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Hey, guys!
Just like that, we're half-way through December, and 2021 is almost upon us. Which means, a whole new set of Thai dramas to watch and enjoy!

So within this article, I am going to be listing down all of the Thai dramas that are slotted in for 2021, and I am personally looking forward to.

I would like to say though, that due to Miss Rona, some of the dramas that will air in 2021 are pushed forward to 2021 —Thus, if you would like to read about them as well, do read my article: 
"Upcoming 2020 Thai Dramas"


Just a warning that this article is going to have a lot of dramas. Meaning it's very lengthy — so do make yourself a pot of tea and cut up a slice or two of fruitcake too!


Works in both light & dark mode. Titles and Images redirect to MDL's page.
Also, this article may contain plot spoilers.
Alright then, let's get started!

Leurd Chrao Phraya

Genre:  Action, Romance, Historical
Tag:  Military, Memory loss

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag: Gay relationship, Heart transplant, Adapted from a Novel

Srinuan (Boom) is the daughter of the village headman of Laantey, Ayudhaya. She is stunning and gifted in martial arts. 

These qualities lead to a continuous line of men who are always willing to win the heart of Srinuan. One of these suitors is Saming (Denkhun). 

Lersun (Pop), a military cadet and son of the governor, decides to one day travel to Laantey during his school break. This is where he happens to see Srinuan for the first time while she is performing the traditional dance. 

It is love at first sight. 

This love is soon reciprocated, and both Lersun and Srinuan quickly lose themselves to the depths of love and passion. 

Eventually, school break comes to an end, and Lersun has to return. Before he leaves, he promises Srinuan that he will return and marry her. 

Unfortunately, upon returning, Lersun gets into an accident and loses his memories — completely forgetting about Srinuan. 

In Bangkok, his mother arranges a marriage between him and Sroipetch, the daughter of another prominent figure. Meanwhile, Srinuan also travels to Bangkok in order to meet her lover. 

Upon her arrival, she is faced with the heartbreak of Lersun behaving as if he does not know her and returns to Laantey, heartbroken. 

Twenty years pass and Lersun becomes a deputy commissioner. He also has a daughter and a son with Sroipetch. 

Srinuan, on the other hand, also has a daughter called Dao — who is just as beautiful and talented as her mother.

Excitement Level

A volunteer teacher, Torfun (Aye), dies in a tragic accident, in which her heart is transplanted to a lazy and spoilt rich boy, Tian (Mix). 

Through a series of diary entries, Tian learns about the life of the person who his current heart belonged to. 

He learns about her secrets and interests. Including her promise to forest ranger Phupha (Earth), who she was secretly in love with.

He also learns about her desire to count a thousand stars with him.

Pushed by an unexplainable feeling in his heart, Tian then decides to follow her footsteps and complete her dream. 

Volunteering as a teacher in the jungle village where Torfun used to, Tian attempts to befriend  Phupha. Yet, Phupha gives off a cold exterior. 

Slowly the two grow close, and it is undeniable that Tian's heart beats faster around the forest ranger. 
But feelings grow, so does uncertainty. Does he love the forest ranger, or is it the residual feelings within his new heart that are making him feel this way? 

And despite that all, with the area being war-ridden and dangerous, can the two keep their thousand-star promise? 

Excitement Level

Wong Wien Hua Jai

Plerng Kinnaree
Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Slap Kiss, Possessive ML, Arranged Marriage, Kidnapping, Revenge, Abusive ML, Rape

Genre:  Romance, Drama, Tragedy
Tag:  Rich to Rags, Revenge

Bow (Now) returns to Thailand after she learns that her boyfriend, Pong (Takphet), has cheated on her and has impregnated Vithinee (Ploy) who he is now going to marry.

Vithinee is the younger sister of the male lead, Tos (
Porche ) who is the owner of a plantation and is extremely protective over his sickly sister.

Lost in the pain of heartbreak and deceit, Bow decides to go to a club alone and drink her pain away. There she somehow ends up in a bad situation — almost being drugged and compromised by a criminal.

However, she is saved by Tos, who manages to take her to a private room safely.

The protective older brother — unwilling to let Bow ruin his sister's happiness — ends up using this opportunity to tie Bow to himself.

He tells Bow's father that he has slept with his daughter, which makes the older man marry Bow off to Tos in order to protect his daughter's virtue.  

