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Caution: Major spoilers for Yellow Boots!

Native Title: 노란 복수초 

Also Known As: Noran Boksoocho, Ice Adonis, Yellow Adonis, Nolan Bogsucho, Revenge

Genre: Romance, Drama, Melodrama  

Episodes: 105
Yellow Boots is a daily drama which has garnered the highest rating in the same time zone of cable for 23 consecutive weeks in Japan! The drama was broadcasted in Japan on BS Asahi, TV Osaka (Asian Drama Time), TV Hokkaido, KNTV and more.

In Korea, the drama was named Yellow Boots, Ice Adonis and Nolan Bogsucho whereas in Japan the drama was translated into Fukujusou 「福寿草」, literal meaning: pheasant's eye species of buttercup, scientific name: Adonis ramosa.

In this drama, the pheasant's eye literally refers to the main character Seol Yeon Hwa who is a product of a financially poor mother who remarried to a rich judge. However, Yeon Hwa and her family are being looked down on by the in-laws, especially the stepsister Choi Yoo Ra who is strongly against the marriage of her father and her step mother. Yeon Hwa has suffered enough tragedy by being accused of murder via hit and run, becoming the industrial spy of the company, loosing her child during serving in prison, and her ex-boyfriend being taken by Yoo Ra.


Native Title: 福寿草Also Known As: Fukujusou, Ice AdonisGenre: Romance, Melodrama

Episodes: 10

Duration: 60 minutes per episodePreferred Network: TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, HuluTags: Strong Female Lead, Antihero, Betrayal

This drama is about Kanon Kusanagi (Maika Yamamoto), a sweet, kind, pretty, and hardworking woman whose mother remarried to a judge and has an only daughter named Nozomi Nanjou (Ayami Nakajo), who just returned from Canada after studying abroad. She despises and looks down on Kanon and her younger sister, Remi Kusanagi (Yumiki Nao), because Nozomi believes her mother married her father for money. Aihei Iida (Ryo Yoshizawa), Kanon's boyfriend, is also Nozomi's crush. Nozomi will go to any length to obtain what Kanon has. Tragedy befalls Kanon when she is falsely accused of causing a hit-and-run accident involving Tomoe's younger sister, Hitoe Iida (Shiori Yoshida). 

Kanon received a letter from a mysterious person, Haimura Kou, during Kanon's time in jail. Later, Kanon was released by Haimura from prison. Kanon wants to vow vengeance against those who made her suffer and she has to prove her innocence.


Choi Yoo Ra's reason for being a bad woman is that people blame her for her mother's death.Nozomi Nanjou's reason for being a bad woman is not only that people blame her for her mother's death. She was also bullied in her elementary years because of her mother's death and being called a "murderer".
Choi Kang Wook died.Takaki Saeki didn't die.
Seol Yeon Hwa gave birth to a baby boy.Kanon Kusanagi didn't give birth, it will somehow complicate the story.
105 episodes12 episodes
Choi Yoo Ra's grandmother knows everything about the hit and run murder and the industrial spy was fabricated by her own granddaughter.The grandmother only knows the good side of her granddaughter but doesn't know anything about her granddaughter who can do atrocious things. Nozomi Nanjou and her father keep silent about the incident. 
The drama mostly centers around Seol Yeon Hwa.The drama centers around both characters, Kanon Kusanagi and the villain, Nozomi Nanjou.


Yamamoto Maika as Seol Yeon Hwa (Kanon Kusanagi)

Yamamoto Maika is the actress that I can imagine would befit to play the role of Seol Yeon Hwa in Yellow Boots. She gives off the image of a strong woman with a warm heart which convinced me more that she can do a challenging role as a character who has been wrongfully imprisoned for hit and run murder accident and being an industrial spy, and I believe that Yamamoto Maika deserves to be given a main lead role like this. I have seen her in the drama Ano ko no Yume wo Mitan Desu as a main lead role but she often plays supporting roles in dramas. In films I've seen her in Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together and Assassination Classroom.

