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안녕~ ^^ We reached the second half of 2020. Hope everyone has enjoyed the little news section for South Korea these past six months. Starting this month, the article layout will change a little bit by adding new banners, so let me know in the comments below if you like the new change. 

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  • Former WONDER GIRLS' member Hye Rim (27) and her boyfriend of 7 years, Taekwondo athlete Shin Min Chul (33), have tied the knot on July 5th. ~ Naver
  • Gu Hye Seon (35) and Ahn Jae Hyun (33) finalized their divorce and have agreed to settle for divorce through mediation on July 15th, 2020. The two actors have been married since May 2016, and Ahn Jae Hyun filed for divorce in September 2019. ~ Naver
  • VROMANCE's Park Jang Hyun (31) announced through a letter that he posted on his group's fancafe and confirmed by his agency, that he is getting married to a non-celebrity in August. ~ Naver, Soompi

  • Ji Chang Wook's fans made donations and sent 400 kg (881 lbs) to the Miral Welfare Foundation, in celebration of the actor's birthday on July 5th. The donations will be used to aid children with disabilities and help pay for medical and living expenses for low-income families. ~ Naver, Instagram, Soompi
  • BTS's V Chinese fanclub "Baidu V Bar" donated 50,000 RMB (~$71,500) towards the establishment of an elementary school in China named "Taehyung Hope Primary School" through the Hope Project by CYDF (China Youth Development Foundation). ~ Naver
  • RainLee Hyo Ri, and Yoo Jae Suk have shared that all their proceeds from their temporary group's, SSAK3, songs and their promotions will be donated to communities in need. ~ Naver
  • MONSTA X and their fan club Monbebe have become members of Good Neighbor's The Neighbors Club, which is a is a status awarded to those who have made contributions of at least 10 million won (~$8,380) a year to the international humanitarian NGO and who partake in meaningful activities to help foster a culture of giving help to those in need. MONSTA X members have previously in March 2020 donated 100 million won (~$83,800) to the organization. ~ Naver
  • All proceeds from the orchestral version of SHINee's Jong Hyun's song "End of a Day" will go to Shiny Foundation, which was set up by the late singer's family. ~ Naver

  • BLACKPINK's Lisa has been chosen as the new brand ambassador for luxury brand BVLGARI. ~ Naver

  • Former KARA's member Goo Ha Ra's ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum, has been sentenced to prison with no suspension in his appeal trial and placed under court custody as the court believed he is a flight risk. After both sides filed an appeal over the sentence, the case has been then forwarded to the Supreme Court. ~ Naver, Soompi, Naver, Soompi
  • Idol School [Mnet] producers on July 8th got indicted and are being sent to trial over suspicions of vote-rigging of paid votes by the viewers of the survival show. ~ Naver
  • Kim Min Seok and Shon Min Ho caught and apprehended a person who was filming hidden camera footage of a woman's legs. Upon stopping the person from running away, they called the police, and upon inspection, the police have found several illegally-taken photos of women on the perpetrator's phone. ~ Naver, Naver, Soompi
  • Son Seung Won, after being released from prison on May 29th, has made two posts on Instagram for the first time since his release. The actor has been sentenced to a year and six months in prison after driving under the influence and without a license in December 2018, when he hit another car and fled from the scene of the accident. In addition to that, he also first claimed that the driver was a fellow actor Jung Hwi, who was with him at the time of the accident. ~ Soompi, Naver
  • On July 23rd, the court dismissed appeals from both Choi Jong Hoon [former FTISLAND's member] as well as the prosecution and upheld its previous ruling made in April of one year in prison suspended for two years of probation, as well as 80 hours in a sexual violence rehabilitation program. ~ Naver
  • NCT's Yuta found himself under fire after recently revealing he's close to a YouTuber called RHEE, who has been posting controversial posts on Instagram and YouTube. Among his numerous posts, he is seen posting misogynistic content, as well as anti-Korean sentiments and views that could be considered Japanese nationalist, despite him being a Korean himself. Yuta has since unfollowed Rhee on Instagram. ~ TopStarNews

I hope you enjoyed this month's news snippets. If there's anything that's missing or you'd like to see implemented in the next month's edition, please let me know.

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