par Lily Alice, juin 28, 2023

Actor Kim Do Hoon becomes a part of the star-studded cast of the Disney+ original series Moving, garnering high expectations as he aims to showcase his overflowing passion and determination.

Kim Do Hoon, known for his roles in Dark HoleToday's Webtoonand The Law Cafe, is now coming as Kang Hoon in Moving.

Lee Kang Hoon is the class president who appears to be a model student, quietly attending to his duties. However, he possesses extraordinary strength and lightning-fast speed, which he keeps hidden. At first glance, Kang Hoon looks like someone with a cold demeanor. But, he maintains a close relationship with his homeroom teacher, Choi Il Hwan (Kim Hee Won).

Due to his father, Lee Jae Man's (Kim Sung Kyun), inability to be free from past incidents, Kang Hoon conceals his powers. However, he also reveals his affectionate feelings towards Jae Man at times.

Actor Kim Do Hoon shared his excitement about the opportunity to portray Kang Hoon, stating, "I've always had a great passion for stories involving superpowers and heroes, and I had always dreamt of acting in such a project. That opportunity arrived with Moving". Even before his casting was confirmed, Kim Do Hoon had read the script multiple times, with the desire to play the character of Kang Hoon. 

Moreover, in preparation for the drama, the actor also took up taekwondo training for the first time to act his character's bare-body action scenes more naturally. Additionally, he delved deep into the emotional journey of Kang Hoon, a character who typically restrains himself but unleashes his abilities during pivotal moments. 

The production team praised Kim Do Hoon for his portrayal of Kang Hoon, with director Park In Je remarking, "He perfectly fitted the image of an upstanding individual concealing a secret". Author Kang Full expressed his satisfaction, stating, "Kim Do Hoon was truly Kang Hoon. I couldn't be more pleased". Martial arts director Ryu Sung Cheol described Kim Do Hoon as an actor brimming with the energy required to depict a character like Kang Hoon. Actor Kim Sung Kyun, who plays the role of Kang Hoon's father, Jae Man, also praised him, saying, "An actor with a very genuine passion".

With such commendations, anticipation for Kim Do Hoon's performance in Moving continues to soar. 

Moving tells the story of children with superpowers and their parents trying to protect them from being exploited by the world. The K-drama is set to premiere on Disney+ on August 9th, with a simultaneous release of seven episodes worldwide, followed by a weekly release of two episodes.