Thus begins a very push and pull love story of Bow and Tos.

Excitement Level

Singkarn (Sam) raises his daughter, Sitalai, diligently all by himself until she grows up to be a beautiful lady.

Sitalai grows up thinking that her mother died while she was an infant. However, this is not true as her mother, Kinnaree (
Kob), is still alive.

During her younger days, Kinnaree loved to party, flirt around, and have fun. This did not stop even after she married Singkarn, and thus they ended up divorcing.

Afterwards, Kinnaree met and fell in love with a handsome man who fooled her. The heartbreak led her to insanity.

Some time passes, and Kinnarree, who was living in a psychiatric hospital for her mental illness, finally gets discharged.

She then finds a job at a flower shop.

This is where she met Sitalai, who she does not want to reveal her identity to.

Life is sometimes a bizarre game.

Ninnart (
Kade), an older handsome man, begins to hit on Sitalai and eventually wins her heart.

In reality, he is the same man that played with Kinnaree and led her to become mentally unstable.

And so begins a twisted tale full of love, revenge, and heartbreaks.

Excitement Level

Lovely Writer
Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Revenge, Slap Kiss, Melodrama, Abusive ML

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Entertainment Industry, Gay Relationship, Adapted from a Novel, Cohabitation

Kimhan (Lee) and Mookarin (Aom) were engaged to be married, but a tragedy destroyed their happiness. 

Mon, Kimhan's sister, was found dead and her husband Tada,  Mook's brother, was accused of killing her. 

The case went to court, and Tada was acquitted with Mook taking the stand as her brother's alibi and Mon's death was ruled an accident.

Kimhan was furious that his sister's killer walked free and that Mook lied to help acquit her brother. 

If the law could not punish Tada, Kimhan will do it himself, so he vowed to get revenge. He actively persecuted Tada and broke off his engagement to Mook.  

In pursuing his revenge, he caused a lot of pain to Tada, Mook and other innocent people.  

Yet, through it all, neither Kimhan nor Mook could forget their love for each other. 

They were filled with conflicting feelings of love, hate, revenge and loyalty as they, and the people around them, get caught in Kimhan's whirlpool of revenge. (1)

Excitement Level

Gene (Up), a writer by profession, is one day given a request by his publisher to try his hand at a new type of genre, which is Boys Love. 

Accepting this new challenge, Gene writes and publishes a Y novel that is well received and becomes incredibly successful. So successful that it even gets made into a BL drama. 

This is the story of how Gene, a popular writer, gets deceived by the 20-year-old guy, Nubsib (
Kao), who comes to audition for the lead role—pretending to be polite and good-natured when he is a wolf in reality through and through.

Excitement Level

Sorn Klin
Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Slap Kiss, Possessive ML, Arranged Marriage, Kidnapping, Revenge, Abusive ML, Rape

Genre:  Romance, Drama, Comedy
Tag:  Playboy ML, Boss-Employee Romance, Car Accident, Adapted from a Novel

Sarun (Panjan) and his sidekick are on an undercover mission to meet a median called Sornklin (Preem), who has the same name as a goddess.

Sornklin must help Sarun as a witness in his investigation while teaming up with Doctor Pran (
Ball) in order to find an amulet that can release spirits and move them along their karma cycle. 

Excitement Level

Thisappass (Masu), a charming casanova businessman — who girls fall left, right and centre, — never thought that there would be someone who would reject a perfect guy like him. 

And that too,  that it would be his secretary, Jitsagao (Mo). 

For a proud player like him, it is not easy to admit this fact. Thus, he begins to meticulously plan to win over his secretary's heart. 

However, there is a secret. Jitsagao avoids the businessman because one of her family members hit his sister, which left her permanently physically disabled.

While one heart is unable to accept the other because of guilt and fear, the other feels competitive — fighter harder in order to win the unattainable heart of a beautiful girl called Jitsagao.

Excitement Level

Wimarn Sai

Never Too Late
Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Slap Kiss, Possessive ML, Aggressive ML, Rape (maybe), Love Triangle, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Obsessive SML

Genre:  Fantasy, Drama
Tag:  Slap Kiss, Possessive ML, Arranged Marriage, Kidnapping, Revenge, Abusive ML, Rape

Panin (Jespipat) and Arissara (Esther) meet in Rayong province when she helps him after he was attacked by thieves.  She mistakes him for a foreman at a construction site and gives him money, as he had lost his wallet.  Without knowing each other's identities, they both fall in love. 

