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Celestial Daragon


Celestial Daragon

HIStory5: Love in the Future
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janv. 15, 2024
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Acting/Cast 8.0
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Potential drama, but lacks of subtlety and connection between details

I feel like this drama focuses on the family member affection more than two couples' relationship. You can notice all four main characters (eventually) beceme orphan in different ways, and the story included not only the unexpectedly sudden "leave" of Hai Yi's dad, but also Zhe Ni's grandma in an unbelievably unfortunate situation. So imo, this would be suitable if the drama metaphors the recent epidemic, like you've seen its impact to our life. The few last episodes should bring out the comfort, luck and cherish actually.

For the plot scenes, low communication and lacks of pot subtlety / connection should be improved. For example: Zhe Ni got familiar way too fast to modern gadgets; Wen Sen got so easy and direct to know Huai En was in great danger; Huai En and Zhe Ni tried not to admit their own relationship to each other, but later then both communicated like admitted already; or the "legal" boxing attack in the training room. Furthermore, the minus is most key scenes were in-order shown rapidly at last episodes instead of scattered from the middle to end. Welp, at least they brings the quick transition factor between online and face-to-face conversation for video call scenes.

However, what got me bad impression is the controversial couple from HIS4. Yes, their acting is great, but I don't think they can be mentors in terms of relationship advises, like their relationship was really toxic in the beginning.
And personally, I prefer the side couple's visual and chemistry although Wen Sen character behavior doesn't seem to be relevant for a general director role imo.

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