About the character Kanon Kusanagi

Yamamoto Maika is perfect to play the role of  Seol Yeon Hwa (Kanon Kusanagi) since Maika always plays the role of a happy and cheerful girl and this time I want to see her play a challenging role of a strong woman who has undergone ordeals but manages to vow revenge on the persons responsible for her suffering. Just like the flower with poisonous roots, Kanon will transform into a different person who has become completely turned into a cold-hearted woman to uncover the truth about the pain that she has gone through.

Kanon Kusanagi was born to a poor family. Her father died of suicide due to large amount of debt because he was a gambling addict so Kanon's mother was the one who raised the two of them. After several years, Kanon's mother met Nozomi's father and they get married while Nozomi is abroad. Kanon started dating Aihei during her high school days. 

Kanon was excited to meet her new stepsister, Nozomi. However, Nozomi rejected the Kusanagi family living in her home. Nozomi felt livid towards the Kusanagis because they did not belong to affluent families. Kanon still does not give up on Nozomi even if she is being treated badly by her stepsister, and her disabled sister, Remi, dislikes Nozomi because she cat fights with her unreasonably.

Nakajo Ayami as Choi Yoo Ra (Nozomi Nanjou)

Nakajo Ayami is the only person that I could imagine who could befit the villain role of Choi Yoo Ra. I've been dying to know what drama did Nakajo Ayami play the role of a villain but I cannot find one. She gives off an image of a typical antagonistic appearance of a mean girl just like Choi Yoo Ra, who is extremely pretty but dangerous! I think Nakajo Ayami would easily pull off an evil role for the first time since she has experienced playing the role of a protagonist that is always a school girl or a kind woman. I have seen her in the drama: Ano ko no Yume wo Mitan Desu and in the movies Lychee Light Club, Let's Go, JETS! From Small Town Girls to U.S. Champions?! and Anonymous Noise.  

About the character Nozomi Nanjou 

Nakajo Ayami will play a role of Choi Yoo Ra (Nozomi Nanjou) whose father is a judge. Nozomi is an extremely beautiful woman, however, she has a childish personality because her grandmother spoils her and does not correct her whenever she does something ridiculous.

During her elementary days, her mother died because she had a car accident where Nozomi survived. Her relatives, especially her mother's younger sister Misato blame Nozomi for the death of her mother. Aihei comforted Nozomi and shouted at the relatives who swore at Nozomi. She transferred from a different school but the rumors emerged everywhere about her mother's death and she encountered school bullying by her classmates, being treated like an outcast despite being rich. Her father decided to send her to Canada to change her life for the better along with her grandmother. Nozomi had a relationship with Kairi but she broke up with him. Nozomi framed Kairi by setting him up that he had taken cocaine, heroine and metamphetamine to put Kairi in prison so that Nozomi can return to Japan to marry Aihei instead of Kairi.

Nozomi became disappointed that her father remarried to Kyoko Kusanagi, the mother of Kanon who works as a cashier in a patisserie. Nozomi looks down on Kyoko and her children Kanon and Remi because they are not rich as she expected them to be.  

Nozomi framed Kanon as an industrial spy by entering Kanon's room and infiltrating her mails by pretending that she was Kanon. Nozomi became more disappointed after she discovered that her step sister was engaged to Aihei. Nozomi was the one who had killed Aihei's younger sister by hit and run accident as she is the expert for framing others. She framed Kanon for the murder of Hitoe.

Yoshizawa Ryo as Ha Yoon Jae (Aihei Iida)

Yoshizawa Ryo is the perfect actor that I can imagine to play the role of Ha Yoon Jae. I have witnessed him in dramas such as Boku wa Mari no Naka, Seisei Suruhodo Aishiteru and Lost Days. Yoshizawa Ryo would definitely nail the role of Ha Yoon Jae because he has good visuals and good acting skills. This time he will act as this character who was the weak ex-boyfriend of Yeon Hwa and the current husband of Choi Yoo Ra and actually the heir of said company. 

About the character Aihei Iida

Yoshizawa Ryo will play the role of  Aihei Iida (Ha Yoon Jae), the ex boyfriend of Kanon and the husband of Nozomi. I want to see Ryo playing the role of a son of a conglomerate who is kind with a weak personality who easily believes in lies that character. That will make the audiences scratch their heads for his weak character. 