Panin is impressed by her generosity, and for once, he found a girl that likes him for himself, not for his money or status.  She is impressed by his integrity. When they return to Bangkok, Arissara discovers that Panin misled her about his true status, and Panin discovers that she is the love interest of his younger brother Yoh; so, both are angry.   

She is upset because he did not dare reveal the truth to his brother,  that they have met before, and that they like each other. Panin is upset because he thought she trivialized his love; that she was just flirting with him, just like she is leading-on his brother, and just like she openly flirts with her male friend, Non. 

The misunderstandings are compounded with Yoh's obsessive love for Arissara, as Panin struggles with the notion of giving her up to his younger brother.

Excitement Level

How many of us remember what our dreams were when we were children? What our hopes and aspirations were?

How many of us grew up and realised that all the wonderous, innocent dreams that we had were probably not going to come true. 
That it was harder to become a superstar or a world-famous soccer player.

How many of us spent all of our lives unable to express ourselves and love who we wanted, openly. 

This drama is about five such high school friends who also had dreams and goals but were unable to complete them.

This is a story of second chances,
of being able to love whoever you want,
of dreams coming true,
of happiness. 

Excitement Level

Genre:  Romance, Horror
Tag: Doll possession, Suspense

Tag:  Mafia, Bodyguard, Gay Relationship, Adapted from a Novel

Suwaparp (Apa) buys her daughter, Burana, a new doll. 

However, soon after this, she begins to notice Buarana spending a lot of time with this doll in particular. 

Something is very weird about this doll, as it looks like a human. Its skin is soft, warm to touch, and it even winks. All that aside, Suwaparp can almost feel something off about the doll. 

Terrified after instances of the doll speaking and moving without being touched, Suwaparp decides to throw it away. 

But the doll does not want to leave... and so it comes back. Again and again and again. 

"I need to go back to my house..."

Excitement Level

The second son of the Mafia, Kinn Anakinn (Mile), is assaulted by an enemy causing him to flee from them until he meets Porsche Pitchaya (Apo) - a young student who was hired as a part-time waiter at an entertainment establishment. 

Porsche saw the scene in the entertainment establishment but didn’t pay much attention to it. But then… Kinn made an offer. If Porsche could save him from his enemies, he would pay a certain amount in return. Porsche, who has the best martial arts degree and is a national judo champion, decides to get involved and helps Kinn escape. 

Due to his striking combat skills, Kinn wants to hire Porsche to be his personal bodyguard. Porsche was opposed and rejected Kinn, who would do anything to get what he wanted. 

However, after being terrorised by Kinn’s enemies and Kinn, he had no choice but to agree. 

Porsche didn’t want to be a part of this dangerous world because he was afraid that that only person he loved, his brother Porché Pitchaya, would get hurt. 

Porsche accepts Kinns ridiculous agreements and moves in to live with him. There is still a mystery that Porsche has to face with some very unexpected events. 

Moreover, the intimacy with Kinn creates a turbulent feeling in their hearts that starts to shake and become love. That path will not be easy because of the many problems and many obstacles that will come to test their love - he must stand up to endure all the problems he faces.

Excitement Level

Sao Sorng Winyarn

Rarng Ruk Prang Jai
Genre:  Romance, Suspense
Tag:  Ghost, Possession, Murder mystery, Adapted from a Novel

Genre:  Romance, Suspense
Tag:  Mystery, Amnesia, Twins, Adapted from a Novel

The spirit of a beautiful woman, Awantee, possesses the body of a weak girl, Fonkaew (Minnie), who is always bullied by her step-mother, in order to find out the truth behind her death. 

Why did she die?

Why is she still a ghost, roaming the world instead of going to reincarnate? 

Awantee aims to find this out by the help of Fonkaew and her beloved son (Jinna) — hoping that the truth will become clear in the end. (2)

Excitement Level

Tiwtawat, Karawat's (Donut) brother, was murdered in a shooting. Getusa (Pupe) mysteriously disappears and reappears with no memories of herself or her twin sister, Getapa, who is now missing.

Suddenly becoming a suspect in the case, Getusa teams up with Karawat to investigate what really happened.

