par lo_ve, avril 18, 2024

Lee Jun Ho, Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Byung Chul, and Kim Hye Joon are confirmed to be the main leads of the upcoming action K-drama Cashero.

On April 18, Netflix announced that Cashero is confirmed to be produced. They also confirmed that Lee Jun Ho, Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Byung Chul, and Kim Hye Joon will work together for the upcoming K-drama. The streaming platform also released the photo of the four main leads together. 

Cashero will base its story on a webtoon of the same name written by Lee Hoon and illustrated by No Hye Ok. It will reveal the journey of ordinary superheroes who protect ordinary people's daily lives. It will focus on the superhero named Kang Sang Woong who has gained superpowers through the cash in his hand. He decided to save the world by spending everything he had. 

Director Lee Chang Min who is known for helming the K-dramas Agency, Monthly Magazine Home, Eulachacha Waikiki, Remember: War of the Son, Birth of a Beauty, and Midas will be responsible for the upcoming K-drama.

There is no confirmation on the release date of the upcoming series. The K-drama will exclusively premiere on Netflix. 

Lee Jun Ho will portray the role of Kang Sang Woo. He is an ordinary community center official whose goal is to buy his dream house. After he got the superpower, his life changed 180 degrees. Lee Jun Ho will portray the struggles of Kang Sang Woo who can use his superpowers with the amount of cash he has but ends up being penniless after using it. 

Kim Hye Joon will give life to the role of Kim Min Sook, the longtime girlfriend of Kang Sang Woo. He is the best supporter of Kang Sang Woo despite her still doubting his abilities. She is a realistic person and talented in numbers. She readily uses a calculator to help Kang Sang Woo. 

Kim  Byung Chul will portray the role of Byun Ho In. He is a lawyer who also has superpowers. His superpowers get activated when he drinks. He is the head of a mysterious organization that seeks people like them who have supernatural powers. After seeing Kang Sang Woo's abilities, he suggested that they work together to save the world. 

Lastly, Kim Hyang Gi will portray the role of Bang Eun Mi. She also has a supernatural ability. Her powers get activated through her calorie intake. She will work closely with Kang Sang Woo and Byun Ho In who also got unique supernatural powers just like her. 


Are you excited to see the unique superpowers of the main cast of Cashero?