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Hello/Sawadee, fellow MLDers!

Please be mindful of minor spoilers, but I’ve done my best not to give too much away. 
There will also be YouTube links if you want to check those out - again may contain spoilers.


Earlier this year, I took part in the MDL Watch Challenge which was really nice because it got me to explore genres and tags I never really liked and considering its come to a point where I’m really not interested in anything beside Lakorns, I thought I’d never been able to do it. Still, I managed to complete it, and in the process, I found a genre and tag I thought I hated and they are Music and Singing.

Now, I have watched a tiny amount of music and singing labelled titles, but honestly, I never noticed it much because they were all Entertainment Industry plots like The Best Hit, which I only watched because it was a Time Travel. I’ve never watched a Thai music-based plot before so I thought “Let me go outside of my comfort zone and try something different”. 

Thai Music Dramas

So, I don’t actually know the correct term for the music style, so if any readers know, please do leave it in the comments. To me, it sounds like folks music. 

This was the title I used for the Music theme according to the MDL Challenge - also the first-ever music theme I watched. It was completely random, and I watched this raw so didn’t understand some of the dialogues, but I quite enjoyed the music used as well as the singing and dancing in this. It does have a Cross Dressing plot (male lead and his dad NOT female lead). The plot did go a bit too much in circles, but I didn’t let that ruin the experience.

My overall rating: 6/10

This was my second, and honestly, I only saw Weir and nothing else lol and that was because I wanted to give him another chance. After all, the first time I watched him (by recommendation no less), he gave me strong pedo vibes in Morrasoom Sawat. I never realised it was a music one until they did a Family Guy cut away from the scene to start singing and dancing not once, maybe twice or three times in under 15. I’m not gonna lie - I hated it and thought it was annoying. And I put it on hold and ran away from it for months! Nobody was nice enough to add the Music genre, but I’m glad I went back cos this was the lakorn that really made me fall in love with their music themes. I loved hearing the actors singing.

There are Taboo Tags involved in this, such as Infidelity. It’s not added as it’s not the main part of the plot, but also, the cheating scums are barely shown.

My overall rating: 9/10

This was the first one that I actually watched the trailer of, and I thought it looked decent. I was enjoying it when it first started, but then I felt I needed to take a break because the villains were getting under my skin - I don’t do so well with pointless schemers. Weeks later, I went back, and I didn’t feel any different, but I pushed on anyway because I liked the cast and the music and singing were really nice. Sometimes odd because right in the middle of a sentence they would start singing lol. I was not used to that at all!

My overall rating: 8/10

I took one look at the cover, and I knew immediately that it was a music one and that I wanted to watch it. Unfortunately when it came to the first episode was I raging, and I didn’t wanna watch anymore. There’s attempted murder of the parents plus female lead when she was only seven days old. The parents were separated from each other as well as the baby after they were all flung out of their moving a freaking storm. Realising she failed to kill the baby she went and gave it another go, and this time she flung the baby who was sleeping in her car seat... straight into a river!!!! This was definitely a trigger for me, and it was the second attempt that tipped me right over the edge. It blows my mind that people could do something like that to someone so innocent. I ran away from it for weeks, but I decided to try again. “Perhaps it’s only like that for the first episode”, and I’m honestly glad that I stepped away from it when I did because I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

This is still airing, and after watching 15 episodes, I can say I’m really enjoying it. I don’t know how many episodes it’ll get, but I would imagine around the 30-mark since it’s 45 mins per episode. The singing from the female is beautiful.

I don’t rate before completing a title so no rating for this one but know that I absolutely love it.

Lastly but by no means, least we have another one from Weir. The previous one was such a success for me. I wanted to see if he did another one and he had. I finished this one a few days ago and honestly, it’s one of those “hit or miss” types. I can’t really say I was impressed with the lakorn overall, but I really liked the singing and the Action. I thought those were done really well, but sadly in the second half, there was less singing. I wasn’t really interested in the romance as I felt a huge lack in the chemistry department. This is one that wasn’t needed. 

My overall rating: 6/10

Final Thoughts
Never in a million years did I expect to like such a genre but I have absolutely no regrets. I feel like if I didn’t do the challenge, I’d never have discovered that I loved this type of lakorn and will definitely be on the lookout for more especially as these ones are so rare. 

Where I Watch
Thippy - Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter and Yodrak Nakrob
VIU - Nang Fah Lam Kaen (alternative title: Dancing Angel) and Rak Sibalor Ror Sipmong (alternative title: 10 A.M. Love)

We have now reached the end of the article, and I must say I really enjoyed writing this one. 

Have you tried a Music lakorn before? What do you think of them? 
If you haven’t, would you consider trying one? Leave your comments below.
Thanks very much for reading. ( •⌄• ू )✧

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