However, while searching for answers and also a way to recover her memories... romance begins to rise between Karawat and Getusa.

Excitement Level

Kleun Ruk Salub Chata

Sai Lub Lip Gloss
Genre:  Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Tag:  Doctor, Celebrity, Body Swap, Angst, Comedy

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Clumsy Female Lead, Spy, Female Chases Male Lead First, Adapted from a Novel
Wat (Alek)  is a famous celebrity who is dating a famous model named Ginney. (Namtarn). 

Tet (Krating) is a famous pilot who is in a relationship with a doctor named Kulanji (Bua). 

But one day, the bodies of Wat and Tet have a switch. As Tet and Wat have a totally different occupation, how will they handle the situation?? 

Wil Ginney and Kulanji notice the truth?

Excitement Level

Baralee (Namtarn), who is clumsy, starts feeling bored about being a beauty expert and wishes to be a spy. Her police friend supports her and helps her to apply to be a spy. 

She can get through anything with her make-up bag while also meeting her perfect guy (Boy) with smooth skin — hoping to win his heart.

Excitement Level

Macalee Tee Ruk

I Told Sunset About You 2
Genre:  Romance, Fantasy

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Gay Relationship, Coming of Age, Melodrama, College

Tankul (Mac), an astronomy teacher, finds a naked, unconscious girl and decides to protect her thinking that she's been assaulted.

After she wakes up, Tankul notices that she talks and behaves like a baby. She does not have a single scratch on her body, and it looks like she doesn't even have bones.

This is when he realises she's a macalee —having arrived here through a hole in time.

Soon, their relationship becomes romantic.  However, just how easy can a love story between a human and a macalee be? 

Excitement Level

Teh (Bilkin) and Oh-aew (PP Krit) were best friends until a boyhood line of reasoning turned them into rivals. 

Years later, as they're preparing for university admissions, both pursuing interests in the field of Communication Arts, the two meet in a Chinese language class. 

Their reunion awakens complicated and unstable feelings.

Part 2 is a continuation of freshly united lovers' story —  in College. 

Excitement Level

I'm not excited, still looking forward.

Samee Chua Keun

Ratee Luang
Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  One Night Stand, Adorable Kid, Unexpected Pregnancy, Family relationship

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Slap Kiss, Aggressive Male Lead,  Revenge, Misunderstandings

The moment she opened her eyes, she noticed her body without clothes on and there was a man sleeping on his stomach next to her. The whole world seemed to collapse in front of her. 

"Chon Phansa" (Pinkploy), a beautiful woman who was drunk until she lost her mind for just one night had to become a single mother inevitably. 

She decided to raise her child alone never thought to demand anything from that "Overnight Husband" (Euro) of her. 

However, this is called fate when the man who is "the father of her child" has come to involve her life once again.

Excitement Level

Alright, so I went about searching, and I couldn't — for the life of me — find the plot description from any source.

Therefore, please bear with me and my attempt at explaining what I am getting from this drama.

So basically, they might be friends while growing up. They might be each other's first love. Then some shit happens, and it turns the ML (
Peun) vindictive and hateful towards the FL (Chippy) and/or her family.

However, like with every other slap-kiss lakorn on the face of this planet, the ML can not discard his love and desire for the object of his hatred, the FL.

And so continues a cycle filled with angst, tears, lots of screaming, bone-restructuring slaps, lip-bruising kisses, and tonne loads of actions that might induce 1K word essays in the comment section of this drama's MDL page if it manages to catch the hype.

Thank you.

(ง •̀_•́)ง 

Excitement Level

Lhong Klin Chan

Keb Pandin
Genre:  Investigation, Suspense, Romance
Tag:  Murder mystery, Adapted from a Novel

Genre:  Romance, Drama, Action
Tag:  Lovers from Different Countries, Rich Female Poor Man

Warnruk, a female investigator, gets transferred to her small hometown in order to investigate the homicide of Chankrapor, who was murdered and buried underneath a Chan por tree.

There she meets the forensics doctor of the area, who, although likes to question her intelligence, also teams up with her in order to find the murderer.

Together with them is Trichai, a young and handsome lieutenant, who is always ready to help.

However, the catch of this case is that the deeper you search, the thicker the fog becomes.

Excitement Level

Mintada (Ice) grew up in Kasay, a war-torn country. 

