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Wow, there are so many Kdrama romance-comedies! That we just had to write another article for the recommendations. After Part 1, which recommended modern rom-coms, Anushka and Blizzardahm are back with another article, mostly focusing on historical and fantasy/supernatural Kdrama rom-coms, with a few modern(er) dramas thrown into the mix. As rom-com lovers, we love many of these rom-coms and are ready to share more of these gems with you Kdrama lovers. Enjoy!

Drama topics (color-coded): 

Time/Travel Manipulation 
Modern Fantasy/Supernatural
Historical Fantasy/Supernatural 
Historical Time Travel
Short Web Dramas


Other-Kdrama rom-coms that don't belong in any other category. There are some good ones in this category, so don't miss them!

Note: When a drama is in a certain category, then it has the same tag as the others in the category if stated. (For example, Hello, Me! does not have the tag "Time/Travel Manipulation" in its slot, but it does have the tag because all dramas under the category have the tag.)

Note (2): This article (like part 1) DOES NOT contain all Kdrama rom-coms in the categories, but there are a good amount of them. We choose the dramas based on what we watched and would recommend. 

Note (3): Dramas in each category are listed in random order.

Note (4): We added some notes to each category about some of the Kdramas in our perspectives.

TERMS: To reduce the space that certain tags take to make more room, Female Lead=FL and Male Lead=ML.

Classic Rom-Coms
Old is gold!

All dramas in this category consist of all those cliches and overused tropes... Oops, we can't call them overused because these dramas were the origin of the tropes. Jerk ML (Yeah, he gets a personality development, but still, his behavior only changes towards the FL), and I shouldn't forget the Rich Man/Poor Woman common trope...So if you want to explore some Kdrama classics, here's the collection, but beware, as they aren't like more modern dramas.
MDL rating: 7.5 (54,110 users)MDL rating: 7.7 (32,638 users)
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School, Youth, Drama, Melodrama

Tags: High School, Love Triangle, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Family Pressure, School Bullying, Controlling Parents
Genres: Comedy, Romance

Tags: Cohabitation, Naive Female Lead, Housemates, Pretends To Be Gay, Misunderstanding, Lying
MDL rating: 7.7 (20,316 users)MDL rating: 7.3 (36,997 users )
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Contract Relationship, Hate To Love, Famous Lead/Common Lead, Mean Male Lead
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School

Tags: Cohabitation, Adapted From A Manga, First Love, Unrequited Love, Arrogan Male Lead, High School 
MDL rating: 7.8 (24,101 users) MDL rating: 7.8 (13,857 users)
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Drama

Tags: Arranged Marriage, Prince Lead, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Love Triangle, Sassy Female Lead
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Rich Man/Poor Woman, Stolen Identity, Contract Relationship, Bromance, Quirky Female Lead
MDL rating: 8.3 (14,629 users)MDL rating: 7.6 (7,410 users)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Tags: Dissociative Amnesia, Independent Female Lead, Love At First Sight, Adult Romance, Multiple Mains, Male Chases Female First

Genres: Food, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Cooking, Chef, Boss/Employee Relationship, Rivalry, Hardworking Female Lead
MDL rating: 7.4 (8,837 users)MDL rating: 7.5 (14,636 users)
Genres: Comedy, Romance

Tags: Older Woman/Younger Man, Single Parent, Famous Lead/Common Lead, Entertainment Industry, Cohabitation 
Genres: Romance, Comedy

Tags: Heir, Princess, Hate To Love, Female Chses Male First 


MDL rating: 7.0 (15,308 users)MDL rating: 7.6 (24,834 users)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Fantasy

Tags: Body Swap, Amnesia, Love Triangle, Family, Older Woman/Younger Man, Family Secret, Student/Teacher Relationship

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Neighbors, Socially Awkward Protagonist, Unrequited Love, Celebrity, Low Self-esteem Protagonist, Eccentric Male Lead, 

Time/Travel Manipulation Dramas
Time travel sounds fascinating, right? Rom-coms with time travel is a cherry on the top.
With time travel being quite common... another thing you find in them is that each drama gives us a life lesson. For example, Hello, Me! teaches us self-love.

Go Back Couple has led with great chemistry. Their bickering and fights can be extreme sometimes, but their love and care for each other are beautifully portrayed, and that's the speciality of it!

