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The Sign thai drama review
The Sign
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by Pinoy Ares
févr. 26, 2024
12 épisodes vus sur 12
Complété 9
Globalement 7.5
Histoire 7.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 8.5
Musique 7.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.0
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THE SIGN of Better BLs to Come

If anything, I am happy that Thai companies are expanding beyond the typical BL storylines. its A SIGN that the genre is evolving and has a lot of potential.

Quick recap. Phaya and Tharn are reincarnations of Garudas and Nagas - mythical deities in the Buddhist/Hindu culture. Their connection was so strong that even at childhood, they were drawn to each other and Tharn became an unofficial protector of sort to Phaya. The end. Okay, Im kidding so many things has happened in this show that its so hard to make a quick recap.

What i like about the series:
1. I really love the first episode because it hooks you in to want to see more.
2. Great production value, you can see that they have really thought hard about the story and execution to deliver us a unique story. Even the action sequnces, which may often feel too rehearsed, is commendable. The CGi somewhat feels subpar but it is very acceptable considering that this is from a somewhat new production outfit. Hands off to them.
3. Maybe one of the best looking cast in a BL ever. Do i need to say more? Billy's scenes in those black boxers are BL gold. Babe is undeniably a gorgeous boy. I love all the support cast. The first episode with all the fake nude scenes is like a rain blessing to water the dryest dessert. And yes, the almost obligatory NSFW scenes in almost all episodes (but more on this later).
4. Im really happy that this is not just another university/high school story.

What i dislike:
1. I thought Tharn as a Naga is in female form, that were the dream sequences, werent it? They made such a big deal about it in the beginning but the later episodes Tharn Naga became just Tharn with long hair.
2. While a lot of the viewers like the weekly crime solving cases and the overall human baddie, i hated it. The truth is they weren't used to advance the story of Phaya and Tharn and their love story. In fact the big case turned out to be not important in the scheme of things.
2, Chalathorn turned out to be nothing but a dud instead of being the menacing villain.
3. There were too many subplots. The show wanted to be so many things. This show is worth at least 2 good BLs rolled together in one - the result is a mishmash, 2 half-baked pies and confused if its an action or a fantasy series.
4. One blatant proof of the show's identity crisis is with Tharn - one second he was this strong guy solving cases next second he is this soft crybaby blaming himself for whatever accident Phaya has gotten himself into. He is a police officer who will suddenly leave his post just to save the damsel Phaya. His character, lost consistency and could have been handled better.
5. While the male cast is the focus of the show, the young female support and the GL is acted so poorly. Even the grandmas who were suppossed to be lovable just werent. Their lines were so cringy and could have been edited out of the story to make it leaner.
6. The show got so convulated in the second half that i was watching the episodes in 2x speed. From being a must-see show it became a tedious watch, a show i just needed to finish because i want to see the ending of the fantasy story.
7. The almost obligatory NSFW scenes. For crying out loud, Phaya escaped the hospital in episode 9 just to answer a booty call.
8. The cashgrab finale. I get it, i get it, the producers wanted to capitalize and earn a little extra and god knows they deserve it for all their hard work, but it left a lot of sour taste in the mouth . Once i saw that ad showing the last episode will be shown in a streaming event, i almost decided to drop this show. What made it worse, the 3 week break between sepisode 11 and the free -to-air episode 12 turned out to be non-climatic after all, with so many plotholes and unexplainable things happening. Action scenes and that forest chase scenes became laughable, and that mythical love that is supposed to be epic in size just werent.
9. Please also explain to me how did Tharn saved Phaya from falling off that cliff from mid-air because that defied time and logic. That must have been a very very high thousand kilometer cliff because so many things have happened during that fall (the criminal was even able to get back to the base and shoot Chart) and yet Tharn still managed to save Phaya mid-air. and I watched it a few times to get a sense of it but just cant. Boy they didnt wrap this show properly.

Will i rewatch this series. No. It is tedious and there are tons of other contents right now. Im just giving it a 7.5 for all the effort and what it could have been. Will i reccommend? Sure, even with all the inconsistencies it is still a good watch, the boys alone is worth it.
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