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Nation's First Love has Become the Love of People Across the World: An Ultimate Fan Guide to Son Ye Jin

How can a top actress never even go on hiatus for 21 years and appear in the movie industry every single year? Making her a shining star who never dims for a moment.

“Although there were cases in which I incidentally ended up taking a break while waiting for a project, I’ve almost never rested intentionally. It’s also something that I do take pride in —being able to consistently present new projects and always being passionate.”  -Son Ye Jin, 2020 (Bride&U Interview)

She is the real definition of consistent action that creates consistent results. Her persistence made her a rising star even in her drama debut and brought her to ASIA stardom the next two years. But it's her consistency that made her keep this status, because maintaining the success is way harder than achieving it for the first time. Looking at 2001 - 2020, her name was absent from the awards list in 2011 only. Apart from that year, every single year of her career was always scratched by awards and nominations. 

I get exhausted at times, and I also experienced a slump. But I was fortunately able to overcome that through my projects. -Son Ye Jin, 2020

This article is specially compiled based on the timeline per year, to trace Ye Jin's struggles through every year of her acting career

*FF: Fun Facts


She entered the entertainment industry in 1999 by appearing as an assistant model to Kim Hye Soo in Somang advertisement ‘Flor de Man'. Both have been close sisters for many years. Kim Hye Soo sent Ye Jin a coffee truck during the shooting of Crash Landing on You and Ye Jin also sent it during the shooting of Hyena.

“Senior Kim Hye Soo sent me a coffee truck. I was so, so happy! She is the coolest senior that I always admire and believe just with her presence! Thank you so much. #KimHyeSooistheBest”
-Ye Jin's Instagram caption, 12-1-2019


 Secret Tears (2000)

This thriller movie marks Son Ye Jin's first foray into acting. She is the voice of the female lead who only speaks through telepathy.


Delicious Proposal (2001)

This is her first drama but the director recognized her talent and gave her the female lead role for her debut. The drama turned out to be popular with a rating of over 30 %. Ye Jin plays a graduate who secretly works hard to become a first-class chef.

FF: The drama stars Ji Sung as the male lead's buddy and this is also Kwon Sang Woo's debut.

Sun Hee and Jin He (2001)

Ye Jin portrays a class president who is kind, smart, pretty, and popular at school, but her life takes a 180-degree turn after her father is accused of corruption and her family is destroyed.


Chi-hwa-seon (2002)

She gained international recognition from her first high-profile role in Choi Min Sik's movie which screened in Cannes and it took home the Best Director award. Ye Jin figures the first love of a male lead who has suffered lifelong heartaches. 

                                      Lover's Concerto (2002)

Ye Jin's first leading role movie is about friendship with love trapped in identity, made this film a hot-selling spectacle because it was packaged like a love poem; full of letter monologues and love quotes.

Ye Jin plays a calm yet cheerful girl, close friends with a boyish girl, (late) Lee Eun Ju's character and humorist boy, Cha Tae Hyun's character.

The Great Ambition (2002)

The specialty of Sageuk drama; the story is timeless. It is no overdue for the viewers to enjoy the inner turmoil of Jang Hyuk's character who gets high moral burden because of his uncivilized family, the royal government politic, and the wonderful performance by the female leads; Lee Yo Won's stoic character and the selfless tomboyish character of Ye Jin.

She plays an intellectual and ambitious girl who is forced to crossdress to achieve her dream.

Unrequited love from Dong Hee to Jae Young.
The thing that shouldn't come between friends.

Commencement of East Asia Stardom

The Classic (2003)

This film received wide exposure in Hong Kong and mainland China and launched her into East Asia stardom. Its classic story can leave a special space for the viewer, which can last long enough for a narrative that combines too sweet and too bitter scenes at the same time, making it hard to forget.

She portrays the character of a mother as well as her daughter who gets hold of letters that deal with her mom's decade-old love affair.

Imagine what crazy things they have done. Every moment with Jo Seung Woo's character is priceless.

This mighty girl is surprisingly Tsundere.
Sneak-peek talks would always be exciting.
The ending gave a riveting plot-twist that revealed by Jo In Sung's character.

FF: At first the director offered her only one role, but rookie actress Son Ye Jin recommended that she would do a dual role in The Classic and ended up sweeping the most prestigious awards in Korea, which are Grand Bell Awards, Baeksang Art Awards, and Blue Dragon Awards for it at the age of 21.  

