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My Engineer thai drama review
My Engineer
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by Pinoy Ares
mai 31, 2020
14 épisodes vus sur 14
Complété 10
Globalement 8.0
Histoire 7.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 9.5
Musique 6.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.5

CUTE CAST, is that enough?

Let me say that i misjudged it too early after the 13th episode, by that time rumor of a second season is floating and it made me worried they will leave the first season with all the relationship in cliffhanger mode just to make us come back for season 2.

Lets talk about the series objectively. Story is nothing special and a bagful of cliches, in fact i would say that if you seen a few Thai BL, chances are, you know how and where this one is going. Pacing is also a little too slow for me, it feels like they stretched each scenes a little too long to fit it in 14 episodes. They could have squeezed the entire series in to 10 episodes and it will still feel the same.

If i watch another Thai BL with the 'i saw my bf kissing someone so i hate him and i want to breakup' scene I will just totally give up THai dramas. Comeon, dont tell me this is the only way writers in Thailand know how to create drama? They should create an eff*n real conflict and develop it properly.

Next, who the f goes swimming wearing shirts and pants? Are Thais really this prude? There was almost zero to very little kissing (and intimacy) in the entire series that it feels like a conscious effort not to show them, it made the entire series feel like a big bromance rather than a true BL story. Remember SOTUS? Yes i remember it too clearly, and its the same director, and is he aiming to bring in wider audience or what he has done is alienate hardcore BL fans?

The series, was saved by the beautiful cast. Bohn(Cooper) and Duen(Poy) are a really cute couple and yes id probably watch anything with Cooper. However, and this is a good however, the main couple is surrounded by an equally or maybe cuter couples - KingRam (Lay and Perth) and a more engaging BossMek (Intouch and Ryan). I hate to see the secpnd season without Ryan. Forget the fourth couple FrongThara as they were only annoying.

I am thankful that the season finale saved the series from being a total disaster by at least tying up the lose ends and never left us hanging with unnecessary cliffhangers. At least the entire series feels complete even if you dont watch the second season. Will i rewatch this season - probably not. Will i reccommend this series - yes!

Will I be back for the next round? Most probably yes, and I beg them to bring back Ryan or maybe atleast replace the actor with a different face but keep the same character Mek and not give Boss an entirely new love story.
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