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Hello and welcome to the Ultra Fan Guide to Snowbaby!

While she hasn’t had many roles so far, there is just something so captivating about Snowbaby. Since seeing her on screen for the first time, I knew I was in the presence of someone very talented and destined to make it in the world of performing. 

She’s such a talented actress and singer. And is it me, or does she seem like one of the most humblest human beings of all time?

Dramas, movies, and more. Snowbaby. This is just the start (I hope) of her amazing career in the industry. 

Below you will find general information about her life, the best selection of her works, alongside some fun facts about our beloved Snowbaby.

Let’s wait no further!  

Birthday: October 2, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Libra 

Instagram: 蔡瑞雪 SNOWBABY (@snowbabyq)

YouTube: Snowbaby瑞雪

Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer, YouTuber

Also Known As: Cai Rui Xue, Tsai Jui Hsueh

Drama Timeline

Lost Romance

Caution: Minor spoilers!

Lost Romance is, as you can tell from the title, a romance drama that involves the Female Lead (Vivian Sung) being transported into a world based on a romance novel. The FL could also be Snowbaby on a technicality. However, that idea would take up so much space to explain and analyze, so let’s move on! 

Snowbaby plays the character Ling Chu Chu (also mentioned as just Chu Chu on a few occasions). So, in the ‘real’ world she’s a lonely but good-hearted worker who works in the Male Lead's (Marcus Chang) company. In the ‘novel’ second world, she starts off the same, until the actions of the FL change her habits (I guess if it wasn’t for the actions of the FL in the first place, there could have been a large possibility of Snowbaby ending up dating the ML). She’s basically a nice person until she realizes she can’t have the man she wants, and then tries to do anything and everything to get her own way, no matter the cost. 

I liked Snowbaby in Lost Romance because of the vastly different type of character she played (while this is the most popular drama she was in by a long stretch, this was also the most recent drama I had seen her in). When she turned ‘nasty’, I was genuinely shocked. It reminded me of when I was a kid and when I saw my favourite pro wrestler turned bad. It’s just something I had never expected as I had gotten used to Snowbaby always playing a ‘good’ character and I didn’t know anything different. However, Snowbaby can really play the ‘baddie’ tremendously. Her facial expressions are actually phenomenal. Pure evil. Her eyes look like laser beams at certain points. 

Fly the Jumper 

In this short sports drama, Snowbaby plays a lovable character known as Lee Yan Xi. This was the first time I had seen Snowbaby on my screen, so I guess you could say that, if it wasn’t for the existence of Fly The Jumper, this UFG potentially may never have been made! ^^ 

So, what caught my eye? Well for starters, I loved the character she played here. Lee Yan Xi is just generally a genuinely nice person. I know this may sound a little boring, but sometimes it’s nice in dramaland to have people with traits that aren’t like ‘depressed turtle breeder’ or ‘FL who cannot be independent due to a fear of radioactive rabbits’. I know these are extremely exaggerated examples but I hope I have made my point. This character allowed Snowbaby to give a solid performance, and the chemistry she had with the ML (Wu Nien Hsuan) here felt electric. Everything from her eye contact to her facial expressions was perfectly done. 

As someone who loves sports dramas but is quite picky when ranking them between ‘good’ and ‘great’ etc., the enthusiasm I could see in her acting was sublime. I was truly immersed in the world that was given in Fly the Jumper. Her look from when I was first introduced to her gave me a sense of almost nostalgia (i.e. reminded me of a simpler and worry-free time). Also, seeing her smile for the first time was a genuinely nice thing to see. One of the best smiles!


In this drama, a psychological thriller (which is based on a video game by the way - which I still find interesting to this day!), Snowbaby plays the character Su Jie Yu. This drama doesn’t really have much of a supporting cast as it’s mainly always focused on at least one of the FLs, but Snowbaby does appear and her presence is vital to the story. Her character has perhaps one of the most ‘normal’ personalities. She’s kind, friendly, and she stands up for what she thinks is right, she isn’t afraid to back down to protect her friends. This drama is very good with managing its eeriness, so even Snowbaby’s character here still gave me chills at certain times! 

I liked Snowbaby in this drama because the way she conducted herself as Su Jie Yu was incredible. She once again made me think that dramaland and reality were the same, which I think most people would agree is a good thing. As the viewer, you want to be pulled into the world you are watching. Immersion is key. Snowbaby’s facial expressions were strong and her body language was direct. I also really liked the friendship she created with the FL (Li Ling Wei). It was a friendship based on trust, respect and manners.

Honourable Shoutout: Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner is a 2019 Taiwanese drama with the following MDL synopsis: “The murderer Wang Xiang was released on parole after he was released from prison, but an accident caused his past to be exposed. A rebellious young girl was missing. The police, the mother of the girl, and the family of the victim of the year believed that Wang Xiang had committed another crime. How can he break through social discrimination and the forgiveness of the victim’s family to win a new life?”.

Snowbaby plays the character known as Li Xiao Jun, a supporting role. Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch this drama due to it being extremely difficult to find a genuine service to watch it on in my area, but I did watch the trailer and the drama did look really promising. I hope one day myself and others will be able to watch it!

Future Drama: What the Hell is Love

As per the synopsis on MDL: “If laws actually work, then the world doesn't need God”. 

Apart from this, there is not much known about this upcoming drama, but one thing for certain is that Snowbaby is casted in a main role and looks to be the FL. The current airing date is unknown but Snowbaby fans like myself cannot wait! The drama looks like it would be a great opportunity to show Snowbaby’s acting skills in a different type of atmosphere which will hopefully gain her more roles in the future. 


Stand By Me

Stand By Me is a Taiwanese romantic comedy released in 2019. Snowbaby plays one of the FL roles. Her character's name is Xia Tian. If you have engaged in a private discussion with me on MDL, you already know that I am very particular with my romance, and especially when romance and comedy is blended with one another. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of this film, it is pretty forgettable. However, I did think Snowbaby’s performance was still a delight to see. I’m sure other people share my sentiment regarding this film as it currently holds a mere 6.9/10 overall rating on MDL.

Four Fun Facts

  • She has over 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel 

  • She was a contestant on Idol School (2017)

  • She has a mixed heritage of Taiwanese, Uzbek and Tibetan 

  • Snowbaby and K-Pop star Kisu share the same birthday (October 2)

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