par lo_ve, avril 22, 2024

The upcoming Netflix movie Wall To Wall (84 Square Metersis officially confirmed for production.

On April 22, Netflix announced that Wall To Wall will officially be released on Netflix and actors Kang Ha Neul, Yeom Hye Ran, and Seo Hyun Woo are confirmed to lead the upcoming film. 

Wall To Wall will tell the thriller story of a young man who recently bought his own 84 square meters apartment but is now suffering because of a mysterious noise from in between floors. 

The upcoming movie will be directed by Kim Tae Joon who also created the works Unlocked and Office.

The premiere date of the upcoming film Wall To Wall is still not confirmed. 

This will be the reunion of Kang Ha Neul and director Kim Tae Joon. The two previously worked together in the 2023 film Unlocked. This will also be the third upcoming film of Kang Ha Neul. The actor will also lead the upcoming movies Opposition and Streaming

In the upcoming movie, Kang Ha Neul will portray the role of Woo Seong. An ordinary office worker in his 30s. After working hard, using all his savings, and stocks, and even using his mother's land for a loan, he has finally fulfilled his dream of becoming a homeowner. After moving to his new home, he suffers from emotional stress and conflicts because of his noisy neighbors.

Yeom Hye Ran on the other hand will portray the role of Eun Hwa. She is the representative of the homeowners. 

Seo Hyun Woo, on the other hand, will portray the role of Jin Ho, one of the residents of the apartment who will work with Kang Ha Neul's character Woo Seong, in finding the cause of the mysterious noise.


Are you excited to see Kang Ha Neul in another thriller film?