par Lily Alice, juin 20, 2023

On June 20, a character still cut of Sol Kyung Gu, playing the role of Kim Jae Guk in the film The Moon, has been unveiled. 

The Moon is the story of an astronaut left isolated on the moon after an accident, and Jae Guk, the former head of the Space Center, desperately tries to save him.

Jae Guk, who once served as the head of the Space Center and the supervisor of the Naraeho project, Korea's first manned lunar exploration mission, tragically left the space center after an unfortunate accident and holed up in the Sobaksan Observatory.

Summoned back to the space center due to the accident involving Woo Ri Ho, the spacecraft with Hwang Seon Woo (Doh Kyung Soo) on board, Jae Guk fights relentlessly to prevent catastrophes. 

Actor Sol Kyung Gu skillfully portrays Jae Guk, his shining charisma, and his determination even in the face of life-or-death situations.

It is revealed that as Jae Guk can only communicate with the stranded astronaut Seon Woo through a monitor, Sol Kyung Gu and Doh Kyung Soo had very few scenes where they actually acted together. But, despite not having much screentime with each other, it is said that their synergy can be felt through their passionate performances. 

Director Kim Yong Hwa expressed immense satisfaction with his collaboration with Sol Kyung Gu, stating, "I've always held a deep admiration for him, to the point of wondering if there could be another exceptional actor like him in Korea." The expectations for Sol Kyung Gu's portrayal of Jae Guk, a character who holds a significant role in the movie with his commanding presence, are now even higher.

The Moon is slated to release on August 2.