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Hello, everyone! Trying a new article concept where I deliver all the news I get via twitter in one article every month. (This one is big because it covers January and February.) If you like it and would like to do similar ones for other countries, I encourage you to do so. The rules are: 
  1. It MUST be drama/movie-related, and the people have to be on MDL (or meet the requirements to be on MDL).
  2. If someone has already written a large article on a bit of news, do not include it (but you may link their article).
  3.  You must write objectively and keep comments to yourself or friends feeds in order to just present the facts they are shown to you. 
  4. Cite your sources so people can research if they want to or get more information on a topic.
  5. Not a rule but try and keep the food cart theme but specialize for your country if you wish.

With only one month to do here on after I think I should be able to make it feel less list like and include more graphics and poster reveals, but this was too big as it was. NOTE: Not all people and dramas are in the database at the time of submission, but I will endeavour to add them as soon as the submission is complete. I would like to have it sent to the editors a few days before the end of each month to be published within the first week of the following month. I don't want to have to wait for my slow typing to enter everything : ) and then wait for the approval.





Celebrity Sightings and Mentions

Yamashita Tomohisa


  • A one-month-old #porcupine is drawing big crowds at a zoo in #Kochi City, western #Japan. The critter is named Junafter a member of the popular boy band Arashi (porcupine in Japanese is ヤマアラシ Yamārashi) ~ NHKWorldnews
  • Sakurai Sho spotted in Vietnam on vacation in January.
  • Arashi releases all 16 albums for worldwide streaming on Spotify and Youtube as well as other services. ~ Arama!Japan ~ TokyoHive
  • Nakai Masahiro to leave Johnny's. He planned to leave in June 2019, but out of respect for Kitagawa who was in the hospital, he postponed his departure. ~ Bunshun ~ Natalie He held a press conference on Feb. 21st ~ ハズキ  Where we find out carries a vial of Johnny's ashes with him upon exiting the company.
    Mary is also leaving the company as chairman. I don't have my source handy at the time of this article writing. She is in her 80s and is having health issues.
  • Mizushima Hiro appointed as "Shimajiro the Movie: Shimajiro to Soratobu Fune" animated movie ambassador ~Tokyo Hive ~ and is also doing well with his youtube cooking channel.
  • Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (formally of SMAP)'s YouTube Channel surpasses 1 million subscribers ~ NeoTokyo
  • Actress Sugisaki Hana mourns the death of her dog Azuki on Instagram ~ NeoTokyo
  • GACKT accidentally banged his face on his guitar and fainted on stage. ~ NeoTokyo
    Gackt also doesn't approve of fans tattooing his name in comics sans. ~ Asian Junkie
    Gackt also came out with an interview in January on his tax evasion and marriage rumours ~ Natalie (in Japanese)
  • “Spring” releases a Goriki Ayame hairstyling video  ~ NeoTokyo
  • Mizuki Arisa’s “Guinness Book of World Records” record has been extended ~ NeoTokyo
  • Kimura Takuya will be a guest voice in the upcoming Doraemon movie (NeoTokyo) and made a surprise appearance at Shinjuku PePe Square to promote his solo album. ~ Neo Tokyo
  • Nanao took part in a purification ritual. ~ NeoTokyo
  • Ishihara Satomi said she likes otaku men; otaku men show glee on SNS. ~ NeoTokyo
  • Suda Masaki's "Machigai Sagashi" music video reached 100M views on YouTube. ~ Bellie
  • Kamenashi Kazuya has Twitter fans in anticipation for a big announcement on the Sports show Going! on February 23rd, his 34 birthday, and 1000th episode of the show. And what his announcement? He wants to hit a home run in all the home stadiums of 12 baseball teams.
  • Nishijima Hidetoshi (48) is marriage consultant of Ninomiya Kazunari (36) who announced his marriage with Ito Ayako (38) in November 2019. Both live in the same apartment building, and their wives are friends now.  ~ source
  • [NR] "Death Come True" released a 2nd teaser for its project just a few days ago. Be sure to give it a look! Hongo Kanata stars alongside Kuriyama Chiaki, Morisaki Win, Kaji Yuki, and more. Release of the VN type game is for later in 2020. - K 
  • TOKIO, Kubota Masataka & Nankai Candies' Shizu-chan will be part of the PR runners for Fukushima Prefecture during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics torch relay starting from March 2020. ~ Chiaki

Drama/ News/Reveals

Movie News/Reveals

And there you have all the information I had for the months of January - February 25th, 2020. 

Try not to hate me too much for adding to your PTWs. :P

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