par lo_ve, juin 13, 2024

Lee Se Young and Na In Woo will lead a new romance K-drama from MBC. 

It was officially confirmed on June 13 that Lee Se Young and Na In Woo will be working together for the upcoming K-drama Motel California.

Motel California will tell the story of a woman who grew up in a motel called "Motel California" located in a rural area. After leaving her hometown, she decided to go back after 12 years. There, she reconnected with her first love. The upcoming K-drama will base its story from the 2019 novel “Home, Bitter Home” by Shim Yoon Seo.

The upcoming K-drama will be the collaboration work of director Jang Joon Ho (Time and Hotel King) and writer Lee Seo Yoon (365: Repeat the Year and Swallow the Sun). It will be produced by HB Entertainment. 

Lee Se Young will portray the role of Ji Kang Hee. She grew up in a motel in a rural area. Her father runs the motel and she faced different challenges growing up in the place. On her 20th birthday, she decided to move to Seoul and leave the motel. She then became an interior designer but at the peak of her career, she was forced to return to her hometown. 

Na In Woo on the other hand will portray the role of Cheon Yeon Soo. He is the first love of Ji Kang Hee. He currently works as a veterinarian and takes care of the farmers' animals in the rural village. Because of this, the farmers tries to set him up and becomes a matchmaker for him but he only have one woman in his life. To get away with the endless matchmaking, he allowed for rumors to spread that he is already in a serious relationship with another veterinarian. Just then, his first love Ji Kang Hee returns to their village. 

Motel Califorina will begin filming soon and it will officially premiere in 2025. 

This will be the follow-up project of Na In Woo after Marry My Husband. The actor is also in discussion to lead another K-drama which is See You After Work that will air on KBS. 

It was also recently confirmed that Na In Woo will officially leave the entertainment program 2 Days & 1 Night Season 4 to focus more on his acting career. 

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young will first star in a new series this year before she officially joins Motel California. The actress will lead the upcoming K-drama What Comes after Love with Sakaguchi Kentaro, Hong Jong Hyun, Nakamura Anne, and Lee Bo Ram


Are you going to watch the new MBC K-drama with Lee Se Young and Na In Woo as leads?