This indicates that she has had the best actress mindset from the start. Some beginners might feel shy, but here she is, courageous, cause she trusts her instinct that she knows she can do it and she actually did it very well.

The OST Me to You, You to Me by Landscape of Riding Bicycle was covered by Mido and Parasol in Hospital Playlist (2020) 

Crazy First Love (2003)

Its plot which focuses on comedy tells all the crazy things that Cha Tae Hyun's character did in fighting for his love and fulfilling the conditions given by the female lead’s father.

Summer Scent (2003)

Beautiful rustic scenery enveloped in the summer atmosphere, and various stunning character developments which Ye Jin adopted are the special charm of this drama. All the sweet little things that Song Seung Heon's introvert character launched keeps the viewers guessing whether love has reached the heart it deserves. 

She can be ...

a beautiful and energetic girl one time
a flower enthusiast wandering through the forest the next time
 and a thoughtful proposed woman another time

A Moment to Remember (2004)

This outstanding tearjerker film deals with the impact Alzheimer’s disease has on a conjugal relationship and the burden of an impending loss due to it. The plot explains how precious memory is, how meaningful a struggle and loyalty are, and how important it is to forgive.

Ye Jin portrays the character of Su Jin who is slowly losing her memory and fight with a fear of herself as well as deep-rooted worries for her loved ones, Jung Woo Sung’s character, a very patient and relentless man who loves her the most.

Ye Jin was able to pull off the role of a woman who works, shoot love scenes, and urinate on herself because of dementia. This Nation's first love who had been known for her innocent image left behind that image at the age of 22 and played a character that was older and more complex. She who had said 'only love can really move a person', was able to actually touch the audience through her acting.

FF: It was a major success domestically, topping the box office for two consecutive weeks and also a hit in Japan, breaking previous records of Korean films released there in 15 years history. The VIP premiere was really a feast of stars. Many celebrities came like Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jung Jae, Cha Tae Hyun, Yoon Kye Sang, Han Ji Min, Gong Hyo Jin, and many more.

"I really had a hard time holding back my tears” -Jang Dong Gun
“ I have to pay for a movie like this.” -Cha Tae Hyun
“A melodrama that I wanted to see so much" -Yoon Kye Sang
“All the actors are so passionate that we can’t talk about it. A movie made with great care” -Gong Hyung Jin
 “I cried...” -Hyun Bin (Like Cheolsu in this movie, hiding tears with sunglasses. He also wore it during the backstage interview before the film started.

-NewsWire Interview, November 1 2004 


April Snow (2005)

A romantic film interspersed with bitterness regarding a meeting of two people who are betrayed by their respective partners and gradually heal each other's wounds.

Ye Jin portrays the character of Seo Young who gives a lively, yet beautiful nuance, exuding a mostly emotional resonance to the cold and introverted character of Bae Yong Joon. She repeatedly shows her character's sadness that even with slight dialogue, she easily manages every moment, and there is no doubt that the tears are real painfully.

The Art of Seduction (2005)

Ye Jin completely broke out from her trademark of pure and innocent through this movie. She portrays a con artist with 100% success rates in any dating pursuits. With a plethora of men to choose from, she seeks more of a challenge and they all seem to bore her until she meets Song Il Kook's character who is also an expert in this field.

This film is a dedication to Ye Jin's charm that she has never brought out in previous films. Her cute expression with smiling eyes and skillful body movements convinced her role as a professional seducer.


Alone in Love (2006)

The drama revolves around an ordinary couple who have divorced but still cannot move on and are struggling with their own pride and regret, facing the reality. A 25 years old Ye Jin excellently expressed the complex psychology of a divorced woman who is an outgoing and tomboyish swimming instructor on the outside but has a feminine sentimentality on the inside. She doesn't like to express her feelings but is very stubborn once she has made a decision.

The script that focuses on an incredibly affecting sense of everyday life and realistic performances from the actors lift this drama to successfully won 10 awards out of 15 nominations, including the best actor category won by Ye Jin, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Ha Na.


Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox (2007)

Who would have thought that this rising Chungmuro (Hollywood of Korea) actress would choose a folk animation film project at the peak of her career? Here comes Ye Jin, who always tries exciting things she has never done. Ye Jin voiced Yobi, silly Gumiho who is after getting to know Geum-ee (voiced by Ryu Deok Hwan) and the other kids in the school, she yearns to be human, but the only way she can be human is by stealing a human's soul.


