par lo_ve, janvier 2, 2023

Yoon Hyun Soo will be part of the upcoming TVING original drama "Running Mate."

Media outlet YTN Star shared on January 2nd that actor Yoon Hyun Soo will be one of the casts of the upcoming TVING original series "Running Mate" which will be directed by Han Jin Won

According to reports, "Running Mate" will be the directorial debut of Han Ji Won. Han Ji Won is known for being the scriptwriter of the Academy Award-winning film "Parasite." He is also the only Asian writer who won the screenwriting Academy Award.

This will be the directorial debut of the writer but he already assisted in directing several films such as "Take Point," "Okja," "Pandora," and "Daughter." 

"Running Mate" will tell the story of high school students who will participate in the student council election. It will showcase the struggles and challenges of a 17-year-old boy who will run for election in the backdrop of a chaotic school. 

The upcoming K-drama will begin its production as soon as possible and it will exclusively premiere on TVING. 

Yoon Hyun Soo will play the role of Noh Se Hoon in the upcoming K-drama. He is the school's number 1 vice presidential candidate. He will do his best to win the vice president position even while he is suffering from an unexpected incident. 

The actor made his acting debut in 2021 through the k-drama "Racket Boys." Since then, he became one of the rising actors of his generation. He has appeared in several series such as "Kill Heel," "Hope or Dope," and "Seasons of Blossom." 

Aside from "Running Mate," Yoon Hyun Soo will also star in the upcoming k-drama "A Good Day to be a Dog" together with Park Gyu Young, ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo, Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Seo El, and Song Young Ah. He will also appear in the upcoming movie "Shuttle." 


Who do you think should work alongside Yoon Hyun Soo in the upcoming K-drama "Running Mate"?