The Light in Your Eyes is my personal favorite in this section. I love it for many reasons. The acting is just phenomenal; it has one of the most hilarious scenes I've ever seen... but is it just that? NO. You will get the biggest shock that is way better than many thriller twists.

I guess Longing Heart might be a drama...that no one has an awareness of.
MDL rating: 8.1 (11,734 users)MDL rating: 8.0 (2,814 users)
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama, Family

Tags: Time Travel, Flashback To Past, Funny Male Lead, Hidden Identity, Love Triangle
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Fantasy

Tags: Age Gap, Time Travel, Adapted From A Novel, Older Woman/Younger Man, Second Chance, Character Development
MDL rating: 8.6 (12,232 users)MDL rating: 8.2 (5,160 users)
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama, Family, School, Supernatural

Tags: Time Travel, Love/Hate Relationship, Marriage, Mother-Daughter Relationship, Misunderstanding 1990s
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama, Family, Melodrama

Tags: Life Lesson, Time Loop, Time Manipulation, Father-Daughter Relationship, Mother-Daughter Relationship, First Love 

MDL rating: 7.8 (2,829 users)

Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, School, Drama

Tags: Secret, Hidden Identity, Male Chases Female First, Nice Male Lead, First Love, Adapted From A Webtoon, Competent Protagonist

Sci-Fi Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Sci-Fi)
Please Don't Date Him isn't a normal-length drama as it has 10 episodes. I'll guarantee that it has one of the most lovable MLs; he is just so adorable; talking about character here, not looks, but you can count both ;D.

We live in the 21st century... so rather than aliens and mermaids, we have 'Robot' in interspecies romance. But Are You Human Too? really did a great job (Maybe best in this genre)

Of course, the drama industry loves 'Phobia', and I'm Not a Robot may have the most different one (or weird, perhaps). But still, it's quite enjoyable and interesting to watch.
MDL rating: 8.5 (37,088 users)MDL rating: 8.3 (19,295 users)
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi

Tags:  Haphephobia, Hidden Identity, Rich Male Lead, Eccentric Male Lead, Robot, Double Identity, Hardworking Female Lead
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Tags:  Robot, Nice Male Lead, Artificial Intelligence, Interspecies Romance, Smart Male Lead, Identity Swap, Strong Male Lead, Good Twin/Evil Twin  
MDL rating: 7.7 (2,052 users)MDL rating: 7.6 (12,566 users)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Programmer, Smart Female Lead, Firefighters, Nice Male Lead, Obsessive Ex-lover, Sismance, Idol Actor

Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Tags: Steamy Kiss, Illness, Successful Male Lead, Calm Male Lead, Boss/Employee Relationship, Family Relationship, Smart Male Lead

Modern Fantasy/Supernatural Rom-Coms 
When it comes to fantasy, it all depends on creativity and imagination. So every drama here is very different from each other, each has its uniqueness, but the common thing is that they're all fantasy genres.  

Although Handmade Love isn't a full-length drama, it's a mini-series, but in terms of every aspect from the story, cinematography, and the acting, it's well made.

18 Again is an adaptation of an American movie (17 Again). But it is not the same as K-dramas have always been brilliantly portraying all emotions. So this has that emotional touch with being hilarious.

Is Extraordinary You a common high school drama? It seems like it at first glance, right? Nope, you are entering the world of fantasy that has many surprises and twists in it.

Extraordinary You 

MDL rating: 8.4 (25,406 users) MDL rating: 8.8 (11,038 users)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School

Tags: Sassy Female Lead, Nice Male Lead, Adapted From A Webtoon, High School, Illness, Idol Actor, Height Difference, Love Triangle

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama

Tags: Second Chance, Personal Growth, Father-Son Relationship, First Love, Divorce, Married Couple, Father-Daughter Relationship

MDL rating: 7.6 (6,846 users)MDL rating: 8.5 (19,143 users)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Cat, Cat Shifter, Cohabitation, Nice Male Lead, Innocent Male Lead, Love Triangle, Double Identity, Transformation

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Angel, Nice Male Lead, Ballerina, Rich Female Lead, Strong Female Lead, Tearjerker, Childhood Friends, Ballet

MDL rating: 7.4 (22,843 users)MDL rating: 8.4 (18,659 users)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Supernatural

Tags: God, Interspecies Romance, Steamy Kiss, Special Power, Adapted From A Manhwa, Poor Female Lead, Arrogant Male Lead

