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Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat is a well-known actor, MC, model, and singer from Thailand. If you love watching Thai dramas, most likely you have seen him before. In this Fan Guide, we're excited to introduce you more to this versatile young actor with, surprisingly, almost 20 years of acting experience!

Date of birth: 4th October 1993

Age: 28
(Sept 2022)

Zodiac: Libra

Gender: Male

Nationality: Thai

Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand

170 cm/

5 ft 6.9 in

56 kg/123.5 lbs

กัน อรรถพันธ์ พูลสวัสดิ์


Actor, MC, Model, Singer

Pimwalee Phunsawat (younger sister)

Mostly shipped with 
Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (they have received several Best Couple awards)

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Gun has been working in the entertainment industry since childhood. Having seen little Gun acting in front of the TV and his desire to be an actor, his mother encouraged him to enter contests. She became his biggest supporter until her passing in 2017.

After finishing his primary studies, Gun studied Business Administration at Bangkok University. Later, he changed majors, and now he's studying Political Science at Ramkhamhaeng University.

At around age 9, he auditioned for many film companies and soon became the first winner of The Boy Model Competition 2003.

His first main role was in a 57-episode Thai folklore soap opera called Gomin (2004). His charm, as the main protagonist little prince Gomin with special power, stole the hearts of many viewers. The show catapulted his popularity as a child actor in Thailand. Since then, Gun continued to actively work in the industry, mainly in Channel 3 and Channel 7 TV series.

Having stood out in dramas, Gun started acting in film productions. Although his first film Pirate of the Lost Sea  (2008) is a children's movie, he got noticed in his second movie, a dark thriller Slice (2009). Gun impressed the audiences by portraying an abused child Nut Boonla, resulting in the actor being nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award from many institutions. At age 17, Gun won the Best Supporting Actor in the 7th Chalerm Thai Award and the Performance of the Year in Bioscope Award.

The Blue Hour (2015)

This horror movie tells about a bullied teenager Tam (Gun) who befriends and has a sexual relationship with a mysterious gay boy at a haunted abandoned pool. Their affair starts as a romance but, later, shifts to darker territory.  

Gun took his acting skill to be critically appraised, not only locally but internationally as well. He was nominated to several international award institutions, including from France, Denmark, Australia, and Norway. He won Best Actor in Feature Film at 21st Chéries-Chéris Film Award (France), and Best Lead Actor at the 29th MIX Copenhagen Award (Denmark).

A short version of this film is included in the anthology ThirTEEN Terrors (2014).

Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey (2016)

This 6-episode youth romcom Thai drama revolves around a boy named Porsche (Kang Korn Sirisorn) whose club that takes care of stray dogs and cats are in danger of being shut down by the school’s dean. Because of that, Porsche and his best friend, Pik (Off), recruit the dean's niece Emma (Cherreen Nachjaree Horvejkul), and her best friend, Rome (Gun). The thing is, Emma loves cats, but she’s afraid of dogs. The story progresses with Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey 2.

This is also Gun’s first series where he and Off are a couple. From this drama, Gun won the Male Rising Star award in the 7th Daily Dara Award.

Gun and Off got their spin-off in the first episode of the anthology Our Skyy (2018), reprising the same characters as Rome and Pick, respectively. In this story, after a failed Loi Krathong festival date night, Pick and Rome wake up to find that they've switched bodies!

From Our Skyy, Gun and Off won the Best Couple award at the 2nd LINE TV Awards.

The Gifted (2018)

In The Gifted, Gun played one of the main characters, Punn, a student of Ritdha Wittayakom High School. But he's not just a regular student. He is a part of the “Gifted Program”, which holds a special class for a few “special” students chosen by the school administrator. His character is a genius psycho.

This 13-episode thriller mystery drama aired in March 2018 and immediately blew up the popularity of the young actors who starred in it. It's followed by The Gifted: Graduation (2020).

For this drama, Gun received awards in Outstanding Acting in Drama Series from the "Rud Bundit" Award, Best Fight Scene from 2nd LINE TV Awards, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role from the 24th Asian Television Award.

Theory of Love (2019)

Gun played as Third, who has had a secret crush on his best friend, Khai (Off) for 3 years. Khai is as straight as a streetlight pole, and he also keeps continuously bringing a new girl home every few days. Third decided to give up on Khai. But when Third stops, Khai starts.
When airing, this 12-episode drama instantly became a hot topic in the world of BL. Both Gun and Off became one of the most searched BL actors.

For this drama, Gun and Off also won the Best Couple award from the 3rd LINE TV Awards.

I'm Tee, Me Too (2020)

This is a fun 8-episode Thai drama about six college guys who all have Tee in their names. Each also has his fears and shortcomings. They find themselves residing under one roof, every day learning not just about one another, but themselves as well.  

Gun plays one of the main characters T-Rex, who is a psychology major student. He has his reason for renting a room in that house.

It’s funny and short, perfect to watch when you’re bored or have nothing else to watch!

Not Me (2021)

In this action thriller drama, Gun plays both Black and White, twins with a powerful spiritual connection, who are separated by their parent's divorce. One day, White finds out that Black is in a coma following a vicious attack. White learns that his twin brother is involved in a motorcycle gang. Unable to endure the harm done to his brother in silence, White disguises himself as Black to root out the traitor. The problem is, that their personalities are as different as black and white. White has to make everyone in Black’s gang believe he is Black.

Not Me is an amazing series full of action, mystery, thriller, and also romance, little something for everyone!

This series competes with Theory of Love for the 1st place of being the most popular OffGun series.  

Home School (TBA)

Gun has several future works projected, but this upcoming thriller mystery drama is the one we're eagerly waiting for. Home School is the best boarding school in the country for teenagers unwanted by their parents. It seems more like a prison than a school, with its strict rules and regulations and a unique curriculum. When a group of students felt something is very wrong with the establishment, they attempt to find just what is going on with this school in the woods. 

Gun plays a mysterious character called Gen 4. Who is he? Why is he chased? Will he survive? The above clip is his part in the official trailer that you can watch fully here.

A must-watch for Gun's fans, GMMTV actors' fans (look at the cast lineup!), or thriller/mystery genre fans.

Cover: The Loudest Silence (2019), Gun Atthaphan & Off Jumpol

Single: ไม่รักไม่ลง (Too Cute To Handle) (2020), Gun Atthaphan & Off Jumpol


Jay's collection 

He’s a tiny cute bean

His MBTI personality is ESFP

He is the highest-paid actor in GMMTV

He has the cutest dog named Bibii

If you need a teddy bear, no you don’t, you need Gun’s extremely soft, squishy, bouncy, chubby (no, I'm not calling him fat), cute, and adorable cheeks.

He has more energy than 5 monkeys combined.

His colleagues at GMMTV describe him as very clumsy, as we can see from many videos and clips GMMTV blesses us with.


He’s like a child. 
I swear on everything I have, this man stopped aging when he was 5 or something. TT
Gun is mostly shipped with Off and their ship name is “OffGun”.

OffGun’s fandom is called “Babii” because Gun calls Off “Papii” and fans refer to Gun as “Mamii”. Their children are their fandom made-up family called “Babii"

He’s the definition of perfection!

And this is the end!

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