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Hello everyone, it's KKdrama (back after a really long hiatus).

The title of the article says it all already: To date or dump male drama characters. It's a fun game that I wanted to turn into an article. I'll be choosing who to date or dump.

I did post about it before, and I'm sorry that I kept those who helped me waiting.  I'm was not familiar with most of the characters recommended and writing this was harder than I thought, so I ended up posting that I won't proceed with the article. But here I am. 

I do have to apologize to the users that took time and gave me suggestions, I ended up not liking the fact that I have to use others' reviews and comments and contact A LOT of users separately, it was too much work. I found online reviews in general not reliable because they talk mostly about the plot and not the characters (which is logical, but I didn't get the info I needed). Plus, if I was going to do this right, I have to judge a character I've personally watched. So what I did was that I generated random numbers online and matched them with my completed list in MDL.

I did remove dramas with actual criminal male leads (Bad Guys for example), fantasy/historical dramas (going for a realistic version of the article), some dramas I recall nothing about, and for multiple lead dramas I picked the highest in the cast list.

PS: I still want to thank everyone who helped me with the article, and I'm sorry! <3


Before you start reading, you need to know that this is about CHARACTERS ONLY, NOT ACTORS!

I don't care how great the actor is, this is SOLELY ABOUT CHARACTERS!

Character: Lu Feng   

Actor: Gao Tai Yu

Movie: A Round Trip To Love

For context: I will be judging the movie version of the character (not the novel) in both parts of the movie. 

I don't why I ended up with this guy being my first choice!! He is the definition of toxic. But I do have to give him credit for being that boyfriend who would ditch an empire (his family business) for you. He wouldn't think twice about being with you, no matter what others opinions were, however, that same stubbornness that made him go against the world for you, is also the reason he never takes no for an answer leading to forcing his lover to do things his way, at his own pace. His anger issues are out of control, and he's really dangerous and abusive. His charm and gentleness are temporary, and his mood swings are worse than that of a pregnant lady. 

Character: Qi Yi     

Actor: Aaron Yan

Drama: Just You

While he did get some character development and was softer and gentler after falling in love, I'm not wasting my time taming him to get a better version of him. He was rude, too strict, boring and annoying. He was ruining the relationship of a beautiful couple without a care and because of what, he was ghosted by his ex. He should know how painful breaking up is, yet here he is being "If my love life sucks, I will make sure yours does too". It was beyond unprofessional to interfere with his employees' personal lives. Putting his mommy issues and all of this aside, he's not even boyfriend material. He would have his lover at the bottom of his priorities, letting his ex do whatever she wants even KISSING him just because he felt guilty and thought she was forced to ghost him. He's the type to leave you around without proper closure. He made every wrong decision possible and was such a coward with weak love and will.


Character: Bo Jin Yan   

Actor: Wallace Huo

Drama: Love Me If You Dare

He's ICONIC!! Adorable, cool, romantic (at least tries to), sarcastic (I love this one the most), protective and a genius. What more can someone ask for in a partner? He falls first, and he falls harder and once he does, he's the boyfriend from heaven. Even though he was totally awkward taking his baby steps into romance, it didn't stop him from being the best and cutest boyfriend ever. He's someone you can love and admire at the same time, someone you can date and look up to. His high IQ combined with his charisma, his attention to details about his partner, his warm gentle nature, his cheesy lines, everything about him is amazing, even his job is cool!

Character: R       

Actor: March CP

Drama: Kiss Me Again

I never find playboys (or playgirls) attractive, it's the opposite, I either find them disgusting or pity them for their lack of understanding of emotions. However, the only type of players that I don't mind as much is those who are straightforward with their intentions. I hate those who play games with feelings.

R (as far as shown) never tried to deceive the female lead and was never shown as actually serious with his girlfriend (making promises and love confessions, it seemed they were just dating for the sake of having someone to go out on dates with lol). I wouldn't say I loved R, but I did like him though. Seems devoted when loving someone, he likes to take the initiative, and he's super fun to be around. He's not the usual playboy who's disrespectful or a bully or overly sexual (those really disgust me). He's not the best, but he's good enough to consider as a potential lover.


