par Lily Alice, avril 19, 2024

Director Kim Jin Min elaborates on re-editing Yoo Ah In's parts in Goodbye Earth.

On April 19, a press conference for the Netflix original series Goodbye Earth was held in Itaewon, Seoul, which was attended by director Kim Jin Min and actors Ahn Eun JinJeon Sung Woo, and Kim Yoon Hye. 

Originally scheduled to be released in 2023, Goodbye Earth was postponed due to actor Yoo Ah In's drug scandal. On March 29, along with unveiling the release date, a Netflix official issued a statement saying actor Yoo Ah In's parts in Goodbye Earth have been edited. However, he has not been entirely omitted from the K-drama, as his character plays a significant role in shaping the story. 

During the press conference, director Kim Jin Min stated, "I never, even for once, thought this drama would not be released. I saw no reason for it not to be."  

He added, "I think I've worked hard enough to make it, and I don't think it's a work that should be stoned. I think I can say that much. I made it without any embarrassment." 

Regarding the re-editing of actor Yoo Ah In's parts, he explained, "The issue [Yoo Ah In's scandal] arose when I edited about 3 episodes. At first, I thought it would pass because, as you all know, it was not a complicated situation. But things didn't go the way I wanted. Coincidentally, it was also the time when I was about to tell the Netflix producer that I was going to edit the entire story all over again, after understanding new, important parts in the later episodes. So I edited it as a whole." 

Director Kim Jin Min continued, "In a way, because of Yoo Ah In's issue, we got an excuse [to re-edit the story]. Besides, it is also our duty to cut down parts that might cause discomfort to viewers due to Yoo Ah In's issue."  

He added, "However, I ask for your understanding because we couldn't completely cut out this character because he is too significant to be omitted. I hope you will not be too uncomfortable while watching the drama, but I would like to say that I did my best to convince many of you enough to satisfy everyone. Some of Yoo Ah In's parts were edited [and others were not], and I ask for your understanding as we had no choice but to keep the necessary parts." 

Meanwhile, Netflix has unveiled Goodbye Earth's main poster. 

The main poster features Jin Se Kyung (Ahn Eun Jin), Woo Sung Jae (Jeon Sung Woo), and Kang In Ah (Kim Yoon Hye) with fear and desperation in their eyes.  

Jin Se Kyung, wounded and shedding tears, piques curiosity about whether she, as a teacher, can protect the children she cherished, from the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, the earnest gaze of priest Woo Sung Jae, who attends to the parishioners, offers a glimpse of his compassionate side, prioritizing the comfort and care of people despite the chaos. 

Kang In Ah, responsible for transporting supplies and maintaining public order as the commander of a combat support battalion, raises expectations for her character as she tries to uphold her duty as a soldier until the end.  

Furthermore, the text reads, "200 Days Left, Together Today, Tomorrow, Till the End" conveys that even if the world ends tomorrow, life today will continue by doing what one has to do and being with loved ones. 

The poster raises expectations for the diverse stories of the residents of Woongchun City who believe in and support each other despite the approaching end.

Goodbye Earth will be released on Netflix on April 26.