Aihei was a product of a broken family but he has strong bond with his younger sister Hitoe. His father remarried to his mistress who formerly worked as a maid for their family. His mother went missing and his stepmother Ageha manipulated his father that Aihei's mother gave up on her family and chose to be with their former driver. Aihei is mad at his stepmother and quite disappointed at his father. But his sister Hitoe does not show hate towards her stepmother as she accepts that she is her new mother and the current wife of her father. Aihei could not accept his stepmother marrying into his family as he believes that she married his father because of inheritance for her older son, Takaki, to inherit the wealth and company of the family.

Aihei first met Nozomi as her childhood friend whereas both of their parents were friends in the business world. Nozomi first developed feelings for Aihei for being his close friend. Nozomi's mother was killed in a car accident. Aihei is the only person that Nozomi could rely on during those times she was being treated like an outcast by her relatives blaming her for her mother's death. The two separated ways when Nozomi left to migrate abroad as a result of being bullied by her relatives and classmates calling her a 'young murderer'. 

Aihei went to the same school as Kanon during his high school days. Kanon is one year younger than Aihei which makes him her senpai. Aihei's love at first sight was Kanon and he sees her as a woman so they began dating during high school until they got into university. 

Nozomi did not know that Kanon is now the girlfriend of Aihei which made her livid that her stepsister coincidentally dates her first love. Aihei was seduced by Nozomi during Kanon's serving time in prison and he eventually becomes Nozomi's husband. Aihei becomes easily manipulated and easily believes in Nozomi and starts disbelieving Kanon.

Yamada Yuki as Choi Kang Wook/Cho Ru Ba (Takaki Saeki/Kou Haimura)

The person that I can imagine to play the role of Choi Kang Wook is Yamada Yuki. He is a versatile actor whom I have witnessed act as either main lead or supporting characters where he always steals the show, for example in the dramas Strobe Edge, Itazura na Kiss, Sensei Kunshuu, Cabasuka Gakuen, Me & 23 Slaves and Death Cash. Yuki may always play the role of a kind hearted man but this time he will play a badass role.

About the character Takaki Saeki/Kou Haimura

Yamada Yuki will play the role of Choi Kang Wook (Takaki Saeki/Kou Haimura). He is the prince in shining armor for Kanon who always looks after her and saves her whenever she is in trouble. Takaki is the older step brother of Aihei and the son of Ageha (from her former husband). Takaki studied abroad and coincidentally is the acquaintance of Nozomi's ex Kairi. Because of Kairi,  he knows all about the true colors of Nozomi.  

Takaki returns to Japan in order to become the next CEO of the company. His mother Ageha wants Takaki to be the next CEO, not Aihei. Takaki also gets along with his stepfather and Aihei but does not get along with his younger step sister, Hitoe. Takaki met Kanon as his co-worker in the company and fell in love at first sight. Unfortunately, he found out that Kanon is engaged to Aihei and accepts that Kanon's happiness would also make him happy. Kanon was accused of being an industrial spy by Nozomi so that she would be kicked out of the company. Takaki believes that Kanon is not the type of person who would gain the privacy of the company and sell information to other companies. Takaki is infuriated due to the fact that it was all Nozomi's doing. Tragedy struck in their family when Hitoe was murdered via hit-and-run by Nozomi which Kanon was accused of and was sent to jail instead of Nozomi. Takaki was livid towards Nozomi and especially that Aihei betrayed Kanon and married Nozomi. 

Takaki used the name Kou Haimura as his alter ego during Kanon's serving time in prison. Takaki approached Kanon to set up revenge on Nozomi and Aihei, the people who made Kanon suffer. Takaki looks down on Nozomi and her family. He made Kanon come back to the company in order to prove her innocence and crush Nozomi and Aihei. Takaki also connives with Kairi to plot revenge against Nozomi in order to prove that he does not take drugs. Takaki and Kanon end up dating.

Nao Yumiki as Seol Soo Ae (Remi Kusanagi)

Nao Yumiki is an actress and belongs to idol group Nogizaka46. She is a hidden gem because she steals the show in the drama Honeys. Nao Yumiki is the only actress that I can imagine play the role of Soo Ae, the disabled younger sister of Yeon Hwa. My first impression of Yumiki is a cutesy girl but she knows how to show emotion like getting mad and knows how to cry. 