Character: Kongbop Suthiluck      

Actor: Prachaya Ruangroj


kira on Tumblr
It's startling how much of a green flag this guy is, he's too perfect to be true! Not only is he gentle and patient, he's also really understanding, giving you space when you need it, but putting his foot down when he thinks it's not ok, or it's affecting him emotionally, leading to one of my favorite qualities of him: setting boundaries. Despite his kind soul, he wouldn't lead anyone on, he's loyal to his partner and true to his feelings. He's not afraid to reject those interested in him, unlike a lot of other "nice" characters. Besides the fact that he's romantic, sweet, and cute, he's the type that wants to shower his partner with love and affection yet does that so naturally, it never comes off as creepy or cringe. 

Character: Ha Min    

Actor: Kim Dong Hee

Drama: A-teen

*I'm pretending A-teen2 never happened*
Remember this: "I never find playboys (or playgirls) attractive, it's the opposite, I either find them disgusting or pity them for their lack of understanding of emotions." and this: "I hate those who play games with feelings." 

Well, Ha Min is not only a disgusting playboy character, he's also really pathetic and toxic. What made it worse is that he barely had any character development, and I'm sure if given a similar situation to his high school experience, he would play the same tricks and make the same decisions. He's not the type of character that will let go of old habits, and I can totally see him grow up to be an insufferable, pathetic adult. To conclude, I rather cut my arms and legs off, scratch my eyes out and be burned alive than to date this guy.


Character: Lee Kang Hoon 

Actor: Sung Hoon

Drama: Noble, My love

Sung Hoon is too possessive most of the time and although it came with a backstory, it is still annoying. Wealth and looks can't make up for the glass walls he will build around you. His biggest red flag is that he wants his partner to depend on him. While you might think "how cute" but it's only because you're watching through the romance fantasy lenses. In reality, this behavior of pushing someone to a dead end with the only solution is to take your hand and follow your path can have serious consequences. Besides, I can't and won't date a guy who would restrict me from having male friends for the sole reason that they are guys. I mean Sung Hoon is not jealous of a specific person, he's just jealous.

Plus, what kind of mother-in-law would I be signing up for? One that's rude and arrogant. I might be the type to not reply to elders most of the time when they are being rude, but I wouldn't want them near me again if that happens "you don't get a B**** pass just because you're old" -- Max (2 Broke Girls) 


Character: Sakurai Haruka 

Actor: Yamashita Tomohisa

Movie: Close Range Love

Close Range Love (2014) - IMDb
I was debating whether to judge from the perspective of a girl as old as the female lead character or as old as me right now, since the age gab would go from 12 years to 8 years (if he's 30, I don't know the character's age, but judging from the things I remember, he's almost 30) but I realized the reasons why I would reject him are still the same no matter the age I would be.

1) He's old, so if I were as old as the female lead (18) or as old as myself right now (22), dating a guy his age is a no for me, I don't like an age gab that exceeds 3 years.
2) Someone who is my teacher and tutor? PASS! Any teacher is like a parent to me. I loved the movie, but I don't see myself in the female lead's situation at all, not even as a college student (dating a professor is out of question).
3) Even his personality is not worth the sacrifice. Now, per Japanese dramas' definition, he's a really cool guy, but he's too cold for my taste. I didn't see any character development from him, even when being soft, his face lacked emotion, I want a soft bear not a polar bear.



Character: Jung Joon Hyeong 

Actor: Nam Joo Hyuk

Drama: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

    weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo - Piers Morgan
The king of green flags. <3

The best thing about Joon Hyeong is that he can be both: your boyfriend and your best friend. You don't have to fake things in front him, he always knows what to say and what to do to make you comfortable. He's very protective and caring, and by protective I mean he wants you safe, happy and, healthy, unlike the usual "protective" male characters. He pays attention to what bothers his partner without being mean or cold to other people. On the contrary, he's a beautiful soul and he's so much fun. Plus, he's brave, hardworking, and not afraid to show his vulnerable side and share his feelings which makes communication with him easier and better. If I don't find my Joon Hyeong, I'm gonna be single forever! 


Hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what you think.

Should I make a part 2 but include fantasy and historical dramas?

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