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Family, Melodrama

Tags: Prosopagnosia, Successful Male Lead, Strong Female Lead, Calm Male Lead, Sismance, Contract Relationship

MDL rating: 7.6 (15,161 users)MDL rating: 7.7 (1,025 users)

Genres: Friendship, Romance, School, Youth,

Tags: Angel, High School, Love Triangle, Cohabitation, Naive Female Lead, Idol Actor, Restaurant Owner, Raised By Grandmother

Genres: Romance, Fantasy

Tags: Deity, Miniseries, Fashion, Supernatural, Fashion Designer, Magical Object, Deity-Human Relationship, Product Placement, Idol Actress

Historical Fantasy/Supernatural Rom-Coms
I have to admit that in this criteria, K-dramas don't have many options. So we're left with only one drama.

It has a great cast... so definitely not disappointing regarding the acting. It's extremely funny in the initial episodes. Does 2012 worry you? Yeah, it's a little old, but it's always great to explore something new ;D

MDL rating: 7.9 (10,954 users)

Genres: Suspense, Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Tags: Ghost, Amnesia, Interspecies Romance, Joseon Dynasty, Strong Female Lead, Nice Male Lead, Stubborn Female Lead 

Historical Rom-Coms (Common Tag: Joseon Dynasty)
K-Historical rom-coms almost have one thing in common, even if the maximum time they stick to is the rom-com genre, but near the end, they tend to add some political issues. So keep that in mind!

Love in the Moonlight is such a fun ride... and soo funny and leads look so cute together. And it has the most entertaining dance of the century (Am I exaggerating? Maybe, but you can't deny it)

The Tale of Nokdu has cross-dressing as well, but this time it's different because here, the ML is pretending to be a woman, it becomes serious later, but it's extremely hilarious.
MDL rating: 8.4 (13, 001 users)MDL rating: 8.3 (14, 004 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Action

Tags: Cross-Dressing, Smart Male Lead, Smart Female Lead, Gender Bender, Hidden Identity, Birth Secret
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Drama

Tags: Amnesia, Prince Lead, Hidden Identity, Marriage of Convenience, Arrogant Male Lead, Royalty
MDL rating: 8.2 (10, 246 users)MDL rating: 8.2 (23, 699 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Drama, Political

Tags: Strong Female Characters, Nice Male Lead, Sismance, Prince Lead, Writer, Older Woman/Younger Man

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Drama

Tags: Cross-Dressing, Hidden Identity, Prince Lead, First Love, Male Chases Female First, Lovers Separated, Love Triangle
MDL rating: 7.7 (3, 060 users)MDL rating: 7.7 (5, 268 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Drama, Political

Tags: Love Triangle, Marriage Proposal, Tragic Past, Childhood Friends, Character Development, 
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical

Tags: Scholar, Sassy Female Lead, Love/Hate Relationship, Politics, First Love, Nice Male Lead, Princess, Tomboy

Historical Time Travel Rom-Coms(Common Tag: Time Travel)
My Lovely Love Song is a low-budget drama, so the cinematography and aesthetics might be not the best, but in terms of content, story, and entertainment, it won't disappoint you.

Is being soo funny the only special thing about Rooftop PrinceDefinitely not. The squad we are getting definitely is part of the most memorable squads in K-dramaland.

Live Up to Your Name... making us smile a lot sure lives up to its genre. What can I say about the couple's chemistry here? It's splendid!

Splash Splash LOVE
only has 2 episodes; still, it managed to execute the story so well, fitting everything perfectly in just a short amount of time.

Mr. Queen... As being historical, it does have politics, but it's way too hilarious. It has its own charm that will make you fall for it for sure!
MDL rating: 8.5 (19, 120 users)MDL rating: 8.3 (7, 481 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Supernatural

Tags: Joseon Dynasty, Actress, Nice Male Lead, Amnesia, Past and Present, Scholar, Sismance, Female Chases Male First
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Fantasy, Medical

Tags: Joseon Dynasty, Doctor, Acupuncturist, Strong Female Lead, Character Development, Cohabitation
MDL rating: 8.2 (24, 947 users)MDL rating: 7.9 (7, 688 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Supernatural, Mystery

Tags: Joseon Dynasty, Reincarnation, Prince Lead, Lost Child, Sisterhood, Mistaken Identity, Sibling Rivalry, Different Timelines
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Fantasy, Drama

