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Ni Hao! This is Burcu and Suckerforhappyendings. We both love watching Chinese dramas because of their unique plots and beautiful actresses. Therefore, we decided to write about this topic. As we wanted to write a detailed article, we decided to divide it into three parts which will be published one by one.  To make this article more exciting, we decided to also mention the honorable Chinese actresses who couldn't be in the top 30 list but deserve appreciation for their amazing work. 

D I S C L A I M E R 

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✦ We decided to add Crystal Liu and AngelaBaby to our top 30 list even though they don't have the Chinese nationality as they mainly work in China and are two of the most famous actresses of mainland China. 

✦ The ages in this article will be the age they are/will turn in 2023. 

✦ This article doesn't contain all the upcoming dramas the actresses has. 

We have listed the dramas in which the actresses are the first female leads, with some exemptions. The actresses also have upcoming dramas we did not list because there is no information found on MDL or Chinese entertainment news sources.

Liu Yi Fei, also known as Crystal Liu, is a Chinese-American actress, singer, and model. She is widely known as Fairy Sister in the entertainment industry. She was named as one of the New Four Dan Actresses of China in 2009. Liu's birth name is An Feng. Her father is An Shaokang, a 1st Secretary in the Chinese Embassy in France and a French language university professor, while her mother is Liu Xiao Li, a dancer and stage performer. Her parents divorced when she was 10 years old and she was raised solely by her mother. That same year, she adopted her mother's family name and changed her name to Liu Xi Mei Zi and began modeling, along with training in singing, dancing, and playing the piano.  In conjunction with her acting career, Liu obtained a recording contract with Sony Music Entertainment Japan in August 2005. She has been studying singing and dancing in Japan since then. She released her first single "Mayonaka no Door" with Sony Music on July 19, 2006. In 2017, she was chosen by Disney to play the role of Hua Mulan in the remake from 2019. 
August 25, 1987 
Age: 36

Ex Boyfriend: Song Seung Heon (2015 - 2018) 

70.024 M


♥ 922+ 
#6 Weibo follower rank
The Love of Hypnosis  Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural Episodes: 55  Duration: 45 min. Network: Mango TV | Co-Actor: Jing Bo Ran 
Nearing the end of the Qing Dynasty, we meet Ye Shen, a young man who due to a misunderstanding will cross paths with Lu Man Sheng, the owner of a fragrance store. Lu Man Sheng has an unusual calling - the ability to help those troubled by matters of the heart. Regardless of how their love story develops, she ushers them to reach a place of peace without any regrets. When it comes to her own romance with Ye Shen, Lu Man Sheng faces the very same pitfalls as those whom she counsels.

Hu Yi Xuan debuted with the 2017 drama I Cannot Hug You.  Her father was very strict with her education and she completed her university studies by majoring in accounting. After graduation, she decided to try out acting and later got her first lead role in the drama I’m a Pet at Dali Temple, and since then she has done multiple leading and supporting roles. In 2019, her second leading role was in the historical drama Mysterious World. She also appeared in the TV show Speed Travel as a guest. In 2021, she starred in the romance drama Unforgettable Love along with Wei Zhe Ming and in the same year her high school drama A River Runs Through It with Wang Rui Chang came out. In 2022, she played a supporting role in the drama The Blue Whisperer 1 and 2 with stars Dilraba and Ren Jia Lun as the leading roles.  She has not acted in any movies so far. She received the Golden Bud Award in 2020.

January 31, 1995
Age: 28
        I Cannot Hug You
                 3.97 M


♥ 937+ 
#29  Weibo follower rank
Mr Cat in the Bungalow | Genres: Food, Psychological, Romance, life  | Episodes: 30  | Duration: 45 min | Network: Youku | Co-Actor: Asher Ma 

Qi Cheng (Asher Ma) is a talented cartoonist who keeps himself in a bungalow due to his social phobia, Chi Zhi Han is hired to be his private chef. What happens when the two are living together under a contract? 

