par Lily Alice, janvier 4, 2024

Netflix dropped a trailer for its upcoming original The Bequeathed.

The Bequeathed tells the story of Yoon Seo Ha (Kim Hyun Joo), who inherits the family's gravesite from her late uncle. From then on, she experiences mysterious incidents, all of which revolve around the gravesite. 

Starring in the series are Kim Hyun Joo (Hellbound, Jung_E), Ryu Kyung Soo (HellboundTale of the Nine-Tailed 1938), Park Hee Soon (Dr. BrainMy Name), and Park Byung Eun (Arthdal ChroniclesLostAlchemy of Souls), among others.

The main poster intensifies the mystery surrounding the family burial ground and the four people connected with it. 

Yoon Seo Ha (Kim Hyun Joo), who inherits the property after her uncle's demise; her half-brother Kim Young Ho (Ryu Kyung Soo), who threatens her; Detective Choi Seong Jun (Park Hee Soon) delving into perplexing incidents in the village; and Chief Park Sang Min (Park Byung Eun) narrowing the investigation, are all entangled in the mystery of the family burial ground.

The teaser portrays the chain of events that follow Yoon Seo Ha's uncle's demise. She becomes the sole inheritor of her family's legacy, and at her uncle's funeral, she meets her half-brother, who demands that he also has a right to the land.

She is then approached by a construction company offering to manage the burial ground. Mysterious events follow with another body being found with gunshot wounds and cryptic designs drawn in blood on the doorstep where Seo Ha stands, intensifying Seo Ha's suspicion and unease towards her stepbrother Young Yo.

Detectives Seong Jun and Sang Min, intrigued by a series of incidents encircling her, begin tracing the mysteries surrounding the burial round in their own ways.

The trailer concludes with someone pleading, "Give me the family burial ground. That's the only way you can live."

Train to Busan director Yeon Sang Ho penned the script, and Min Hong Nam is credited for helming the K-drama. 

The Bequeathed will be released on January 19 exclusively on Netflix. Watch the trailer here