The leader of Kasay sends Mintada and his friend Siplai to Thailand to further their education and bring back valuable knowledge to help Kasay. 

In Thailand, Mintada meets and falls in love with Punpasa (Oom), the daughter of a well off family. 

However, Punpasa's family and Siplai disapprove of their relationship. This is only the beginning.

Excitement Level

Drag, I Love You

Bad Buddy
Genre:  Romance, Drama, Comedy
Tag:  Drag Queen, Undercover, Investigation, LGBTQ+

Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Youth, Friendship
Tag:  Secret Romance, Pretend Rivalry, Students, Gay Relationship

Just what happens when an undercover investigator (Joss) and a biological woman (Grace), both posing as drag queens,  find themselves beginning to get attracted to one another?

Excitement Level

Ever since they were young, Pran (Nanon) and Pat's (Ohm) fathers' had a deep and raging rivalry — trying to one-up each other on everything.  This also extended towards their sons.

Comparing their sons' achievements and merits, whether it be academic or extracurricular — the two fathers left no stones unturned to outshine and gloat in front of the other.

It was almost like rivalry was passed down as a family heirloom, and the two boys became rivals as well.

Until... they grew tired and became friends. Really good friends.

However, because of their fathers' rivalry, their friendship had to be kept under wraps.

And so began a journey of secret friendship... and then perhaps a sweet secret romance?

Excitement Level

Koo Wein

Pitsawart Kartagame
Genre:  Romance, Drama, Friends 
Tag:  Friends to Enemies, Female Rivalry, Workplace

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Suspense, Mystery, Romance

Just what is it to be an orbit with 4 different poles? 

The 4 different poles — Nick (Pon), Wan (Mo), Beam (Patricia), and Wayu (Godt) — continuously circle around each other, repeatedly clashing and burning in the fire of the collision.

However, all four sides are relentless, revelling in the pain and pleasure of hatred and competition... and perhaps, even love. (4)

Excitement Level

Again Soju unnie tried finding the synopsis in all corners and edges of the internet — and in the end, her efforts were fruitless.


Excitement Level

For James Ji

Sai Roong

Tharntawan See Plerng
Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Slap Kiss, Revenge, Obsession, Hateful Mum, Hidden Identity, Alcohol addiction, Adapted from a Novel

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Vineyard, Rich female, Industrial 

Sai Roong speaks of memories and the steadfast love of a young woman named Maythinee (Care) for a man whose name she calls out whenever she dares to feel, for her lover, Pak (Aum), who died in a car accident after her mother forced her to write him a breakup letter.

Her lover is gone and the memories of the past, no matter how beautiful, can not come back.

All Maythinee can do is drown herself in alcohol and try to forget. And perhaps also endure the heartbreak of suddenly seeing her dead lover's face in another man.

However, it is unknown to her that the man with her dead lover's face is indeed her dead lover, Pak,  who is still alive and living under a new name, Ponsithon.

While Pak had loved her, Ponsithon is still burning in the flames of betrayal until his only desire is to get revenge.

Sai Roong, meaning Rainbow, speaks of memories and life lessons. It shows the value of love and prayer.

Because no matter where the end of the rainbow is, and no matter how out of reach it may be... for the feelings that are so dear to the heart, travelling till the end is nothing hard at all.

Excitement Level

Tharntawan (Chingching) is the owner of a vineyard and famous resort. She is just as vicious and sharp to her enemies as she is beautiful.

However, there are many people ready to knock you down in the resort industry, and so every day is a new challenge for Tharntawan.

Along the way, she meets a boy (
Chayapol) who finally warms her heart.

For Tharntawan is just like a fiery sunflower. Fiery like the sun to her enemies, and devoted like the sunflower to the person she loves.

Excitement Level

Saan Sanaeha

Nang Sao Som Lon
Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Entertainment Industry, Modelling industry, Divorce, Growth of FL,  Supportive ML, Family, Adapted from a Novel

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Beauty contest, Beauty queen

After enduring continuous physical and psychological abuse from her cheating husband and controlling mother-in-law, Lalita (Mint Chalida) is too heartbroken to keep on enduring the this.

However, even her father forsakes her when Lalita stands up for herself and decides to get a divorce.

Her father firmly believes that the divorce will cause him and the family great shame by having Lalita be called a woman who was abandoned by her husband.