Li Yi Tong  started  dancing  when  she  was  almost ten by taking amateur-level classes. She received her   bachelor   degree   from   the   Beijing   Dance Academy. In 2016, Li made her acting debut with a leading   role   in   the   period   fantasy   web   series Demon  Girl  by  Yu  Zheng. In 2017,  she  played Huang  Rong  in  the  television  adaptation  of  Jin Yong's  wuxia  novel  Legend of the Condor Heroes  and rose to fame in China. In 2018, Li starred in the wuxia romance web series Bloody Romance. She also recorded one of the drama's theme songs. The series was a modest success and received positive reviews. The same year, she made her big-screen debut in the comedy film Keep Calm and Be a Superstar. In 2019,  Li  starred  in  the  period romance drama Blossom in Heart alongside Deng Lun, historical political drama Royal Nirvana alongside Luo Jin, and wuxia drama Sword Dynasty alongside Li Xian. In 2020, Li starred in fantasy romance film Love You Forever.

September 6, 1990 

Age: 33

Demon Girl 

15.199 M


♥ 939+ 
#20  Weibo follower rank
Warm on a Cold Night Genres:  Historical,  Mystery,  Romance Episodes: 36 Duration: 45 min Network:  iQiyi Co-Actor: Bi Wen Jun 
A bizarre murder case brings together female constable Su Jiu'er from the cold Qian Kingdom and young master Han Zheng of the warm Qi Tribe. The complementary cold and warm duo work together to break through the fog of conspiracy and discover the truth behind the case concerning their rival tribes. 

My Deepest Dream  Genres:  Thriller,  Romance,  Sci-Fi,  Fantasy  Episodes: 36 Duration: 45 min Network:  iQiyi Co-Actor: Jin Han 
Wu Yu is a math major while Tan Jiao writes mystery novels for a living. The two fall in love on a cruise ship yet end their trip afflicted with varying degrees of memory loss. Wu Yu has no recollection about the few days after his trip while Tan Jiao lost nearly a year and a half's worth of memories.  
Spy Game | Genres: Mystery,  Crime  | Episodes: 36 | Duration: 45 min | Network:  iQiyi | Co-Actor: Han Geng 
In Jinhai, China, a spy game has shot up to popularity among young people. As it turns out, the game is developed by an overseas intelligence organization known as "Night Fog". They are using players to engage in espionage activities without their knowledge and also seizing the opportunity to cultivate spies among them. The evil seeds of the game has been spreading silently throughout the city.
Zhou Yu Tong is a Chinese actress, she majored in design at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and debuted in a 2013 Chinese adventure film called Balala the Fairies. In 2015, she got a supporting role in the historical drama Love Through a Millennium, the same year she starred in her first movie, Back to 20. Her first lead role was in 2017 in the drama The Journey. She also starred in the action drama Cambrian Period the same year alongside Neo Hu. Since then she continued to play lead roles in various dramas. In 2019, she won the Fashion Artist of the Year  Award at the Sina Fashion Awards. In 2021, she acted in the romance drama Remembrance of Things Past and won the Best Actress in Chinese Contemporary TV Award at the 32nd Huading Awards.

September 21, 1994

 13.854  M
❀ 304+ 

♥ 961+

#22  Weibo follower rank
Young Blood 2 Genres: Historical, Action, Mystery, Youth    Episodes: 12  Duration: 45 min Network: Hunan TV   | Co-Actor:  Zhang Xin Cheng 
The story of how six youths of different backgrounds come together to form a team of top elite spies of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Nothing But You Genres: Romance, Drama Episodes: 40 Duration: 45 min Network: Tencent Video  | Co-Actor: Leo Wu 

Liang You An and Song San Chuan enter a tennis club together by fate as a club manager and a tennis player, they both strive hard to bring the team to victory while they develop feelings for each other.

Liu Shishi, also known as Cecilia Liu, is a Chinese actress best known for portraying Long Kui in the television series Chinese Paladin 3 and Ruoxi in the Chinese time-travel drama Scarlet Heart and Imperial Doctress. She is also known as one of the New Four Dan Actresses. The year 2011 saw Liu's further  rise  in  popularity  with  two  successful dramas.  She  starred  alongside  Wallace  Huo  in period  action  drama The  Vigilantes  In  Masks, which  received  positive  reviews  and  led  to increased popularity for Liu. Liu then focused her career on the big screen; she made her feature film debut in The Next Magic, directed by Taiwanese filmmaker  Cho  Li.  Liu's soaring popularity due to Scarlet Heart in 2011 coupled with Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky in 2012  allowed  her  to  become  the  Golden  Eagle Goddess at  the  9th  China  Golden  Eagle  TV  Art Festival. In 2019, she announced her comeback after two years with the female-centric modern drama To Dear Myself.

