par Mokona, avril 16, 2021

A mystical object is an item or thing that clothes its owner with a special power. If the owner loses the object, the power is gone as well. The difference to a superpower is that basically everyone can gain the power of the object when it falls in their hands. Here are my six favorite magical objects I would hold in my hands.

CAUTION: Minor Spoilers for Dream Knight, Mimi, My Girlfriend is an Alien, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, Death Note, and 49 Days ahead! 

Guardian Puppets (Dream Knight)

How amazing would it be to have four cute puppets which turn into handsome young men who protect me in every kind of situation? They are comforting, kind, and funny. In order to fulfill my dream, they help me to improve, to relax, and make me believe in myself. And when they become too cheeky at times, I just deluge them with water so that they turn back into puppets again.

Matches (Mimi)

The main lead receives three matches. Whenever one of the matches gets lit, the person is able to meet with a person who died before and spend time with them as long as the match is on fire. I do not know if I would use it, but it would be great to obtain them - This way I would feel like I get a last chance to talk to a deceased person I loved. And I would really like to meet the umbrella man...

Fan (Ten Miles of Peach Blossom)

Bai Qian owns a magical fan. This fan is a powerful weapon. When she activates magic and brandishes it, the fan glows blue and sends a shock wave against her enemies. It is a great defense object. This weapon does not cut or pierce someone in order to kill. It rather just throw them away so that opponents are not able to come near her or hold her back. Moreover, it is very handy to fan oneself on hot days.

Death Note (Death Note)

Yes, it is immoral, but I still want a death note. There are so many terrifying, horrible things happening in this world. It makes me feel angry and help-/useless. It would be so great if I could erase the most evil persons from this world in order to free many other human beings. I am pretty sure it would drive me crazy, and I would follow Kira's path. Maybe I'd even perish of this power. However, I cannot help it, I want one.

Xiaobu (My Girlfriend is an Alien)

Xiaobu is the personal assistant of the main lead. He looks like a cute little turtle, but he is a kind of AI or a consciousness in a robot body (I am actually not sure anymore). He advises her in every situation. Furthermore, he is a loyal companion and reminds her of important things she tends to avoid. He behaves a bit like a conscience. I would love to have this cute consultant.

Necklace (49 Days)

The lead character receives a necklace from the grim reaper. She has to collect 3 tears of persons who truly cried for her out of love. I would be overjoyed if I had this necklace while I am still alive. If only one tear would be inside because there is someone who would cry for me when I am gone, I would feel special, honored, and loved. This would make me more self-confident and feel stronger. If there is no single tear in it, I should really rethink my social surroundings and behavior.

Which kind of magical objects would you like to own?

Do you know other dramas with magical objects?

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