Tags: Goguryeo Dynasty, Love/Hate Relationship, Sassy Female Lead, First Love, Secondary Couple, Steamy Kiss
MDL rating: 9.0 (14, 488 users)MDL rating: 8.5 (20, 259 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Fantasy, Drama

Tags: Joseon Dynasty, King, Body Swap, Palace, Queen, Fight For the Throne, Gender Swap, Smart Female Lead, Calm Male Lead
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Supernatural

Tags: Joseon Dynasty, Cross-Dressing, Miniseries, Sejong the Great, Cheerful female Lead, Hidden Identity, Hardworking Male Lead

Short Web Dramas (Common Tag: Web Series)
Don't have free time to invest 16-20 hrs? Here's a collection of short, bite-size dramas.
Some of these web dramas aren't extremely comedic, but they teach good life lessons about friendship, romance, and youth. They're light and swift to watch!

A-Teen is very different, as you'll get many surprises that you didn't expect.

Sweet Revenge is the first drama of many. It does have fantasy, but still, it's a cute watch.

Do you like EXO? Then EXO Next Door is a must-watch, it might not make sense in many places, but it's a fun ride.
High School (Common Tag: High School)

240 min

MDL rating: 8.2 (6, 884 users)

120 min

MDL rating: 7.8 (3, 864 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Life, School, Youth, Friendship

Tags: First Love, Multiple Couples, Sismance, Gaming, Friends to Lovers

Sequel: A-Teen 2
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Youth, Drama

Tags: Love Triangle, Character Development, Stalker, First Love

Sequel: Best Mistake S2

330 min

MDL rating: 8.0 (6, 684 users)

250 min

MDL rating: 7.6 (1, 746 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Youth, School

Tags: School Bullying, Revenge, Sismance, Nice Male Lead, Love Triangle, Best Friends

Sequel: Sweet Revenge S2
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Youth, Drama

Tags: Love Triangle, Childhood Friends, Sly Character, Bromance, Smart Female Lead, Mental Health
College Life (Common Tag: College Life, Student)

40 min

MDL rating: 8.0 (2, 731 users)

96 Min

MDL rating: 7.5 (1, 128 users)
Genres: Romance, Youth, School, Friendship

Tags: Unrequited Love, Multiple Mains, Love Triangle, Strong Friendship, Best Friends

Sequels: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4
Genres: Romance, Friendship, Drama

Tags: Live Streaming, Nice Male Lead, Misunderstanding, Love Triangle, Unrequited Love, Poor Female Lead
Flower Ever After Series (Listed by sequence) (Common Tag: Marriage)

150 min

MDL rating: 7.7 (992 users)

96 min

MDL rating: 7.7(1, 099 users)
Genres: Romance, Friendship, Life, Youth

Tags: Multiple Couples, Nice Male Lead, Married Couple
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Drama

Tags: Second Chance Romance, Love Triangle, Strong Female Lead, Misunderstanding

180 min

MDL rating: 7.8 (2, 759 users)

Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama

Tags: Contract Relationship, One-Night Stand, Break Up, Student, Ex-Boyfriend Comes Back, First Love

Interspecies Romance (Common Tag: Interspecies Romance)

144 min

MDL rating: 8.0 (4, 051 users)

210 min

MDL rating: 8.0 (5, 212 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

Tags: Dokkaebi, Memory Erase, Student, Attempted Murder, Housemates, University
Genres: Romance, Music, Supernatural, Drama, Tragedy

Tags: Grim Reaper, First Love, Female Chases Male First, Famous Lead/Common Lead, Rich Male Lead, Innocent Female Lead
Entertainment Industry/Idol-Centered

240 min

MDL rating: 7.7 (19, 613 users)
MDL rating: 8.2 (4, 241 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Music

Tags: EXO, Bromance, Neighbors, Love Triangle, First Love, Idol Actor
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Tags: Entertainment Industry, Love At First Sight, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Arrogant Male Lead, Overbearing CEO, Male Chases Female Lead First

156 min

MDL rating: 7.4 (232 users)

130 min

MDL rating: 8.0 (2, 371 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Tags: Idol Actress, Love Triangle, Beauty Creator, Smart Male Lead, Multiple Mains, Rivalry, Cosmetic Company
Genres: Romance, Comedy

