par lo_ve, juin 22, 2023

Im Soo Hyang and Ji Hyun Woo will reportedly lead the upcoming K-drama Beauty and the Devoted (working title).

On June 22, media outlets shared that Im Soo Hyang's next leading man will be Ji Hyun Woo and the two will be working on the KBS weekend K-drama Beauty and the Devoted.

Im Soo Hyang's agency FN Entertainment responded to the circulating reports. According to them, Im Soo Hyang did receive an offer and the actress is currently reviewing it.

Ji Hyun Woo's agency Royal T&M also said the same thing and that the actor is still reviewing the offer.  

This year, Im Soo Hyang starred in the K-drama Kokdu: Season of Deity with Kim Jung Hyun, Kim Da Som, Ahn Woo Yeon, Cha Chung Hwa, and Kim In Kwon. If the actress considers starring in Beautiful Woman and Pure Man, this will be her first upcoming project for next year. 

Meanwhile, this will possibly be the comeback of Ji Hyun Woo to KBS weekend K-dramas after three years. Back in 2021, the actor starred in the hit KBS weekend series Young Lady and Gentleman with Lee Se Hee, Park Ha Na, Kang Eun Tak, Lee Jong Won, and Oh Hyun Kyung.

Beauty and the Devoted will be the next project of writer Kim Sa Kyung, the same writer of Young Lady and Gentleman. This will possibly be the reunion of the writer and Ji Hyun Woo after three years.

The upcoming K-drama will tell the love story of an actress who hit rock bottom overnight and a producer who's in love with her and helps her to rise once again. 

The upcoming K-drama will premiere in the first half of 2024. According to reports, it will premiere next March. 

Meanwhile, KBS weekend K-dramas are currently suffering from low ratings. In the past, 30 percent viewership is easy to attain. Recently, the weekend K-dramas are only getting 10-20 percent in ratings.


Do you think Im Soo Hyang and Ji Hyun Woo are a good fit for the main characters of the upcoming KBS weekend K-drama?