in a then currently-airing drama, known as 'Dark Blue Kiss'. I can safely say I was 

invested in the genre from the off, intrigued by a genre that I had never experienced before, and was definitely one to 

watch effusively .

Zhao Zhi Wei & Xu Yang 
Pod Suphakorn Sriphothong as Sun 

Fluke Gawin Caskey as Mork         

-Even if I must confess that, after time, I became desensitised to most BL dramas with so many similar elements to them, the sense of innocent delight I used to get, not dissimilar to my many encounters with anime such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!,  will forever remain with me.

-However, just because I am more critical when it comes to titles these days, does not mean I won't watch, and be able to talk about, genres that tend to drain my soul. I am a member of the 'No-Drop-Club', and so I will always finish what I have started, with the aim of reducing my perpetually expanding PTW list.

-Despite being more cautious of watching BLs now, there are still times where I feel a similar level of excitement, likely reserved to the works that have done away with quite a few of the traditional tropes, as  with  'bromance' tagged titles,  especially those with some kind of historical backdrop.

-Consequently, I shall accept friend requests from anyone that has either watched similar titles as me, or that have recommendations, most notably, but not exclusively,  in titles that include same-sex characters, but with less prevalence of tropes; will reciprocate follows. For those of you that have differing interests from I,  I shall accept friend requests from you as well , and would love to hear what you love about different titles- might get me interested in the genres too!! I started my Asian watching saga on BL and still haven't really veered far from that in most cases, so any help with broadening my horizons would be inestimable too!

 My DMs/ feed  are always open, and if you'd be interested in joining a budding community of drama/game/literature lovers, here is my Discord.  - still have to add titles and make lists (will take considerably longer than this site as I've seen so much more across a greater period of time).

My First Titles

NameCountry/ autonomous regionDate 
Take Your Mark: S1China17/10/19

First Taiwanese Title: 12/12/19 - History - Stay Away From Me

First Thai Title: 29/12/19 - Dark Blue Kiss

First Japanese Title: 05/04/20 - His I Didn't Think I Would Fall In Love

First Filipino Title: 16/06/20 - Gameboys

First South Korean Title: 07/07/20 - Where Your Eyes Linger

First Hong Kongese Title:

First Vietnamese Title:

First Singaporean Title:

First Burmese Title:

Shi Guang x Yu Liang          Forever Soulmates

Any recommendations would be more than welcome- largely some sort of drama with a same-sex romance in it, but if it has a good story, developed characters, and some thought-provoking messages,  I'm welcome to it, and will endeavour to watch when I am able. ))

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  • Currently watching behaves as it must, but also as on-hold.

  • On-hold is for my 'next-to-watch shortlist'

  • Because I aim to finish watching everything I've begun, 'Dropped' is for the media that I simply cannot find (any help there would  be greatly appreciated hh!). 

Dropped List : any help finding links for these (eng. subs if possible), would be much appreciated ))


My 2023 Custom List

My 2023 Thai Drama/ Film Custom List
Park Jin Young [ 박진영 ] as Kim Ga On- 'The Devil Judge'Nani Hirunkit Changkham as M.J. - F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

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