Lalita's life has been spent under the command and requirement of a man ever since she was born, but no more.

After divorcing her husband and being cut off by her father, Lalita begins a journey of self-growth and advancement in order to one day prove to her father that no girl needs a man in her life to determine her worth.

Alas, the road is to her goal is not easy. It is filled with setbacks and obstacles.  But Lalita is determined, and she begins her life as a model.

Along the way, Lalita meets a man  (
Toey) who desire to heal her broken heart, building her confidence and helping her push through all of the obstacles.

Because for him, she must have a better life. A life that is not determined by anyone's command or mood. A life of self-respect and also the love and acceptance of her father. 

Excitement Level

Just what Som (Grace) was left with her aunt and uncle by her mother who went missing after dropping her at her aunt and uncle's house.

Suddenly being left with the baggage of a child that was not even theirs, her aunt and uncle raised her badly, neglecting her and abusing her. Still, she grew up to be a well-mannered girl.

Desiring to be self-sufficient, Som decided to learn about beauty and hair at a beauty Salon by a beautician there called Huay.

However, her uncle soon set her up to be sold to a millionaire.

In order to escape her sad fate, Som runs away with Huay. After which she is taken to a beauty pageant agency.

There she decides to enter many small beauty contests to obtain enough money to further her education, which will enable her to join even bigger pageants.

While doing this, she also applies to work at a hotel, where she meets Sila (
Chap) — the hotel's handsome owner.

The handsome owner who looks down on her because he believes her worth only lines in her beauty.

Excitement Level

Baker Boys

Poot Mae Num Kong
Genre:  Food, Friendship, Thriller, Comedy, Romance
Tag:  Adapted from a Manga, Bisexual Male Lead

Genre:  Horror, Supernatural, Romance
Tag:  Reincarnation, Revenge, Vengeful Spirit, Diety

Punn (Lee) is the handsome owner of a popular bakery and the son of a billionaire. 

One of the reasons for his success is Weir (Singto), nicknamed the 'God of Pastry'. Due to his skills, women from all over keep visiting his store, even if Weir isn't very interested. 

Krathing (Pleum) works under Weir as an apprentice and general store employee. Lastly, there is also Pooh (Foei); he is Punn's personal bodyguard and works as a waiter, but he's not very good at it. 

Still, everyone has their secrets. 

What will the reporter (Jamie), uncover when she digs deeper into their mysteries? 

Why do these children keep disappearing from this shop? 

Who did it?

Excitement Level

Dr Akkanee (Mai Warit) and his crew travel to an old fashioned and superstitious village to study the paranormal, to prove that it is not true. In the village, he meets and falls for a girl named Buapun (Oom). 

He is curious about her since he often dreams about her before coming to the village. The village is close to the Mekong River, which the villagers believe house spirits and deities. This is true as a spirit of a vengeful princess (Preeyakarn) resides underneath the river waiting for her betrothal, which is the reincarnated Dr Akkanee. 

In a previous life, Dr Akkanee travelled from his land to marry the princess. The princess is taken with him when they first meet and immediately falls in love with him. Dr Akkanee's past self tells her that he wants to become a monk for a short while to dedicate his life to prayer and contemplation. 

The princess compromises and agrees to postpone the wedding. One day she goes to his room to bring him snacks and catches him with her younger sister (past life of Buapun), who she is very close to, in an innocent yet intimate moment. 

It was obvious that the two were seeing each other behind her back. In a rage, the princess cursed them both and vowed revenge for their betrayal. 

The hatred she had for the two caused her to lose her beauty and become a vicious spirit that plagues the village.

In the present time, Buapun finds an enormous egg at the bank of Mekong river and is compelled to eat. When she ate it, it turned her into a vessel, possessed by the princess now queen (or the Mother) of Mekong river who had long lusted for revenge. 

After the possession, Buapun disappeared from the village. When she returned, carrying the dreadful spirit inside her, the evil queen began killing local young girls one by one in order to sustain her power. 

No exorcist got rid of her, no technology destroyed her, only the true love of Buapun and Dr Ake would be able to break into her vengeful heart.

