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Hey everybody! Welcome to my second article. :)

In this article, I've chosen a couple of unique and interesting dramas I wanted to share. I tried to pick lesser-known ones, and they are all from 2020 - 2021! There are no spoilers, so you have nothing to worry about. I hope you enjoy it, have a great read!

South Korea

Cheat On Me, If You Can is the most bizarre, perfect,  mixture of genres. With the "what's gonna happen next?" question constantly on mind, they still managed to insert many light-hearted funny moments without offsetting the mood.  Truly an underrated gem.Lovestruck in the City has, first of all, an INCREDIBLE cast. I'm in love with So Ju Yeon. The visuals, the whole vibe, the OST; it's extremely different than any other rom-com I've ever seen. It has made me rethink how I, too, want to live my life.  When watching The School Nurse Files, I had no clue what was going on the whole time. Adds to the charm, I guess. Not to mention the incredible cast performance. The jellies do look a bit appetizing, and overall the drama really gets you thinking.


Toshi No Sakon Is such a cute, easy watch, It's about marriage with a huge age gap, and how the couple navigated through that. Although it did get a bit repetitive, it was made up for with all the cute scenes!     "In the whole world, there is only one person like me. So, my existence matters to this world." - Guys, THIS DRAMA. Character development at its finest. Honestly such a great watch. I could go on about this one all day. 35 Sai no Shoujo was extraordinary. 

Muchuu-sa, Kimi ni: This drama was very compelling and... weird. THE ACTORS ARE SO CUTE, THOUGH. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!


The Ghost Bride: This is one of my favorite dramas. The visuals, the storyline, the characters, and the acting, it was all flawless to me.

We Best Love (Right): I'm telling you this drama gives me palpitations cuz I get so excited while watching. The OST is always on repeat, and it didn't have the tropes I usually dislike from other BL's.

The Silent Forest (Left): Oh boy, this one was heavy. It was very difficult to watch and made me cry at least twice. If you get triggered easily stay away from this movie, but if not then it could be an incredible learning experience. 

heyThe Leaked was terrifying. Not in a zombie, supernatural way, but by the realness of it. The fact that the situations shown here are very real and happen all the time, things we are all exposed to through social media. Very short, yet still managed to portray a very important message. Thailand

I'm Tee, Me too was so entertaining and fun. It was a bit odd and outside the box, which only made me like it more. I love friendship dramas, and the eye candy here only helped. :)


Love Unexpected: funny, adorable characters, and such a fun vibe. I hadn't seen much from any of the actors, but they did a really great job. Word Of Honor:
The Bromance brings me so much joy, and the plot is very interesting. Waiting for subs is a pain so I'll wait for it to complete airing, but for the first couple of episodes, 10/10.
My Little Happiness:
 I REALLY love how the romance plays out. I'm not a fan of the childhood connection trope but for once I don't mind. I love this drama so much.

honorable mentions

Love Scene NumberHello, Me! 

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