March 10, 1987

Age: 36


Husband: Nicky Wu

34.381 M


♥ 970+
#10  Weibo follower rank
A Journey to Love  Genres: Historical,  Wuxia Episodes: 40 Duration: 45 min Network: iQiyi Co-Actor: Liu Yu Ning  
This drama might be the comeback of Liu Shi Shi on small screen after 3 years and also her comeback to historical dramas after 6 years.  In this drama, Liu Shi Shi and Liu Yu Ning will act together for first time.

We couldn't find any more information about this drama, but hope to see this new pair on screen soon.

Yu Shuxin, also known as Esther Yu, is a Chinese actress and singer. She is a former member of THE9, the project girl group from iQIYI's survival show Youth With You 2. Yu was born in Shanghai, China and is the only child in her family. Her parents are real estate moguls and own several companies; Yu herself is also a shareholder and owner of many businesses. Yu made her acting debut in the wuxia drama Border Town Prodigal, which premiered in 2016. She then subsequently gained recognition for her appearance in the variety program Grade One Freshman. In 2017, Yu continued to play supporting roles in the historical drama The Advisors Alliance and the romance/family drama Ordinary Years. In 2018, Yu played her first leading role in the coming-of-age drama Youth, adapted from the 2016 South Korean drama Hello, My Twenties. In 2019, she starred as a happy-go-lucky actress in the romantic comedy drama My Amazing Boyfriend 2.

December 18, 1995

Age: 28


19.953 M


♥ 1,027+
#17 Weibo follower rank
Chinese Paladin Season 6  Genres: Romance,  School,  Youth,  Drama  Episodes: 45  | Duration: 45 min | Network:  Tencent Video | Co-Actor: Xu Kai 
The two amnesiac youths, Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi, have been wandering the land in search of their identities and pasts, only for Yue Qi to lose all of her money to a member of the Risen Soul Cult. As the Yue siblings and Luo Zhao Yan join forces with each other and members of the True Martial Alliance: Ju Shi Fang, Ming Xin, and her uncle Xian Qing, to root out the leaders of the cult while overcoming their personal demons and finding out about the mysterious organizations operating in the shadows.  
The Bone's Aroma | Genres: Thriller,  Historical,  Romance,  Sci-Fi   | Episodes: 45  | Duration: 45 min | Network: Tencent Video | Co-Actor: Lin Yi 
Jiang Xiao Si and her father own an antique shop located in Tao Yuan City, waiting to discover a special healing medicine that contains "bone's aroma" to cure the genetic defect that infected their whole tribe. Because of this genetic defect, Xiao Si and her father possess a special ability that causes people to envy and fear them. To protect them, the technology company in Tao Yuan built a special area named Tao Yuan City for them to live in.

Zhou Dong Yu made her debut through Zhang Yi Mous film Under the Hawthorn Tree in 2011 and bagged multiple awards for her role. In 2016, she starred in her first drama Sparrow and in 2021, she starred in the wuxia drama Ancient Love Poetry along with Xu Kai. Due to her successful roles in the film world she has won multiple awards. In 2016, she won the title of Best Actress in the 53 Golden Horse Awards for her role in Soulmate. In 2019, she starred in the movie Better Days along with Jackson Yee for which she bagged awards consecutively in 2019 as well as 2020. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy and was ranked 71st on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2017, 7th in 2019 and finally 3rd in 2020. Zhou Dong Yu was named one of the Four Dan Actresses of the post 90's generation along with Zheng Shuang, Guan Xiao Tong and Yang Zi.

  January 31, 1992
Age: 31

        30.712 M         


♥  1,046+
#11 Weibo follower rank

Ni Ni is a Chinese actress who made her debut with the 2011 movie The Flowers of War in which she had the leading role and rose to fame due to her successful portrayal. She continued doing movies until 2018 when she starred in her first drama, The Rise of Phoenixes with Chen Kun. After that, she did both movies and dramas. Ni Ni appeared as a guest in the TV show Back to Field Season 2. In 2015, she sang OSTs for Bride Wars along with Angelababy, Chen Xiao, and Zhu Yawen. In the same year, she sang for Wonderful Friends and later the OST for The Rise of Phoenixes. The South Metropolitan Daily included her in their version of the Four Dan Actresses along with Yang Mi, Cecelia Liu, and Angelababy. Ni Ni graduated from university majoring in television broadcasting and hosting. She also made the list of Forbes China Celebrity 100 in the years 2017, 2019, and 2020.