Spotlight (2008)

Ye Jin portrays a junior reporter who works with Ji Jin Hee's character as his supervisor and also Jin Goo’s character, they go to great lengths to expose society's injustice and the corrupted relationship between the government and big corporations.

Open City (2008)

This crime action film tells the story of a pickpocket organization that has ties to the Japanese yakuza and works in Osaka, Japan. Ye Jin plays a femme fatale, the leader of that thief organization who is accidentally helped by Kim Myung Min's character, the detective who is apparently investigating her biggest heist.

My Wife Got Married (2008)

 Ye Jin plays a free-soul woman who loves two men, (late) Kim Joo Hyuk's character and Joo Sang Wook's character. She brilliantly showcases a character with a unique personality and an unprecedented love view. 


White Night (2009)

A highly intelligent detective thriller movie from the criminal's perspective with the intriguing and ambiguous lead character. Ye Jin plays a character described as a manipulative, tough, and multi-layered performance that effectively provides the film with its touching, yet twisted emotional core.

Han Suk Kyu as detective Dong-soo, who investigates a murder case related to Go Soo's character, crosses paths with the investigation lead by Lee Min-jung's character who's tasked to following around Ye-jin's character to make sure she’s fit to marry her boss.


Personal Taste (2010)

Anti-mainstream: straight man pretending to be gay for a reason

Front neck in TKEM, back neck in here

A rom-com drama about a furniture designer who lives together with the architect, Lee Min Ho's character under a mistaken assumption that he is gay. Ye Jin plays a clumsy, impulsive, and slobbish independent designer who struggles to produce successful products and is constantly trying to impress her father with her works.

Secret Garden (2010)

Ye Jin stars as herself in the last episode of Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin's drama, being a major celebrity. This is the one and only cameo special appearance in her 21 years career.


Spellbound (2011)

Ye Jin plays a somber girl whose sixth sense perpetually disrupts her life and that peculiarity makes a horror magician (Lee Min Ki) attracted to her gloomy life.

FF: Ye Jin dropped out of the blockbuster film project My Way, which had paired her with Jang Dong Gun because the script has undergone revisions and her character has been altered. Her role has been given a drastic cut in importance, and the changes are significant enough that she has decided to leave the project and choose Spellbound instead, a horror rom-com with a small budget but a novel subject matter.

In contrast to the blockbuster, which caused controversy over the character's nationality along with a box office flop, Spellbound proved that her pioneering idea was very successful, with over 3 million at the box offices. Once again, Ye Jin showed off her talent as an independent actress with thoughtful consideration and strong intuition.


The Tower (2012)

The plot of this blockbuster film revolves around a luxury skyscraper that is on fire in Central Seoul on Christmas eve. Ye Jin plays the restaurant manager along with Kim Sang Kyung's character, manager of Tower Sky fight together to survive and save other guests with the help of firefighter team led by Sol Kyung Gu's character who also have to face death risks while carrying out their duties.

From Korea JoongAng Daily Interview,  Ye Jin talked a lot about her experience filming this disaster film and said that she felt a kind of family bond with her fellow stars.

"I was uptight when I was in my 20s. I was sensitive and cared about every word I spoke to people around me. After I turned 30, I tried to loosen up. I used to go straight home after filming, but not anymore. I now drink beer with other actors after filming. I think I've come to understand the pleasure of working with others." -Son Ye Jin 


Shark (2013)

A revenge melodrama which revolves around Kim Nam Gil's character who goes after a powerful family responsible for killing his father and Ye Jin as the only daughter of a chaebol family who refuses to live a life as an heiress and become a prosecutor to find out the death of her first love. She has the same fate as Oedipus and has no choice but to love two men at the same time. She radiates her own charisma with the driving force she knows to act bravely as her heart tells her and a strong pride to stand up to anyone.


FF: Ha Seok Jin's character who is married to Ye Jin in this drama, guest-starred as the older brother of Ye Jin's (character) boyfriend in Crash Landing on You. 

Blood and Ties (2013)

She plays a budding journalist who suspects her doting father, whom she thinks could be the culprit behind a fifteen-year-old kidnap-murder case which only 15 days remain before the deadline for the case to expire and disclosed.