About the character Remi Kusanagi

Nao Yumiki will play the role of Soo Ae, the disabled younger sister of Seol Yeon Hwa and the younger step sister of Choi Yoo Ra.

Yoshida Shiori as Ha Yoon Hee (Hitoe Iida)

The underrated actress Yoshida Shiori will play the role of the younger sister of Ha Yoon Jae. Yoshida Shiori always acts as supporting roles in known dramas and has acted as a main lead for the first time in Chiwawa with her superb acting skills. She would always give her best in showing her emotions and always steals the show in dramas. Her character Ha Yoon Hee will be the starting point of this story, the root cause of Yeon Hwa's suffering. 

Mamiya Shotaro as Kim Tae Il

Mamiya Shotaro is a seasoned actor who has done several kinds of characters. I have seen him play in the dramas Gakkou no Kaidan and IP Sosahan. He will play the role of Kim Tae Il, the fiancee of Yeon Hee.

Mizuki Alisa as Jang Min Ja (Ageha Saeki)

Mizuki Alisa is the actress that I can imagine to play the role of Jang Min Ja, the stepmother of Ha Yoon Jae and the mother of Choi Kang Wook who seduced Ha Myung Guk (father of Ha Yoon Jae) for inheritance.

Nakamura Baijaku as Ha Myung Guk (Kazumasa Iida) 

Nakamura Baijaku is the actor that I can iamgine to play the role of Ha Myung Guk, the father of Ha Yoon Jae and Yoon Hee who just died from illness. His plan is to have his son, Ha Yoon Jae, inherit his wealth.

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Choi In Suk (Nobuo Nanjou)

I have witnessed Oikawa Mitsuhiro in Sumika Sumire as a protagonist and Erased as a villain. He will play the role of judge Choi In Suk, the father of Choi Yoo Ra and the stepfather of Seol Yeon Hwa. 

Kuroda Fukumi as Lady Jo (Miwako Nanjou)

I have seen Kuroda Fukumi in the drama Honeys wherein she played the role of a con artist. I can say that she is perfect to play the role of the villain's grandmother. 

Kuroda Fukumi will play the role of Choi Yoo Ra's doting grandmother Lady Jo who spoils her granddaughter. Even if she is in the wrong she would side with her. This grandmother despises Seol Yeon Hwa and Seol Soo Ae the way Choi Yoo Ra sees them. This grandmother believes that these step daughters are a burden to her son. Kuroda Fukumi as the grandmother in this drama can give off an image of a sophisticated grandmother yet she can be irrational. 

Emoto Tokio as Park Chang Do (Kadoukura Gen)

Emoto Tokio is my potential actor to play the role of the corrupt police officer Park Chang Do. The only actor that I can imagine to do the role of Park Chang Do is him, who always plays the typecast role of a goofy character but I believe he can nail this role. Now I wanted to see Emoto Tokio play the role of a morally ambiguous character who was once an honest police officer who is easily being swayed by money because of his greed.  Park Chang Do knew from the start that Choi Yoo Ra is the real culprit of the hit and run incident.


Tanaka Minami as Misato Horiuchi

She is the younger sister of Nozomi Nanjou's late mother and the aunt of Nozomi who blames Nozomi for her mother's death. She always blackmails Nozomi for money. She connives with Takaaki and spills the beans about Nozomi Nanjou.
Isomura Hayato as Yoshizawa Kairi

He is the ex-boyfriend of Nozomi Nanjou. Nozomi is evil enough to do everything in her power to make Kairi suffer. She fabricated evidence that Kairi is taking drugs and he was sent to jail. Eventually, Nozomi broke up with him for she still wants to marry Aihei, her first love. Kairi was heartbroken until he knew Nozomi got married to Aihei. Kairi has realized that Nozomi was the mastermind in sending him to jail. So, Kairi returns to Japan to confront Nozomi. However, Nozomi throws him money to stop him from seeing her. He wants revenge at Nozomi.

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