    August 8, 1988
Age: 35
Ex Boyfriends: Feng Shao Feng (2012 - 2015)Jing Bo Ran (2016 - 2018)
            24.502 M            


♥  1,113+
#14 Weibo follower rank
Night Wanderer Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy  | Episodes: 36  Duration: 45 min Network: IQIYI | Co-Actor: Deng Lun
This drama takes place in the modern era and the Republic of Shanghai where two people from different eras end up crossing paths

They will fall in love but their story won't be a simple one.

West of the Yu Men Genres: Thriller, Romance, Fantasy Episodes: 30  Duration: 45 min Network: Tencent Video | Co-Actor: Bai Yu

Two years ago, Chang Dong led a team to the desert and all their teammates were buried in an accident. When Ye Liuxi showed him photos containing clues about the accident, he decided to go to the desert again to find out the truth.
Source: imdb

Angela  Yeung  Wing , better  known  by  her  stage name  Angelababy,  is  a  Hong  Kong model, actress and  singer.  She  speaks  English, Mandarin, Shanghainese,  Cantonese  and Japanese. Angelababy had been dating Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming. In 2015, they obtained their marriage certificate  in  Qingdao,  China.  She gave  birth  to their  son in 2017.  On  January  28, 2022,  Huang and  Angelababy  announced  their divorce.  In 2013, she  was  chosen  by  Southern Metropolis Daily  as  one  of  the  New  Four  Dan Actresses. She  is  a  cast  member  of  the variety show Keep Running, a spin-off of the South Korean variety program Running  Man. In  2016, Angelababy played a major supporting role in the Hollywood film Independence Day: Resurgence. The same year, she was listed as one of Forbes' inaugural 30 under 30 Asian Celebrities. In 2017, Angelababy starred alongside Wallace Chung in the historical drama General and I.

February 28, 1989

Age: 34


Ex-Husband: Huang Xiao Ming (2015 - 2022)

104 M


♥  1,158+
#2 Weibo follower rank
Chen Yuan  Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy | Episodes: 36 Network: iQiyi Co-Actor: Ma Tian Yu
A piece of bluestone beside the Tianhe River in the fairy world. Because of hearing the nine books of the heavenly book chanted by immortals in the world, he was able to get rid of the stone body and cultivate into a fairy womb.  The bluestone, which had just turned into a human form, accidentally walked away a sky demon, and was convicted into the turbid world, and the patrolling immortal was also removed from the immortal class. Before falling into reincarnation, the two met for a hundred generations.  
Back for You Genres:  Action,  Historical,  Mystery,  Romance  | Episodes: 12 Network: iQiyi Co-Actor: Wang Anyu 
Lu Na, a painter, and A Lai, a police detective, team up to solve a mystery in this romantic suspense drama.  
Heart  Genres: Mystery,  Romance  Episodes: 40 Duration: 45 min Network: Tencent Video Co-Actor: Ren Jia Lun 
Adapted from the novel “Hard to Find Only Because of Twilight” (只因暮色难寻) by Yujing Pengxiang (御井烹香).

Guan Xiao Tong is a Chinese actress and singer who debuted at the tender age of four through the movie Nuan. She continued to act in movies throughout her childhood and got the name The Nation’s Daughter. Her first drama was in 2007, Another Lifetime of Fate: The Legend of Meng Li Jun. In 2015 she dropped her first solo album called Eighteen. Guan Xiao Tong and Lu Han confirmed their relationship in 2017, and in 2018 she starred in the drama Sweet Combat along with Lu Han. in 2015, she starred in the film The Left Ear and won Most Promising Actress at the 1st Gold Arise Awards. in 2016, she starred in the drama Novoland: The Castle in the Sky and won Best Actress at the 7th Macau International Television Festival. The same year she starred in the drama To Be a Better Man and won multiple awards. She was listed under Forbes China Celebrity 100 in the years 2017, 2019, and 2020 and is considered one of the Four Dan Actresses of the post 90's generation.

