par Lily Alice, avril 17, 2024

Frankly Speaking unveiled another teaser, giving a sneak peek of the character dynamics of Go Kyung Pyo, Kang Han Na, and Joo Jong Hyuk. 

Frankly Speaking tells the story of Song Ki Baek (Go Kyung Pyo), an announcer, who is unexpectedly afflicted with a disease that doesn't let him control the words coming from his mouth. Intrigued by Song's manner of speech, the passionate TV variety show writer On Woo Joo (Kang Han Na) invites him to her variety show.

The teaser commences with showing Song Ki Baek (Go Kyung Pyo), lying unconscious after accidentally suffering an electric shock.  

The next scene shows him sitting at a news desk giving his sincere promise in his closing statement, "I will not lie and speak honestly and sincerely." Little did he know that he would be taking his words quite literally. 

It all started with the variety show writer On Woo Joo (Kang Han Na) who wanted "to cast Ki Baek." She makes Ki Baek, who has worked diligently for 8 years to become a main anchor, reluctantly appear on a variety show, only for him to suffer an electric shock accident on set. 

But the real problem arises after the incident. Ki Baek, who never said "No," all of a sudden starts shouting, "Don't do it, please!" and bombarding people with brutally honest truths, like the time when he says to his boss, "Don't you know your feet smell really bad?" Ki Baek himself is as bewildered as anyone. So, he even shouts at Woo Joo to go away.

Woo Joo also becomes curious if one's personality can change after getting electrocuted.

Then comes into the picture Woo Joo's ex, Kim Jung Heon (Joo Jong Hyuk).

Kim Jung Heon, the nation's son-in-law who is a favorite of mothers nationwide, has gained success in the broadcasting industry as a trot singer. He attends an awards ceremony sporting a stylish tuxedo, where he coincidentally meets Woo Joo and says, "Long time no see. It's been eight years." Kim Jung Heon worked tirelessly in the broadcasting industry for one goal: to meet Woo Joo again.

Towards the teaser's end, Ki Baek, who is unable to control his tongue, even puts tape over his mouth and worries, "Will I be able to do the news in this state?" while Woo Joo cheers him on, saying, "Your true self will definitely be well-received." 

Frankly Speaking will premiere on May 1. The K-drama will be available to stream on Netflix. Watch the teaser here