The Pirates (2014)

An action-comedy film revolves around a group of pirates in the Joseon era who hunt for a ghost whale filled with treasure because it swallows up a ship including the royal seal on it. The bandit team led by Kim Nam Gil's character and the pirate team led by Ye Jin's character work together to hunt whales and fight the other pirates.

FF: During the Cannes Film Festival 2014, The Pirates was sold to 15 countries including the United States, Japan, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and it also grossed US$64,414,955


Bad Guys Always Die (2015)

A suspense comedy film under China-South Korea-Hong Kong co-production that tells the story of a Chinese language teacher (Chen Bo Lin) with his brother and friends who help a mysterious woman while on a trip to Jeju Island but they end up caught in a murder incident. Ye Jin plays a bold and tough woman who is willing to threaten and kidnap people to achieve her goals.  



The Truth Beneath (2016)

This political-thriller film reveals a series of mysteries behind the disappearance of a famous politician's daughter on the first day of his election campaign. Ye Jin plays a supportive wife who turns wild and savage while looking for her missing child, accompanied by a number of plot twists that retain the agony, despite her husband who cares more about his political career. 

Despite her elegance, she showed madness in her eyes, speaking in such a deep range she’s never revealed before.

She manages to perform a character's profound depth in astonishing fashion, notably regarding the extremely difficult combination of bordering on hysteria and managing to keep her wits to the fullest in order to solve the case.

Don't mess with her, she can do more than just slapping on the face three times in a row.  

"I enjoyed looking at the new and unfamiliar faces of me. I’ve done a lot of films so far and I guess I tried to show different sides of me in the diverse characters I’ve played, but I think my real facial expressions, real way of talking and my tones and things like that were somewhat ingrained into the characters. In that sense, this film has been very new and it brought a lot of new me."  -Son Ye Jin (Korea JoongAng Daily Interview)

FF: Ye Jin won 6 awards out of 6 nominations for the best actress category through this film.

The Last Princess (2016)

A historical film that revolves around Princess Deokhye's life in Japan after she was forced to move there at age of 13 by the Imperial Japanese government, and her attempts to return to Korea. Ye Jin portrays the character of the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty who always looks strong even though her heart is fragile and has repeatedly drifted into despair. But still, she who has never doubted her country never stops striving until the end. 

After she was forcibly married to a Japanese (Kim Jae Wook), she continued to face obstacles to return home and was later assisted by the promoter of Korean independence (Park Hae Il) disguised as a Japanese soldier. Ye Jin performed an outstanding portrayal of the unfathomable depths of the princess' emotional ups and downs.

FF: The film was initially funded with US$8.6 million and after the production costs rose, Ye Jin invested ₩1 billion (US$886,500) into the film so the staff would have a more comfortable working environment.

“Rather than a role that looks pretty or lovely, I choose a work based on how interesting it is to me. I don't worry about how my image will change by playing a certain character.” -Son Ye Jin (Yonhap Interview)

So, here she is, getting into granny's character wholeheartedly.

2017 - 2018

Be With You (2018)

This melodrama movie tells about a little family where the mother dies at a young age, but one day a strange incident occurs that she is suddenly found alive again in a state of memory loss. Ye Jin plays a devoted mother who is clumsy at first but then gently attached to the family cheerfully, patiently, and full of affection. She displays the beautiful emotional depth of a mom from cloudland, presenting a captivating sensitivity from the state of confusion and heartbreak, radiating melancholy in her expression and gaze. 

FF: The filming finished in 2017 but the film was released in 2018 internationally in 17 countries including the USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. 

Ye Jin reunited with So Ji Sub who previously played her brother in Delicious Proposal (2001)

Something in the Rain (2018)

The series explores a couple who start as family-like relationships, gradually grow into adults by overcoming difficulties faced by women in modern society, sexual harassment at work, relationships, friendships, and independence from parents. Ye Jin plays the store supervisor at a coffee franchise who is an easygoing type but lives a rather hollow life. She slowly feels romantic feelings towards her best friend's younger brother, Jung Hae In's character.


International fans may find the plot somewhat ridiculous but the series was a commercial hit because the driving narrative is centered around South Korean taboos concerning relationships;

Themes of Taboos
Dating Taboos
An older female dating a younger male is considered scandalous.
Familial Taboos
People who grow up without parents or present parental figures are considered "unfit" for marriage.
Job Taboos
People should only associate with people who are of a certain educational background, occupational position, or wealthy class status.
Career Taboos
Women are expected to go out and be flirtatious during team dinners to show that they value "team unity".
Drinking Taboos
It is customary to pour your colleague's glass first before and vice versa. If you pour for yourself, it indicates a fractured relationship.
Food Taboos
Usually, if an older woman buys a younger male food frequently, it's because of a brother-sister relationship.

