par Lily Alice, juillet 10, 2023

Set to release on August 2nd, The Moon tells the story of Hwang Seon Woo (Doh Kyung Soo), a lone astronaut stranded on the Moon following an accident, and Kim Jae Guk, the former head of the space center who relentlessly strives to rescue him.The Moon serves another ambitious venture by director Kim Yong Hwa, following his acclaimed Along With the Gods series. Just like the film's story, which presents the monumental challenge of Korea's manned lunar exploration and Seon Woo's return to Earth, the production of The Moon posed its own set of arduous obstacles for director Kim Yong Hwa.
Expressing his vision, director Kim Yong Hwa remarked, "I wanted to create a truly immersive cinematic experience that can only be experienced in theatres". He envisioned audiences who want to watch the movie should feel as if they were in space with Seon Woo.To accomplish this, the production team studied NASA's equipment, created spaceship sets with the same materials, and made a lunar vehicle that could actually operate on the moon. Furthermore, they also focused on props, and VFX, and also used actual data to display on the monitors in the space center instead of blue screens. Every detail was fine-tuned to perfection.

In its commitment to deliver an extraordinary space movie, The Moon not only showcases technical prowess but also features a stellar ensemble, led by the talents of Sol Kyung GuDoh Kyung SooKim Hee Ae, and others. 

The Moon will theatrically release on August 2nd.