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Welcome To My Obsession

I enjoy watching shows in my free time, usually in public transport and during breaks at work. 


I have the bad habits of skipping through episodes ^-^ 

Mais je fais ça parce que je n'aime pas quitter mes séries à moitié fini

Little Q&A
J'étais une étudiante universitaire en Commerce International,  maintenant j'étudi pour être enseignante au primaire. Je suis Québecoise. Je suis extrêmement occupée avec le travail et mes études, mais je continue d'écouter des émissions.I am a university student in Education, I used to study International Business. I am a French Canadian. I am extremely busy with work and school but I still watch tv show.

❀ If I rewatch a show it is because I truly enjoyed it ❀
2023 Long Awaited
Twinkling Watermelon -Moving -
- Behind Your Touch -
My 2023 Watch List Challenge
2022 Long Awaited
Through the darkness 
Cherry Blossoms in the winter  
May I Help You
A Business Proposal
My 2022 Watch List Challenge
2021 Long Awaited
Light On Me
Tale of Thousand Stars

My 2021 Watch List Challenge

Old Favorites

My Paparotti 
Bad Guys 

My 2020 Watch List Challenge

All Time Favorites
While You Were Sleeping 
Meteor Garden 
Move to HeavenThe Victims' Game
A Tale of Thousand Stars
Light On Me
A Korean Odyssey 
Put Your Head On  
My Shoulder
♥  My All Time Favourite Couples ♥ 
C-DramaK-DramaThai DramaTaiwanese Drama
♥ Bromance All The Way ♥
Twinkling WatermelonGoblinDescendants of the sun

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