par Lily Alice, décembre 28, 2023

Actor Lee Sun Kyun's last interview before his passing has been unveiled.

On December 27, News Magazine Chicago, through its official YouTube channel, released an interview with Lee Sun Kyun conducted more than two months before his death.

The magazine stated, "This is the last official interview of Lee Sun Kyun, filmed on October 7 in downtown Chicago. At that time, Lee Sun Kyun was invited to the Asian Pop-Up Cinema and was about to receive the Award for Excellent Achievement in Film."

Lee Sun Kyun's drug allegations surfaced on October 19, a few days after the interview.

In the interview, when asked how he had progressed since starting his acting career over 20 years ago, Lee Sun Kyun replied, "It's gone much better than I had thought."

He said, "I experienced things I couldn't have even dreamed of back then. I got to go to the Academy Awards and even won an award [for Parasite], and received applause from Hollywood celebrities. It feels like a dream. It's very fulfilling." 

With regards to achieving the Award for Excellent Achievement in Film at Asian Pop-Up Cinema, he expressed, "It feels like a recognition for not giving up and consistently working hard." When asked what he plans to do in the future, he said, "I don't aspire to do something in particular. Instead, I want to continue creating one character after another in each work."

He also conveyed his passion for acting, stating, "In the past, I thought it was homework that was constantly given to me. I'm not a systematic person, so I don't review beforehand, but I aspire to do my homework well."

He added, "Acting has been the driving force of my life. At this point in time, it is like a diary to me". Lee Sun Kyun concluded by saying, "I contemplated a bit today, and receiving this award feels like another page in the diary, piled up. So, when I look back, I can think, 'So far, what I've done isn't so bad. I've worked hard.' So, I want to write another diary entry."

On December 27, Lee Sun Kyun was found unconscious in a vehicle at a park in Jongno-gu, Seoul. His funeral was set up at the funeral hall of Seoul National University Hospital in Jongno-gu, Seoul (South Korea). Celebrities including Lee Sung MinJeon Do YeonYim Si WanKim Nam GilSol Kyung GuHa Jung WooLee Jung JaeJung Woo SungYoo Jae MyungJo Jung SukJo Jin Woong, and Ryu Joon Yeol attended the funeral.  

Watch his last interview below.

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