FF: A reward vacation to Japan was awarded for the cast and the crew as a result of the high viewership ratings of this drama. It was documented on Ye Jin's Instagram post; @yejinhand

The Negotiation (2018)

The film focuses on the 12-hour negotiations between an arms dealer (Hyun Bin) for an international crime organization who kidnapped two Korean citizens in Bangkok as a hostage and a negotiator from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Ye Jin plays the best negotiator who never loses her cool under any circumstances, but after being shocked by a murder incident, she has to deal with a psychopath who plays the worst hostage play ever for no reason.

FF: By September 2018, the film was sold to over 22 countries, including North America, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

2019 - 2020

Crash Landing on You (2019)

This smash hit drama is about a South Korean conglomerate who accidentally crash-landing in North Korea part of the DMZ and then falls in love with a captain of the Korean People's Army (Hyun Bin). Ye Jin portrays a typical character of intelligent, independent, resourceful, easy-going, flexible, and creative women. She is a marvelous survivor.

FF: Launched by HanCinema, Park Ji Eun wrote the script of Crash Landing On You because it was inspired by the incident that occurred on September 12, 2008, in which a ship carrying an actress was accidentally carried away to the demilitarized zone of North Korea. She changed the ship to paragliding because the concept had already been elevated to the screen and films, one of which was The Net. Paragliding was also considered to be a stronger story element, as the leisure activity requires adherence to discipline. This allowed the two leads could connect to one another.

Kim Soo Hyun who is the main lead of the same scriptwriter, Park Ji Eun's previous drama You Who Came from the Stars (2013) gave a special appearance with the same character in his previous film, Secretly Greatly (2013).

Kindly check the MDL Article about Over-Analyzing of CLOY here.


Ye Jin is set to have her Hollywood debut in 2022 with co-star Sam Worthington and the shooting is planned to take place beginning April of 2021 in Hwaseong City, South Korea with a current production cost of around 36 Billion Korean won (approx. 30 Million US dollars)

Son Ye Jin in Real Life

Starting from here, the article will focus on sharing about her personal life, cause...

"Her achievements amaze me, but it's her personality which has won me."
Bella Anne, 2021

Variety Show

Golden Fishery / Guru Show (2008)

Ye Jin confided that she joined this show because she felt lonely and wanted to have celebrity friends, since during her 8-year career she had only focused on her acting, continuously working projects after projects without resting. So, after her films ended she had lost contact with the casts and she would concentrate on preparing the next one.

Ye Jin, who claims to be an introvert, turns out to be someone who is good at making jokes. Her spontaneous honesty often made the whole room laugh.

She also explained about public misconception which they thought she was lying that she likes dogs, only because photos of her frowning as dogs climbed onto her body were spread on the internet

There were a lot of people around her that were against her doing a totally different role, therefore it’s actually motivated her more to try another genre besides melodrama. 

Since this talk show is known as a medium for clarifying rumors, the questions seem intimidating. But in here Ye Jin dares to launch a counterattack against Guru Kang Ho Dong and was retaliated by him again.

Running Man (2011)

Ye Jin's role is not merely a guest in Running Man episode 70, she has to look for her spy partner and finish the final mission together though the other spy doesn't know he's a spy yet. Ye Jin was out to win from the very beginning and even managed to jump off the tower. She is a smart and cunning spy, at worst because she disguises herself as an innocent newbie. She feigned taintless and ignorance after tearing off Kwang-Soo's name-tag. With a (pretend) panicked face she claimed to Ace Kwang Soo, "Can't I just put it back? Hah I can't?? Oh no, what to do??" and showed how shrewd she can be by running away from Ace and Jong Kook so the latter has a chance to take out Song Ji Hyo

With  Ye Jin's deep acting, viewers have to admire that it is a killer with an innocent face'. 

Ye Jin the con artist and Kim Jung kook the traitor are a truly dreadful union.

Infinite Challenge (2014)   

Infinity Challenge Cheerleading Squad including mainstays Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jung Joon Ha, Jung Hyung Don, Noh Hong Chul, and Ha Ha in Brazil 2014 World Cup.