Tags: First Love, Idol Actress, Dating Show, Lying, Strong Female Lead, Doppelganger, Secret Relationship

Sequel: One Fine Week 2
Attempted Suicide
One-Night Stand

Somehow 18

150 min

MDL rating: 8.2 (4, 247 users)

140 min

MDL rating: 8.2 (5, 078 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Tags: Attempted Suicide, Time Travel, High School, Student, School Bullying, First Love
Genres: Romance, Friendship, Drama, Mature

Tags: One-Night Stand, Cohabitation, Second Chance, Steamy Kiss, Best Friends, Unrequited Love, Love Triangle

Other Rom-Coms
Ex-Girlfriend Club (12 ep) has the funniest fights (Yup, fights, it's not a typo). It's super entertaining from the start to the end, but you have to excuse the cinematography as it's made back in 2015.

I don't think many know of Bubblegum's existence,  even with its star-studded cast. It doesn't have much recognition, but it's definitely a fun watch.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me and It's Okay, That's Love both have psychological as a genre. Mental health issues are an aspect of them but don't worry; they never stop being rom-com.

I Picked Up a Star on the Road (10 ep) has 'Kidnapping'. Does this first tag scare you? But this is where the story actually starts. Well, it's indeed unique and so different with its storyline, you will enjoy it for sure!
MDL rating:7.8 (12, 276 users)MDL rating: 8.2 (19,627 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Tags: Sibling Rivalry, Neighbors, Nice Male Lead, Love Square, Male Chases Female First, Poor Female Lead, Older Man/Younger Woman

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

Tags: Amnesia, Rich Male Lead, Clingy Male Lead, Hardworking Female Lead, Cohabitation, Poor Female Lead, Rich Man/Poor Woman

Was It Love?

MDL rating: 7.4 (5, 600 users)

Backstreet Rookie

MDL rating: 7.7 (9, 013 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Family

Tags: Single Mother, Meet Again, Working Mom, Film Producer, Love Pentagon, First Love, Mother-Daughter Relationship
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Life, Drama, Action, Business

Tags: Hardworking Female Lead, Badass FL, Adapted From a Webtoon, Boss/Employee Relationship, Female Chases Male First
MDL rating: 7.6 (5, 621 users)MDL rating: 7.6 (4, 297 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Tags: Webtoon Artist, Love Triangle, Childish Male Lead, Ex-Girlfriend Comes Back, Second Chance, Misunderstanding, Hardworking FL
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Life, Friendship, Drama

Tags: Smart Male Lead, Matchmaking, Funny Female Lead, Aquaphobia, Arrogant ML, Heartbreak, First Love, Second Chance

I Picked Up a Star on the Road

MDL rating: 7.5 (4, 188 users)


MDL rating: 7.3 (3, 144 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy

Tags: Kidnapping, Actor, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Impulsive Male Lead, Contract Relationship, Neighbors, Entertainment Industry, Hate to Love
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Family, Drama

Tags: Childhood Friends, Friends to Lovers, Family, Nice Male Lead, Male Chases Female First
MDL rating: 7.8 (11, 032 users)

Rich Man

MDL rating: 7.4 (7, 424 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Business, Drama

Tags: Nice ML, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Boss/Employee Relationship, Love Triangle, Adapted From a Webtoon, Childhood Friends, First Love
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Business, Friendship, Melodrama

Tags: Prosopagnosia, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Prodigy, Idol Actor, Eccentric Male Lead
 MDL rating: 8.1 (7, 606 users)MDL rating: 7.4 (11, 452 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Family, Life, Friendship

Tags: Personal Growth, Second Chance, Divorce, Male Chases Female Lead First, Successful ML, First Love, Boss/Employee Relationship
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Psychological, Drama

Tags: Adapted From a Webtoon, Double Identity, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Love Triangle, Idol Actor, Mental Health, Cold Man/Warm Woman

It's Okay That's Love

MDL rating: 8.6 (32, 058 users)

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Psychological, Drama

Tags: Strong FL, Mental Health, Psychiatry, Trauma, Healing, Adult Romance, Cohabitation, Writer, Rich ML, Hate to Love, Tourette Syndrome

And Part 2 wraps up our Kdrama Rom-Com Recommendations article series!

Thanks for reading, and we hope that this list has given you plenty (or more than enough) of Korean drama options! (We also sincerely apologize to your Plan-To-Watch lists.)

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