Excitement Level

Prajan Daeng
Petchakard Jun Jao
Genre:  Supernatural, Romance
Tag:  Cursed ML, Werecat, Suspense, Thriller, Adapted from a Novel

Genre:  Action, Romance, Comedy
Tag:  Amnesia, mafia, assassin, fake marriage
Sama (Tono) was born on the night of the red moon and thus was cursed by it. He would transform into a tiger-man in the nights of the red moon and go on a rampage, killing people.

Although he made various attempts to break the curse, in the end, he always failed.

However, one day, he discovered the actual way to break the curse. Sama had to have sex with a woman born on the 9th of September, in the year of the Tiger. Because of her birth year and date, the tiger would not kill her if he saw her.

Then one day, Sama met Parichart (

Excitement Level

Duangjan (Yam) is a cold-blooded, young assassin for a mafia group.  

One day due to a failed mission between Duangjan and Lok (
Mean) — an assassin within the same group — Duangjan ends up falling off a cliff.

However, she is saved by the head of the national park, Atiruj (
Great). When she wakes up, Atiruj realises that the young woman who he saved has developed amnesia.

The once cold and calculated killer suddenly turns into a cheerful little girl and finds herself not only with a new name "Chao Chao", but also a fake husband, Atiruj — who just so happens to be escaping his mother who was determined to marry someone else.

Excitement Level

Peesard Saen Kol

Jao Sao Jun Loey
Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Tag:  Ghost, Possession, Good ghost, Matchmaker, Romance, Rich Girl Poor Man

Genre:  Romance, Drama
Tag:  Marriage of Convenience, Strong female lead, Adapted from a Novel

Prat (Boat) is a good looking bank employee who endeavours to do simple jobs, never acts out of the way, is determined to save money, and marries his long time  — but much richer — girlfriend Chachri.

However, Chachri's family are less than pleased with him because of his financial level. And when he proposes to Chachri, her family shows open disgust against him being poor. 

One day, while having an argument, Pratt ended up slipping and hitting his head against a rocky platform. When he recovers, Pratt's personality has completely changed. 

Now Pratt is cheerful and flirtatious. He invites Chachri and her family  — who he used to avoid before — over for dinner and confidently answers and converses with everyone until eventually everyone is impressed with him.

When Prat wakes up the morning after dinner, he is shocked to hear a mysterious voice in his bedroom. He can not see an owner of the voice upon an inspection which means only one thing — a ghost. 

The ghost who had possessed him came out to introduce himself as Thong Kru (Kiak), a playboy nobleman in his previous life.

Thong Kru wants to collect merit in order to live happily in heaven. He also says that he is determined to help the two lovers unit. However, will Prat be able to under the mischievous playboy ghost? Will he be able to unite with his love? (7) 

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It is said that marriage usually begins with love.  But for her — her marriage began with... a grudge.

When Ingchan's (
Hana) family attempts to trick her into marrying an old toad in order to pay off the debt they had taken, Ingchan decides to escape.

Somehow she meets a young vineyard owner, Sichon, along the way, who helps her to escape.

However, he is not as kind as he looks at first sight.  In order to pay off her family's debt and protect her,  Sichon (
BigM), wants her to marry him and birth a child for him.

The duration of this arrangement is one year only, but the price from both sides are hefty.

The dilemma is great.
However, Ingchan never was someone who could be used as a simple tool.
Especially by dangerous people like this Mr. Vineyard
. (8)

Excitement Level

Ku Kaen San Rak

Kamnan Ying
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Drama
Tag:  Casanova ML, Ugly to Pretty, Makeover, Revenge, Hidden Identity

Genre:  Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Tag:  Strong FL, Police officer ML, Love at First Sight, ML falls first, Adapted from a Novel

Songkran (Michael)  is a real estate mogul a total womanizer with a son named Pe. But he didn’t start out like this, though. Pe’s mother left him when he was young to be with another man. Kran was heartbroken and began treating women like toys and gained the nickname ‘Invincible Casanova’ along with his best friend Sia Ou, who runs a modelling agency. 

Ingdao (Mookda) and her family own a large orange farm. She’s the type that takes no crap from anyone. Thanks to her huge mole and unkempt appearance, she is often viewed as ugly. Nevertheless, she has a boyfriend named Nu (Big), a dashing and mild-mannered teacher from the same town. 

Songkran and his father have been eyeing a piece of land that Ingdao’s father, Saeng, currently owns. It was given to him by his late wife, so he cherishes it very much. 

