par Lily Alice, avril 25, 2024

Connection teases Kwon Yool's new character transformation with new stills. 

Connection tells the story of an ace detective in the narcotics team, forcibly addicted to drugs. He uncovers the entire story of connections of a 20-year distorted friendship using the death of his friend as a clue.  

In the K-drama, Mental Coach Jegal actor Kwon Yool plays the role of Park Tae Jin, a prosecutor at Ahn Hyun District Office, who has a brilliant mind and exceptional networking skills. Park is a strong ally to Won Jong Soo (Kim Kyung Nam) and a key member of the inner circle of a group of friends who oppose Jang Jae Kyung (Ji Sung) and Oh Yun Jin (Jeon Mi Do). 

His calm demeanor and cool-headedness make him a perfect problem solver and a vicious villain. 

The stills show a scene from the K-drama where Park Tae Jin is at a funeral in mourning clothes. Despite the sudden news of his friend's death, he is composed and collected.   

Kwon Yool's portrayal of Park Tae Jin, a reliable problem solver for his circle of friends and a mysterious villain to Jang Jae Kyung and Oh Yun Jin, raises expectations for the actor's performance.  

Kwon Yool commented, "While I was reading the script, at some point, found myself speculating about who the culprit might be. [It's at that time] I knew I really wanted to do this."  

The actor expressed confidence in the K-drama, saying, "I'm sure there won't be anyone who watches just one episode of this drama without continuing." 

Connection is scheduled to premiere on May 24. More news about the K-drama's OTT streaming service is yet to come.