par Lily Alice, juillet 14, 2023

The upcoming space K-movie The Moon has unveiled the intense moments of the daring mission to rescue the Korean astronaut from the moon to Earth

On July 14th, the second set of stills was released for The Moon, featuring EXO's D.O. (Doh Kyung Soo), Sol Kyung GuKim Hee Ae, and other cast members of the movie. 

The film tells the story of Hwang Seon Woo (Doh Kyung Soo), a lone astronaut stranded on the Moon due to an accident, and Jae Guk (Sol Kyung Gu), the former head of the space center, who desperately attempts to rescue him. 

The newly released stills not only feature Seon Woo and Jae Guk but also introduce numerous other characters, including the current head of the space center, government officials, and an intern from the observatory working alongside Jae Guk, all standing before the common goal of the safe return of the Korean astronaut.

The moon exploration spacecraft Woo Ri, which soared into the skies with great expectations, faces a grave crisis when unexpected solar winds wreak havoc. After the accident, Seon Woo, the youngest member of the exploration team, emerges as the sole survivor, while the Naro Space Center falls into turmoil. 

Meanwhile, Jae Guk, burdened by the responsibility of a failed manned spacecraft project five years ago and now working at the Sobeksan Observatory, returns to the Naro Space Center with the determination to not lose another crew member. 

Despite the collective efforts of Jung Min Gyu (Park Byung Eun), the current head of the space center, and all the staff at the space center who brainstorm solutions, a clue to resolve the situation is nowhere to be found. 

The Minister of Science and ICT (Jo Han Chul), the Vice Minister (Choi Byung Mo ), and Han Byeol (Hong Seung Hee), an intern working with Jae Guk at the Sobeksan Observatory's celestial observation team, anxiously monitor Seon Woo's situation from behind their monitors. Meanwhile, Director Moon Young Eun (Kim Hee Ae), the main director of NASA's manned lunar orbiting spacecraft, also falls into deep contemplation.

Director Kim Yong Hwa, who is also the movie's screenwriter, stated that he wrote the screenplay with the idea of "Universe is one", and revealed his intention to convey that the forces driving the world are not always rooted in reason and rationality. Doh Kyung Soo also highlighted the unique qualities of The Moon as a film that inspires hope, courage, and comfort.

The Moon is set to premiere nationwide (South Korea) in theaters on August 2nd.