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Another Miss Oh - encounter

I started watching KDramas with Oh My Ghost and Korean Odyssey , in 2018. I like romcoms with strong beginnings, a decent pace and happy endings, strong FL, nice ML, bromances or also gay relationships - psychology involved makes it better for me. A bit weird or fantastic is completely fine with me (: . I strongly dislike clumsy product placement, but enjoy witty and creative product placement. I mainly enjoy Korean and Japanese dramas, but actually I try all kinds of dramas, from various Asian countries.

Friends: I am happy to meet MDL pals, especially if they share my preferences! In the long run, I like to be in contact with my mdl friends, so sometimes I reduce my friends list to the ones I actually interact with. If you like to be and stay on my friends list, please write to me.

I drop about 75% of the dramas and movies; that doesn't mean that I consider them as bad. Sometimes I actually feel sorry to drop a drama, but it just doesn't fit my genres and tags. I cannot stand suspense, school bullying, greed and revenge, so many storylines are difficult for me. And sometimes I don`t have the patience to watch a show any more if I don`t like the beginning. Please don't feel offended if I dropped some of your favourites.

My one and only article, a cooperation with my friend Shiro, honors screenwriter Park Hae-young.

My rating system:

  • 10 is for the rare ones that I like to rewatch again and again
  • 9-9.5 is for the ones that came close to it
  • 8.5 is really good and a recommendation
  • 7.5-8.0 is for the ones I enjoyed, but don`t particularly recommend. It is probably not for everyone.
  • everything below 7.5 is okayish or less than okayish
After the Duolingo Korean course was completed in 2021, I started to regularly attend a Korean school once a week and passed the first Topik test level by now. Apart from watching dramas, I love choir singing. And as you can see below, I took a liking to making gifs lately :)
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Oh no, I am a Wednesday child...


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