She appeared in the 2014 Infinite Challenge World CupNot even a one-time appearance, but a special feature that went to Brazil as a cheering squad. It was quite surprising that the top actress, who did not have a fixed entertainment appearance, participates in a long-term entertainment project that takes a long time, from 14-28 June 2014. However, it is not surprising that Son Ye Jin has said that she loves soccer and she cannot forget the shouting of 100,000 spectators by going to Camp Nou in Spain for filming. She also said she like military stories because of her father who is from the Marine Corps. 

Banded girl Ye Jin, a cap boy Baro, and the blonde Jung Il Woo gave full enthusiasm to the South Korean team.

Ye Jin shows 'Poke Poke Dance' with Infinite Challenge members.

Ye Jin and Park Soo Young as the only girl supporters in a team were no less excited showing their tension on a nearly scored moment.

Master in The House (2018)

In Episode 46 - 47, Ye Jin invites Lee Seung Gi, Yook SungjaeLee Sang Yoon, and Yang Se Hyung for Membership Training (MT) to celebrate their first anniversary. 'The Butlers' are impressed by the elegance of Son Ye Jin’s picturesque house, noting that they feel like they are shooting a live commercial. After undergoing a session of reformer Pilates and TRX Suspension Training of which Ye Jin is a qualified instructor, the group head out for a fun night of games including charades of which Ye Jin proves to be a master.

When the owner of the house they visited appeared in the living room, they couldn’t believe their eyes and couldn’t help but stare at her with their mouths open in shock. Those three actors automatically posed respectfully to her, while Se Hyung was loyal to his freestyle, or might be still dealing with the shock.

Each four of them took a photo with Ye Jin on the swing where A Moment to Remember (2004) was shot and posed like a wedding photo in Ye Jin's film.

They re-enacted one of the legendary scenes from A Moment to Remember, "If you drink this, we are dating." That famous iconic line tests the members' creativity which Ye Jin repeatedly rejects until one of them successfully won her heart with his desperate move. She really tried hard not to laugh.

At the last minutes, Ye Jin promised to reunite with The Butlers if all of them have fulfilled their promises.

All About Son Ye Jin

Master in the House (2018) Edition

son ye jin (3)She builds strong relationships through loyalty

She has an awesome track record of having the same hairdresser for more than 15 years, working out in the same gym for over 10 years, and staying with the same management company for over 19 years now.

She is very ambitiousson ye jin (4)

A deadly combination formed through her love for games and hunger for victory. She said that she plays Go-stop (Korean card game) until her back hurts⁠ - and no one can go home until she wins. She even has a special suitcase fully filled with various games.

"There were a lot of moments where I wanted to rest. So I said to myself, 'When this project is over, I'll take a break no matter what.' But in the end I even considered another script. I felt like I shouldn't miss that one chance. I think I have so much passion and ambition. That's how my 20 years passed." -Son Ye Jin in Master in the House.

She values integrity

When giving hints to members of Master in The House for the guest character, Ye Jin's best friend, Gong Hyo Jin said, "For her (Son Ye Jin), honesty is very important. If she catches you exaggerating, she will scold you." 

Best Friend Edition

She chilled out with Cinderella Group

Ye Jin struck a loving friendship with Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Min Jung (Lee Byung Hun's wife), Uhm Ji WonLee Jung HyunSong Yoon AhOh Yoon Ah, and Im Yoon AhThe group name was coined because they usually wrap up their hang-outs before midnight.

She has endless passion for acting

“It was about eight or nine years ago. I told Ye Jin that I didn’t think I’ll be able to be an actress for a long time. Ye Jin replied back, “I’m going to keep doing this till I’m a grandma. There is no job like this. No one can tell us to retire.”  -Gong Hyo Jin, 2019 (From Sport TV News Interview, translated in Soompi article)

Gong Hyo Jin explained, “That’s when I realized something. I loved this job so much but I was so scared of the loneliness I’d feel if the public turned their back on me that I was already preparing to let it go. But here Son Ye Jin was, working hard to do her best till the end.” She said that a single conversation with Son Ye Jin completely changed how she approached her job and that she worked hard to fix her mindset of running away before she got hurt.

