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I am an avid fan of TV Series but I get lazy watching movies lol ;-; .  I got addicted to BLs and Teleseryes (Filipino TV Series) last year due to boredom. Yeah you might be thinking that why would someone watch teleseryes but LMAO ISTG It improved ALOT. Before, I hate teleseryes because it is sooooo MAKJANG like the plots are cliche still the same or SHITTY ROMCOMS WITHLOVE TEAMS (Princess and I is exempted) but "I Can See You (GMA) " made me stan Teleseryes and made me check out other Teleseryes like First Yaya, Ang Dalawang Ikaw, Legal Wives, etc. AND IT IS SO ADDICTING! Though I wish they were only shown twice a week and 40 minutes each episode to build excitement. Aside from Teleseryes, I LOVE TAYNEW, BRIGHTWIN, PONDPHUWIN HUHU. WATCHING BL SINCE 2017 BITCH AHAHAHAH!


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