One day, Ingjun, Ingdao’s little sister who had been studying in Bangkok, finally gets sick of all the odd jobs she has and decides to apply for a job at Songkran’s company along with her friend, Marin. Both Ingjun and Marin are accepted as accountants. 

Songkran made connections between Saeng and Ingjun and came up with a plan on how to get his hands on that piece of land. 

Songkran begins to woo Ingjun, and she falls for him hard and fast. His family is even in on the plan, acting all loving when she visits their home. 

Soon, she willingly signs over the rights to that piece of land her father had given to her. She was able to come to this decision because of her rocky relationships with her own father. 

After Songkran obtains proper documents, he leaves her. Ingjun was devastated. 

Furious, Ingdao wants to take revenge for her younger sister who tried to commit suicide along with getting their land back. 

But knowing that Songkran will never fall for her in her current state, she is helped by her best friend Moddaeng and transformed a gorgeous woman named Daopradub. (10)

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Daoroong (Praew) is a tomboyish girl who protects the village from bullies. Her father, who is a kamnan (village chief) got killed in the middle of the night. This made the villagers concerned about who was going to be the next village chief. 

The bad rich guys decided to participate in this village chief race because they have bad intentions of using it as an illegal site to do drugs. 

Daoroong decided to partake in this event too. No females had ever become a village chief, so her sister thinks her interest is some childish act and discourages her. 

Thanop (Chap) is a deputy who was assigned to go to Daoroong's village to host the race righteously. He fell in love with Daoroong at first sight. 

She won the race and began to make the village a better place. Thanop was impressed by all the things she had set. 

This made him fall in love more with Daoroong, but all the women in the village had fallen for Thanop too, including her sister.

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Yomathut Kub Poot Sao

Mr. Lipstick
Genre:  Supernatural, Romance
Tag:  God of Death ML, Ghost FL, Romance, Fantasy

Genre:  Romance, Comedy
Tag:  Rich ML, Teacher FL, Adapted from a Novel

A love story between the cold God of Death (August) and a beautiful ghost (Eye) who refuses to die. (11)

Excitement Level

During the first day of being a teacher, Kumarika (Aom) runs into a big problem when she fails to check the school schedule. 

Due to her unawareness, she ends up fighting with the man (Pae) who owns the whole school, causing her to fear that she will not only fail her assessment but lose her job as well. 

Kumarika is shocked, however, to find the owner only flirts with her instead of firing her. 

Not believing him to be serious about her, she begins to ignore all of his advancements. 

Her two brothers (Nicky & Victor), on the other hand, begin investigating his background in order to protect her.

Excitement Level

Morlum Summer
F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
Genre:  Music, Romance, Drama

Genre:  Romance, Drama,  School, Friendship
Tag:  Reverse-Harem, Arrogant Male Lead, Melodrama, Love Triangle, Male Lead's Mother is the Devil, Enemy to Lovers, School Bullying, Lots of Trigger Warnings

Annie (Maria) travels to Thailand to visit and stay with her maternal grandmother for summer vacation.

Because she was born and raised in New York, Annie has an American lifestyle. She finds it hard to adapt to Thai culture while staying with her grandmother in the countryside.

Annie's grandmother, Yai Duang, was once a well-known looktoong/morlum singer in the area but when she reached her elderly years, Yai Duang retired to manage a band.

Annie then meets Sattaya (
BigM), a city guy who is a music director. (12)

Excitement Level

Gorya (Tu) is a low-class girl accepted into a prestigious high school attended by the wealthy.

The school is ruled by an elite clique known as the F4,  consisting of 4 rich, handsome, and spoiled boys — Thyme (
Bright), Ren (Dew), Kavin (Win), and MJ (Nani).

Gorya is the only one that stands up to their bullying ways, leaving all the boys in awe, especially Thyme the group's leader. 

Almost instantly smitten by Gorya, thyme romantically pursues Gorya, but she has no interest in 
him because of first impressions.

 She then falls for his best friend Ren, but Ren is in love with his childhood love. 

In all school chaos, Gorya can't help but find herself falling for Thyme because of his generosity to her and her family, and his change of character. 

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Not excited, not looking forward, just putting this here to help it reach out to fans who don't know yet. I would always choose flowers over boys any day anyway. (ง •̀_•́)ง 

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Song Sanaeha

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