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pattern lotus house


pattern lotus house

I'm Grouchy (^._.^)ノ ! You can also call me Grouch "Mysterious Lotus Casebook" got me out of lurking status ! (੭ ˊ^ˋ)੭ ♡ it is seriously great series to me(Ω Д Ω)

about me 

pronouns is he/they
like to draw | is hyper sometimes | is scatterbrain 
• I like friendship ♡, bromance ♡, mystery, fantasy, food
but feel free to recommend me something else
• I don't spoil unless I'm asked to ヾ(*’▽’*)
Please don't spoil me either if I didn't ask ;_; 


Please don't be offend by my rating! It just depends on how much I liked and/or appreciate the series! Extra points if I like the side characters too.

♡♡♡♡ If I rate it 10~9.5, I probably cried (T⌓T)!!
♡♡♡ 8 is more vague. It's overall good to me.
♡♡ 7.5~7 is I liked something about it.

3x3 drama 


click on them for drama info
favorite singer ♡

  Atsushi Sakurai  

favorite actor ♡

  Cheng Yi  

I have crush on 

  Yui Aragaki  

credit and after note 

All the gif on this profile are made by me ♡! For real, I "lovingly" tried to get every gif to look okay.

On 8.12~15.2023, I tried to make my page "pattern lotus house" theme. Or at least kind of different and nice. Did I do good job?

Wow you still reading this!  I wish you a nice day! I hope you all can -


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