par lo_ve, juin 12, 2024

Actress Esom will reportedly join the upcoming K-drama Reborn.

According to media outlets on June 12, Esom has been chosen to be the female lead of the upcoming fantasy thriller K-drama Reborn. The K-drama was also offered to actor Byun Yo Han

Esom's agency hasn't responded to the casting news. 

If Esom confirms her participation in Reborn, this will be her follow-up K-drama after the TVING K-drama LTNS with Ahn Jae Hong, Jung Jin Young, Kim Sae Byeok, and Lee Hak Joo

Before she appears again on the small screen, Esom will first star in the upcoming movie Escape which will be led by Lee Je Hoon, Koo Kyo Hwan, Hong Xa Bin, Song Kang, and Shin Dong Hyeon

Esom will also lead the upcoming film Starlight Is Falling with Ong Seong Wu, Shim Eun Kyung, Yang Dong Geun, and Yeom Jung Ah

The actress is known for being part of the K-dramas Black Knight, Taxi Driver, Save Me Season 2, The Third Charm, Because This Is My First Life, and more. 

Byun Yo Han and Esom are both known for being part of hit films. The casting of Reborn raises curiosity on how the chemistry will be between the two great actors. 

Reborn is a fantasy thriller K-drama that will revolve around the people who remember their past lives. 

The upcoming K-drama will be the joint work of director Lee Dong Yoon (She Would Never Know and Fated to Love You) and writer Han Ah Reum (See You in My 19th Life). 

Esom got the offer to portray the role of Rose Miller. She is someone who remembers her 12 past lives. Meanwhile, Byun Yo Han will reportedly portray the role of BaekBeok, a police officer who has the ability to see the past lives of others. 

There is still no confirmation on the broadcast channel and date of the upcoming K-drama. 


Do you think Esom and Byun Yo Han are the best picks to lead Reborn?