*GIF video taken from break-time during 56th Baeksang Arts Awards 2020

Crash Landing on You Interview Edition

Cr: The Swoon Couch Talk, The Swoon Compliment MeTvn Interview

People gave her a good nickname 

"Cow Ye Jin"

People call her So Ye Jin, which “So” means “cow” in Korean, a play of words on her name to denote that she works really hard as a cow.

She is very straightforward

In variety shows, she is known for her to-the-point answers and in interviews, she won’t hesitate to ask questions she doesn't understand and things she has missed.

The silent moment is her Q-time

She spends her me-time with a cup of coffee and relaxes without thinking anything. It's become a little thing that makes her happy.

Traveling takes up about half of her life 

Traveling can make her feel much freer and get a chance to reflect on herself without worrying about other people's thoughts.

Acting as the way to uncover her emotions

She got into acting because she felt an overload of emotions during her teenage years, and thought that acting would be a good outlet for her. 

Personal Life

Ye Jin is one of the big screen actresses who is known to be clean from scandals, although since the early years of her debut she has been known as an actress who is very good at building chemistry, making the public think that incredible on-screen chemistry is real. The strongest scandal in her entire career was with Hyun Bin, marking her first dating rumor along with photo evidence. 

On January 10, 2019, one day before Ye Jin's birthday, the first dating rumor with Hyun Bin was reported because an article about witnessing Hyun Bin and Ye Jin travel to the US together was spread, both agencies denied it, saying that they were traveling separately with different goals and had nothing to do with the other. 11 days after that, on January 21, 2019, the second dating rumor broke out with a photo taken from Ralphs supermarket in Los Angeles, USA, but both sides denied it, tried to clarify that they are not lovers this time.

On December 9, 2019, during Crash Landing on You press conference, they did not say explicitly that the dating rumors are not true. 

"As you see, we just laugh it off (the dating rumors). The rumors didn't hinder my decision to choose this project. I have worked and became close with Son Ye Jin previously. She was an actress I wanted to work with again. The opportunity came, and I happily took it." -Hyun Bin, 2019

The third rumor emerged after behind-the-scenes of Crash Landing on You episode 6 was published,  both agencies denied it again. Fans spotted a moment when they were holding hands beneath the table. Fans are claiming that this scene didn't require the two actors to hold hands and that they did it in a way that wouldn't be shown on camera. In that episode, actually, the main characters are indeed still in the approaching stage and have not yet realized how much they like each other.

On January 1, 2021, Dispatch published a report claiming that they have been dating for the past eight months and both agencies finally confirmed it. In response to this confirmation which is Ye Jin's first public relationship since her debut, Ye Jin wrote a confession of her heart on her personal Instagram account.

Son Ye Jin's Achievements

Son Ye Jin has won 

50 Awards out of 72 Nominations for 30 Projects in 21 Years

She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including 6 Baeksang Arts Awards, 4 Grand Bell Awards, 6 Blue Dragon Film Awards, 1 Buil Film Awards, and a Grand Prize (Daesang) nomination at the 2018 APAN Star Awards. She has won an average of:

  • 2,5 Awards per Year
  • 1,7 Awards per Project
  • 70 % winning probability for every Nomination

She is also currently the youngest actress to have achieved the "Grand Slam" acting career for winning the three major Korean film awards for best actress (Baeksang, Grand Bell, and Blue Dragon).

Ye Jin won Outstanding Korean Actress at The 13th Seoul International Drama Awards 2018
Ye Jin won Prime Minister's Commendation at  9th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award 2018
Ye Jin and Hyun Bin won the Producer's Choice Award at 18th PiFan 2014
Ye Jin and Hyun Bin won the Popularity Award at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards 2020
Ye Jin won Best Film Actress, Best Drama Actress, and Most Popular Film Actress at The 2nd Seoul Awards 2018

*Feature Ha Jung Woo and Lee Byung Hun

Honorable Mention

  Happy Birthday, Ye Jin-ssi!

Wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours
Hope you get more amazing roles and projects
May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy
May all your dreams come true
All the best to you
Ye Jin-ssi❤️

And thank you for uploading our gift with the words "Love You❤️" right above Min Tae Gu's head.

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Son Ye Jin's Nicknames

Chungmuro (Hollywood of Korea) Actress, Multi Awarded Actress, Queen of Melodrama, Grand Slam Actress, Nation’s First Love, Box Office Queen, Best Actress, Hallyu Star


   What show made you know her?  

  Which show of hers is your favorite? 

   What do you think about her?  

Thank you,

Bella Anne

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