  September 17, 1997
Age: 26
In a relationship

Boyfriend: Lu Han (2017 - Present)

            34.543 M


♥  1,167+

#9 Weibo follower rank

Once A Youth Genres: Romance, Life, Drama Episodes: 33  Duration: 45 min Network: IQIYI, Tencent Video | Co-Actor: Zhang Yi Shan
Qin Chuan and Xie Qiao are childhood friends who grew up side by side. After  going through an earthquake, they realize the importance of each other.

It is based on Jiu Ye Hui's novel of the same name.

Mr and Mrs Chen Genres: Historical, Romance, Crime | Episodes: 46  Duration: 45 min Network: Tencent Video | Co-Actor: Elvis Han

Zuo Shuang Tao and Chen Jia Ping team up to achieve their common goal while they were lovers and a chance for rekindling romance blossoms.

This is a remake of the American movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Honorable Mentions

#90 - Song Yan Fei (Cecilia Boey) 宋妍霏 

♡ 280+

Finished filming:

Secret | Genres:  Mystery,  Romance,  Life | Duration: 35 min | Original Network:  Mango TV  | Co-Actor: Gao Han Yu 

The Trust | Genres:  Historical,  Comedy,  Romance | Episodes: 24 | Original Network:  iQiyi,  Mango TV  |  Co-Actor: Zhang Hao Wei 

Winderilla's Diary | Genres: Romance | Episodes: 24  | Original Network:  Youku   | Co-Actor: Yu Meng Long

#89 - Tong Li Ya (Ya Ya) 佟丽娅 

♡ 309+

Finished filming:

Silk-Washing Stream | Genres: Historical | Episodes: 30 | Original Network: CCTV,  Youku | Co-Actor: Han Geng 


#88 - Zhang Ruo Nan 章若楠 

♡ 310+

Finished filming:

A Date With the Future | Genres: Romance, Drama | Episodes: 30 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network: Tencent Video | Co-Actor: William Chan 


Ni Ye You Jin Tian  | Genres: Romance | Episodes: 45 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network: Youku | Co-Actor: Chen Xing Xu 

#87 - Li Xi Rui (Sierra Li ) 李溪芮 

♡ 312+

Finished filming:

Chinese Peacekeeping Force | Genres:  Military |   Episodes: 52 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network:Tencent Video | Co-Actor:  Wang Yan Lin

#86 - Xu Xiao Nuo (Senior)   

♡ 314+

Finished filming:

Xi Jing Nu Zhu Tao Hua Duo  | Genres: Historical, Romance |  Original Network:  Mango TV | Co-Actor: Hou Li 

#85 - Jiang Shu Ying (Maggie Jiang) 江疏影 

♡ 318+

 Finished filming:

Ode to Joy 3  | Genres: Friendship,  Romance,  Life,  Youth |  Episodes: 40 | Duration: 44 min | Original Network: Tencent Video | Co-Actress: Yang Cai Yu  


#84 - Li Geng Xi (Teresa Li ) 李庚希

♡ 321+

Finished filming:

From Repair to Pair | Genres:   Romance  | Original Network: Youku | Co-Actor: Zhang Chao 

The Big Examination | Genres:  School | Episodes: 24 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network: iQiyi  | Co-Actor: Hu Xian Xu  


The Long Season | Genres:  Thriller,  Mystery | Episodes: 24 |  Original Network:  Tencent Video  | Co-Actor: Qin Hao

#83 - Qi Yan Di (Judy Qi) 戚砚笛 

♡ 327+

Finished filming:

Love Is Written in the Stars | Genres: Historical, Romance,  Youth,  Fantasy | Episodes: 24 | Original Network: Mango TV  | Co-Actor: Ao Rui Peng 

I Belonged to Your World | Genres: Romance | Episodes: 20 | Original Network: iQiyi  | Co-Actor: Liu Yi Tong 

#82 - Zhang Xin Yu (Viann Zhang) 張馨予 

♡ 344+

Finished filming:

Lost in the Kunlun Mountains | Genres: Adventure, Historical,  Mystery,  Fantasy  | Episodes: 42 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network: iQiy | Co-Actor: Wang Yang 

Checkmate | Genres: Adventure, Historical,  Mystery, Fantasy  | Episodes: 24 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network: iQiy | Co-Actor: Hu Yi Tian 

