par lo_ve, mars 10, 2021

Ahn Bo Hyun will reportedly join the upcoming drama "Yumi's Cells"!

On March 10, media outlets reported that actor Ahn Bo Hyun got the offer to become part of the upcoming drama "Yumi's Cells" starring Kim Go Eun. 

Ahn Bo Hyun's agency FN Entertainment responded to the news and stated that the actor did receive the casting offer for the drama but nothing has been decided yet. Ahn Bo Hyun is positively reviewing it. 

"Yumi's Cells" will be directed by Lee Sang Yeob who also helmed dramas such as "A Piece of Your Mind", "Familiar Wife", "Shopping King Louie", and more. The script will be written by “Memories of the Alhambra” writer Song Jae Jung, “Find Me in Your Memory” writer Kim Yoon Joo, and rookie writer Kim Kyung Ran.

The drama is based from the popular web toon with the same name. It will narrate the story of Yumi, an ordinary office employee. Yu-Mi has cells in her brain that is designates her emotions like love, rationality, violence and more. The tiny cells in her brain does the work for her. 

Ahn Bo Hyun was offered to play the role of Goo Woong, he's a nonchalant person but will eventually show his romantic side as he fall in love with Yumi. 

Ahn Bo Hyun last starred in the 2020 drama "Kairos" with Shin Sung Rok and Lee Se Young. He rose to fame with his excellent acting in hit drama "Itaewon Class" starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi. He also appeared in dramas such as "Her Private Life", "Investiture of the Gods", "Dokgo Rewind", "Descendants of the Sun", and more. 

Broadcast details for upcoming drama "Yumi's Cells" are yet to be confirmed.


Do you think Ahn Bo Hyun will be a good fit for "Yumi's Cells"?