#81 - Zheng Qiu Hong (Jade Cheng, Zheng Zeman) 郑湫泓

♡ 348+

Finished filming:

100 Reasons Not To Be King | Genres: Historical, Comedy,  Romance,  Drama | Episodes: 40 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network: iQiyi | Co-Actor: Li Chuan 

Ni Xi Zhi Tou Xin Qian Jin | Genres: Comedy, Romance,  Fantasy | Episodes: 24 | Duration: 45 min | Co-Actor: Li Ming Jun 

Please Be My Family | Genres:  Romance,  Family | Duration: 45 min | Original Network: Mango TV  | Co-Actor: Xie Bin Bin

#80 - Hu Bing Qing 胡冰卿  

♡ 358+

Finished filming:

Accidentally Meow On You | Genres:  Comedy, Romance,  Drama | Episodes: 24 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network:  Tencent Video  | Co-Actor: Xing Zhao Lin 


#79 - Song Yi  宋轶

♡ 364+

Finished filming:

Chang Feng Du | Genres:  Comedy,  Romance, Drama | Episodes: 24 | Duration: 45 min |  Original Network:  Tencent Video  | Co-Actor: Bai Jing Ting 

Trio in Chengdu | Genres:  Comedy,  Romance, Drama | Episodes: 24 | Duration: 45 min |  Original Network:  Tencent Video  | Co-Actress: Li Chun

The Nest | Genres: Thriller,  Historical,  Mystery, Drama | Episodes: 53 | Duration: 45 min | Co-Actor: Han Dong 

#78 - Tang Min 汤敏 

♡ 267+

Finished filming:

Hug You Through Lies | Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama  | Episodes: 24 | Co-Actor: Liu Yu Han

Fish Knows You | Genres: Romance,  Fantasy | Episodes: 24 | Duration: 40 min | Co-Actor: Gala Zhang


#77 - Li Lan Di (Landy) 李兰迪 

♡ 268+

Finished filming:

Love When the Stars Fall | Genres:  Historical, Romance,  Wuxia,  Fantasy  | Episodes: 40 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network:  Youku | Co-Actor: Chen Xing Xu 

Su Ji  | Genres:  Historical,  Romance | Episodes: 30 | Duration: 45 min | Co-Actor: Zhu Zheng Ting 

Angels Fall Sometimes | Genres:   Friendship, Romance, Life,  Melodrama | Episodes: 24 | Original Network:  Youku | Co-Actor: Lin Yi 


#76 - Wang Zi Wei  王梓薇 

♡ 372+

Recent Projects:  (Supporting Role)

Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 | Genres:  Historical, Mystery,  Romance,  Political | Episodes: 27 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network:  Dragon TV, iQiyi,  Tencent Video 

Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 | Genres:  Historical, Mystery,  Romance,  Political | Episodes: 29 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network:  Dragon TV, Tencent Video

#75 - Dai Si (Muqaddas Kurban) مۇكدەپ  قۇربان  

♡ 275+

Finished filming: (Supporting Role)

The Outcast | Genres: Friendship,  Romance,  Family  |  Episodes: 36 | Original Network: Youku

Above the Rivers  | Genres:  Law,  Crime,  Drama, Political  | Episodes: 40 

#74 - Wang Shuang (Simona) 王双 

♡ 379+

 Recent Project:  (Supporting Role)

Why Women Love  | Genres: Business,  Comedy, Romance | Episodes: 24 | Duration: 45 min | Original Network: Youku

#73 - Wang Zi Xuan 王子璇 

♡ 381+


There Will Be Ample Time | Genres: Friendship, Life | Episodes: 16

#72 - Xiang Han Zhi (Julia) 向涵之 

♡ 409+

Finished filming:

Ripe Town | Genres: Historical,  Mystery  | Episodes: 12 | Duration: 60 min |  Original Network:  Tencent Video | Co-Actor: Bai Yu Fan
Love in Time | Genres: Comedy,  Romance,  Sci-Fi, Fantasy | Episodes: 24 | Original Network: iQiyi | Co-Actor: Yang Xu Wen 


#71 - Xu Jia Qi (Kiki Xu) 许佳琪 

♡ 434+

Finished filming:

Meet Me in Your Sound | Genres:  Music, Historical,  Comedy,  Romance | Episodes: 24 | Original Network:  iQiyi  | Co-Actor: Wei Zhe Ming 
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